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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wholly Chalkboards, Watson..........

Thanks to the blog, http://www.wearethatfamily.com/, and her great DIY project ideas I was able to create these wonderful chalkboards.

I never knew chalkboard paint existed, let alone have the creativeness to think of this great idea. So thank you so much, WE ARE THAT FAMILY! I hope you don't mind, I took this idea from you and I so look forward to more of your really great Arts and Crafts creations. BTW, your plates came out so much better than mine!

I am hanging these above my kitchen window as the colors match perfectly. I have not hung them yet, as I am waiting on the BF to assist me (It's the whole heights thing, I'm not a big fan of heights.)

If you are creatively challenged like me and have no clue what stuff like this costs, here is what I paid for the items needed to create the above masterpieces:

Walmart Chalk - $.96 for 12 sticks at Walmart
Paint colors - $1.97 per color at Walmart (This is Acrylic paint)
Paint Brushes - $.96 for a pack of 12 at Walmart
Chalkboard Paint - $3.99 at Michaels (This is going to last forever!!)
Wooden circles - $1.12 each
Hooks to hand the boards - $1.48 - 6 hangers at Walmart

So I had so much fun making these chalkboards that I went on a DIY frenzy and created all of this great stuff:

I bought these three cute signs at Michaels for $1.00 each about a year ago and until now had absolutely no use for them, because the colors just didn't match anything in my house. So I busted out the paint I had purchased and painted them to match the colors of my kitchen and hung them up over my Keurig Coffee Maker.

So I purchased these two, HOPE and FAITH, signs at Michaels when I was picking up the chalkboard paint. They were on clearance for only $.89 cents. I painted them using the Acrylic paint I had purchased to make the chalkboards so that they matched the kitchen and placed them on top of my kitchen cabinets. They look so cute!!

These projects are currently in the making and not yet completed. Oh the joys of Magnetic Spray paint ($5.00 on clearance at Walmart). I do not recommend Magnetic Spray paint! If there is a way to get this paint in a jar, I think that would be best. It took so many coats just to make these magnetic. The heart, is not magnetic. So in order these will soon become:

At the very top, this is a magnetic chalkboard that will be hung in my son's room. The boarder is painted dark blue to match his Transformers Themed room. He needed hooks in his room to hang his shower towel, hat and coat on, and I thought this would be perfect. The wood was purchased at Walmart for $4.99 and it included the hooks on the back to hang it and the large black hooks shown.

In the middle is a wooden heart the BF gave me Sunday morning. How nice of him to think of me. I just painted it with chalkboard paint and will hang this in the kitchen once it finishes drying.

The BF wants me to write on it:

Beans, Beans they're good for you heart. The more you eat the more you fart. The more you fart the better you feel. So lets eat beans with every meal.

Yeah okay, moving on.

The bottom item is going to be a gift to the BF's mom for her b-day. This is going to be a magnetized chalkboard, that I am going to spice up. The trim will be painted a light blue color to match her kitchen and since she loves bears, I'm on a search for either cute bear magnets or small cute wooden bear plaques I can place magnets on. This way she can move the bears around on the chalkboard and write whatever cute notes she wants on it. I can't wait to show you when it is finished. It will definitely look a lot cuter then what I am trying to explain here. lol!

I also wanted to show off the cute tool set the BF bought me for Mothers Day. How cute is this? Plus proceeds go towards the fight against Breast Cancer. I love tools and this was the best gift he could have ever given me. Now I don't have to ask him where a certain tool is, because I have everything I need right here!!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Awesome job! Quite the Jane of all trades you're becoming. I've heard how all the wonderful things that can be done with chalkboard paint, and I can't wait to try it out. And how could a girl resist loving that tool set? It's pink! I need to get one for myself, I'm tired of borrowing my husband's tools, most of which are huge and greasy. Can't wait to see more of your home decor projects! :-)

Mama Kat said...

So cute!! I love that idea and I LOVE the pink tools!! :)

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Well, aren't you just the little artsy thing lately! I go through phases like that...

LOVE the chalkboard things. Great idea!

Good luck with the "Alt Codes Cheat Sheet". You'll love them once ya figure them out.

See: ♪ ♫ ♥ ◙ ☺ ☻

Erica! =0)

PS - I need that all pink tool set! I'd love it!

Amy said...


I have to come back and do this myself. I love the words maybe I can find some for my little one's room. Have a great Monday..

Elizabeth Howard said...

Hey Lisa! I just read your comments on your side bar about My Sister's Keeper. I could not agree more, that book is truly one of my all time favorites! I read it when it first came out and am skeptical about seeing the movie as I know it will not compare. What are you reading now? I love to read about what others like to read, etc. Thanks for sharing and for your comments. Take care!

jennie.newland said...

That is going to look so great in your house! (Even though I've never "seen it") I really am impressed at how crafty you are, I would have found some way to mess that up! I have no talent at all! Also, I have tagged you on my blog, go check it out and please play along!

JennyMac said...

I LOVE the chalkboard paint idea Lisa. Love it. Will be using something like it next year for our little man's room and you have me some great ideas. Love those sassy pink tools too. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What great projects.

Our family loves Catcher in the Rye too. My daughter says she will name her future son Holden. :)

Linda Benson said...

Celebrating YOU! Look at you -- she's CRAFTY! Love this and guess what, I'd rather be a little bit crazy than boring! :) Thanks for the smile -- I am always glad I stopped by . . .

Cheryl said...

Very cute - where did you find those wooden circles? and how are you going to attach those to the wall? I've been looking to do something kind of like this, but didn't know where to get the goods. Thanks for stopping by my blog too - I've added yours to my reader:)


Hey just stopped by after you left that wonderful comment on our Blog to come give you some love! What a cute blog you have. I love that pink tool set...so cute!! Happy SITS!! :)

The Mumpowers said...

Very cool! I've always wanted to play around with chalkboard paint. I'll have to pick some up next time we are in the states (we are stationed overseas at the moment). Thanks for visiting my blog, too!