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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I pulled a Britney! Sort of!

No, I didn't flash my Vajayjay as I attempted to get in a car while wearing no panties and the world's shortest skirt.
Nor was it a pink wig wearing, grab my umbrella and beat it against my baby Daddy's car, Britney moment.

This is what happens when I get bored and have nothing to craft.

Yeah, that's my hair in my son's bathroom sink.

I'm smiling because I think I want to cry, what the heck am I doing? I do not do bangs!

Hmmm it's not very straight, but I actually think I like it.

Maybe I'll make them even shorter, my hair keeps poking my eyeballs? Is that normal? I'm liking the new look!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cracks in the crystal, cracks in the crystal bal.....

Drinking wine and thinking bliss, is on the other side of this I just need a compass and a willing accomplice All my doubts that fill my head are skidding up and down again Up and down and round again, down and up and down again.

Oh, I've had my chances and I've taken them all.Just to end up right back here on the floor. To end up right back here in on the floor.

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel. Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell. But I'm not scared at all...hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

The cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball.

Sometimes you think everything is wrapped inside a diamond ring Love just needs a witness and a little forgiveness And a halo of patience and a less sporadic pace and I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.

Oh I've felt that fire and I've been burned But I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned.

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel. Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell. But I'm not scared at all...hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

Of the cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball.

Irony, irony, this hate and love, hate and love. What it does to me, what it's done to me. What is done...done

Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel. Broken mirrors and a black cat's cold stare,Walk under ladders on my way to hell, I'll meet you there. But I'm not scared at all, hmm...I'm not scared at all.

Bout the cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cookie Monster....DENIED!

I can bake and decorate a cake like no other, I'll admit it and toot my own horn. I make a mean frosting from scratch as well. Once you have my frosting you'll never go back to that canned frosting from the store. YUCK.

I don't get it! What happened? This weekend The Boy and I decided to make double chocolate chip cookies from a 3 in 1 cookbook I purchased on clearance from Barnes and Nobles for $9.99. I had all of the ingredients except for the chocolate chip morsels. I did have the round melting chocolate that you would buy from Michael's, to which you melt and then dip fruit in. It's the same thing, right? It's chocolate and the recipe said to melt the chocolate chips with butter, so what would it matter?

OH IT MATTERS! The batter came out the consistency of cake batter. The recipe said it would be thin, so I went with it. I refrigerated the batter for 30 minutes, just like I was instructed. The batter became firm and I made little balls and spaced them 1 1/2 inches apart, just like the directions stated.


The cookie balls all slid towards the center of the pan as they melted back to liquid form, and instead of 12 individual cookies, we had one large cookie. Only the inside was like pudding and not very tasty at all.

Needless to say The Boy and The BF were laughing at me, while I was almost crying. How could this be? I can bake!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Need I say more? I don't think so!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Break.....SERIOUSLY?

So my son has been off of school this entire week. Why? SNOW WEEK! Confused squinty look on my face.

What the heck is snow week? It doesn't snow in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hello, it's been sunny out, even if it is gloomy today, I DON'T SEE ANY SNOW! California is the GOLDEN STATE, warm and sunny with beautiful beaches and hot sand. It's not like we are buried to eyeballs in 4ft of snow like back East.

The Boy this entire week has been coming with me to work. He quietly sits in my office watching movies, playing on the computer and on his Nintendo DSI. He's even a few hundred pages short in regards to finishing the book Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

Today during my lunch break, we decided to walk around the Marina and get some fresh air.

Doesn't look like it's snowing here. In fact all of the flowers are in full bloom!??? Now scratching my head.

Enjoy a walk through our city, well the city where my job is located.

Snow break SCHMOOOOOO BREAK. At least we get to enjoy some Mommy and Boy time!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Build Something Together

This is what The Boy and The BF did last night. They built my birthday present!

Loving it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Re-model has begun..........

Here is a sneak peak at the downstairs bathroom and the hallway. It should be finished by the time I get home from work. How great is that? It's like coming back from the restroom at a restaurant to find your food waiting for you. Oh yeah!!

Once it's fully completed, that means the toilet's back in the bathroom as well as the sink and painted. OH YEAH I GET TO PAINT! I'll post the before and after pictures!! I have to say the BF did a great job cutting the tile. Me likes a lot. How about you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bring it on.....

Spring is coming. Spring is coming. It was actually sunny and nice this past weekend. Take a peek at what the SUN inspired me to do. Thanks to Lowes, and the way they perfectly arrange all the goodies for us impulse buyers. lol

We planted a total of 8 tulips, 4 on each side of our driveway. What a difference a tiny POP of color can do to really make your house look wonderful!

I could not resist this little guy. $14.95 at Lowes, isn't he adorable. I think so! I just hope he doesn't get stolen.

We found this cute planter at Home Goods. It was originally a faded worn white color. The BF spray painted it to match the house and he also picked out the pretty plants. We placed this in the front yard right behind our bench which is directly in front of our front window.

Oh BTW, yes we landscaped that front area ourselves. The BF took out a ton of bushes and we laid the black mesh down and the ground cover. Purchased the stones and the fence, he even built the bench. That was the first project we did last year when we moved in. Hey it's all about the curb appeal and ALL the houses one our court have it! Just keeping up with the JONES'S, I guess.

My cute frogs, I purchased these little guys from ABC Distributors. The stand we found at home goods for $9.99.

I might kick myself for saying this, because summer usually consists of 104 degree plus weather for weeks on end, BRING ON THE SUN!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our new baby!!

Meet Emmitt. No he's not named after the Vampire from the movie Twilight, more like the football player Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. He was born November 26, 2009. He had his first vet visit today and he is 3lbs 1 ounce. He is half Seal Point Siamese, as his mom was purebred. His daddy is unknown.

After a week, Chloe and Emmitt are slowly becoming best friends.

It wasn't always like this though. Can you believe just 4 days ago Chloe was hissing, growling and attacking little Emmitt? Yeah, for a hot minute we thought we were going to have to give Emmitt away. Not our BABY BOY! Patience is a virtue! For that we are thankful!

Black cats are so hard to take pictures of. I've taken at least 50 pictures and 3 of them actually came out. LOL