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Monday, August 31, 2009

What did you learn over the weekend?

Looking back at this past weekend I've learned many things and had many revelations. Here are some of my random thoughts. See my brain, it's been working over time. 1) I hate stupid people, driver's especially. We all should have to take a random driving test, to which I know I'd probably fail, but still people need to learn to freaking drive.

2) In the San Francisco Bay area all you have to do is drive 45 min east or west to go from 62 degrees cold and foggy to 95 degrees hot and muggy.

3) I always thought I was not a tropical person, but after this weekend I longed for the warmth that is my 90 plus degree home. The cold is over rated.

4) I think the movie Final destination may be true. After what happened to DJ AM, either it is true that you can't defy death or he's just one un-lucky person. Who survives a plane crash where pretty much everyone died but him and Travis, only to succumb almost a year later to drugs. The ironic part he was over 11 years sober. If that's not death chasing you, I don't know what is.
5) Randy is my hero. I don't even know him, barely even heard of him untill Saturday night. But any 46 year old man who can hold more than his own in the MMA Octagon to someone 13 years younger than him has got to be my hero. Did you see that fight? What 46 year old even get's in a ring?

6) Again, I hate stupid people. Some people should just not work in customer service. I mean don't tell someone you don't carry Saline solution for contacts if you really have no idea whether or not you carry them at all. Just say "I don't know!" I mean, hello this is a pharmacy you work in, how could you not carry that and eye drops. I can get eye drops at a gas station. Thank you very much lady, it's in aisle 12 btw.
7) The Dollar Tree pretty much rocks!! Where else can I buy 37 items for $40. I Thank you and my barren walls of my house Thank You!! Their wall art is pretty cool. No it's far from trailer trash!
8) The Margarita can be a girls best friend and they taste way better when made at home.
9) I am not a shop-a-holic. Well according to the movie confessions of a shop-a-holic I certainly am not. If by definition according to the movie, No I do not see mannequins talking to me and flaunting stuff in my face. I may obtain the sense of happiness after a big purchase, however the swipe of my credit card will not bring me to orgasm. Therefore I could not be a shop-a-holic. What is it called then if you love to shop and want to all the time? I think the movie went a tad over board. It was cute and funny, but predictable.

10) Is it sad when your friend tells you that you have ADD? I can't help it if I Love my Arts and Crafts. Hey I sat down and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic with you. So what if we paused it 5 different times. I had to pee, margaritas had to be made autographs needed to be signed. I mean it's nothing new, I've known this for years.
So here's to a weekend full of knowledge and my usual grumpiness. Hey I get grumpy when my brain hurts!! Yes the migraine still remains. It's off and On, however definitely not as bad. Wearing my glasses and contacts really does help, well DUH!


Vodka Logic said...

I didn't learn too much thins weekend, I already knew I was lazy.

Had to laugh at 62 being cold, that's a spring day in the northeast lol


Debbie said...

The Dollar Tree so rocks! And yes, stupid people are annoying.
Dropped by from SITS.

Conquer The Monkey said...

I'm so glad you said it, STUPID PEOPLE DO SUCK, and I too have been told I have ADD, it's kinda rude that people say it. I think we are just "interesting" and interesting in lots of stuff. Nobody will be bored with us :) :) Plus, Margis are CRUCIAL, nobody should complain if you paused to make them :)
Sorry about your Migrane, hope you feel better SOON!

yonca said...

I agree.. Dolar tree rocks!!! I hope you feel better soon! take care

celyn said...

Lisa, You know ADD is no joke. You do not have it and need to stop using the term lightly. Dont make me lecture you. You deal with the true effects when you have Christopher and know that it is not a condition to be joked about or taken lightly.

Ok off my soap box. You missed one hell of a wedding. I will put it this way, did not get back to my hotel room until 4 am. Still feeling it today....

MiMi said...

It's like you took 4, 6 and 7 right out of my brain! ;)

glenna said...

Good post!
Migraines can really ruin a good day. :-(

Amy said...

I like this list. Have a great Monday.

Vicki said...

I am in total agreement on the whole final destination thingie. My hubby and I talked about it the other day!

And we visited the dollar tree yesterday! LOVE IT, especially the .50 cards and cute halloween stuff. My son liked that they had swords that lighted up..

Lisa Anne said...

I'm not making fun of ADD, I might not clinically have it but I have to be on the move doing multiple things and sitting through movies is not for me. I've always said I have my own version of what I think it is.

ADD is serious thing I support Christopher always have from the begining. As far as I'm concerned he is just like everyone else. I don't treat him any different just because he has ADD. He's just like the rest of us, only with his own quirks. And everyone has their quirks. Not everyone is the same and some people just don't respect the fact that there are different people out there who may not be like them. Doesn't give them the right to judge children or adults with ADD. This makes it hard for parents to work with kids who have severe ADD, patience within the childs classroom and peers are needed to help those children. They are no different they just have different ways to learn and to grow. In the end we all find our place and what defines us.

Lisa Anne said...

I would never make fun of him, or anyone like him. comparing how my brain works to the definition of what ADD is, isn't me making fun of it. There's a difference.

Vodka Logic said...

It's all about perspective and unfortunately we don't all see things the same way. A lot of words/conditions should just not be part of everyday vernacular. I have a daughter with ADD and is legally blind with out her glasses... I am not offended as I realize you don't mean to offend but someone else may see it differently.

Off my soap box as well. It never hurts any of us to have things brought to our attention once in a while.. I am 50 and still learing.
Thanks Lisa

MiMi said...

Oh geez. Once I called someone a bearded lady and someone freaked on me. Sheesh, come on, maybe I was exaggerating? And tons of people use the term ADD to describe themselves, and they don't mean anything by it.
Hey, where's your "ignorant people" post. It says on my blogger thing that you wrote one called something like that and it's gone...?

Kim said...

I love me a margarita too! And no kidding about the bad drivers! Drives me absolutely CRAZY! We're slowly getting close to winter and the cold weather and I am dreading it! I will miss summer!

Michelle said...

too funny!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Great list! I'm so with you on Randy. It was an awesome fight for him being 46, and he had one helleva six pack! RAWR!

And yes, I hate stupid people too!!

Thanks for stopping by my place!! I'll be back! ;)

Amanda said...

mmmmm Margarita's

Returning the SITS lurve xox

PS Great Blog!!

Kristin said...

I'm really sorry for your loss! And stupid drives peeve the heck outta me too!

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