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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's over! It's sooooo OVER!

No this isn't a review on Greys Anatomy, but I am excited to say that the new season is starting very, very soon. Sept. 24th PEOPLE. I mean how could you not be excited after that season finale.

SUMMERS OVER!!!! 1 Day left (not including the weekend) to spend with my son until he starts the 4th grade. OMG, so sad, yet so happy for him at the same time.

So yesterday I wanted to do something special with him. Taking the cue from Amy over at http://keepingupwiththeschultzfamily.blogspot.com/ I decided we would treat ourselves to some yummy ice cream. It was especially nice because this treat wasn't going to cost me any money. You see my son had gotten these wonderful gift certificates to Baskin Robbin back in May for his birthday. Yeah, I know it's August, we are busy people. So what if BR is within walking distance of our house, like I said I've been busy.


So many flavors to choose from!

OMG, are you seeing what I am seeing?
Do you see these dipped cones. Cones or
cup, cones or cup. There's just so much to
choose from.

Normally I just let him get a kids scoop or a cone, but today he was allowed to get whatever he wanted. Who am I kidding, the boy is spoiled, he usually always gets what he wants and he knows it. Today he chose an Oreo Cookies and cream and Cookie Dough hot fudge sundae. I'm talking about Heeps of yummy whip cream, crunchy Delicious nuts, hot glorious fudge with a mouth watering cherry on top. It just doesn't get better than that. Except maybe throwing a brownie in there, but that just might be a bit much.

Heaven in a cup!! For sure.

Look at the joy on this little boys face. Maybe
we should do this more often?

Ice Cream mustache and all!

Sadly like summer, It's quickly disappearing

So Summer has come and gone and I'm sad to say that it's is staying darker longer. It use to be light outside when we would leave to go to work at 5:30am and today I actually had to turn the headlights on because it was dark.

I also discovered yesterday that my sons shoe size is the same as mine. He left his Flip Flops at his Dad's house so he had to borrow mine when we went for ice cream. These are a size 8, Old Navy Women's Flip Flop people. This is a 9 year old boy! Pretty soon he will be taller then I am.

Look at that perfect fit. Crazy how they grow up
so freakin fast.

How was your summer?


Conquer The Monkey said...

Wow the ice cream looks fabuuulouso :) you are a good mom, and your son is too cute!!! love the blog :)

Tamela said...

mmm ice cream! I might just have to get me a DQ Blizzard today!! Thanks for the encouragement! I figure I get all my sweets in before next Wednesday, cuz then I will be in bikini weight loss mode!

Becca said...

Ha ha now that you mention it, Grey's Anatomy starting back IS the best part of summer being over!

Thanks for my comment on my blog, and for voting! Yes we are going to find out what we're having, I think at 21 1/2 weeks they do the 2nd sonogram... that's 7 1/2 weeks away!

Stop back by to see the results of the poll and the sonogram then!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Now I want some ice cream!!

MommyBrain said...

I wish you hadn't reminded me about Grey's Anatomy ... now I am going to be wishing away the rest of August and the beginning of u September ... cannot wait for the next season. Did you know I live near Seattle? Sometimes I wish I could have some random ailment and go to Seattle Grace Hospital ... hee, hee!

Ummmm ... all those photos of ice cream and dip cones ... are you trying to drive this pregnant lady CRAZY?! I just searched for the closest BR and got directions ... when my girl wakes from her nap, we're going ... even if it won't be free for us :)

One last tidbit ... I am a former 4th and 5th grade teacher :) I think those are the absolutely best years of elementary school; your son will have a blast!

And please no more of this "summer's over" stuff ... I just can't hear it!

confused homemaker said...

they are only young so for such a short time, enjoy the ice cream treats.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see the new season. I am glad you went and had some ice cream. It sure looked great. Thanks for the shout out. That was way too kind.

Vodka Logic said...

I am so over Greys Anatomy, soap opera that it is but ice cream never. That looked like a Cold stone Creamery.. yum

Sadly my kids don't go back to school until Sept.


Night Owl Mama said...

does that ICECREAM looks so so yummy

Vicki said...

Hey! Waiting on that button tick tock tick tock! Just kidding! But, I did leave something to make you SMILE! on my blog, come check it out when you have a sec!

Sandy said...

Great post! In my house flip flops are unisex! Guess they are in yours, too.