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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I found an ipod while walking my usual three miles a few Sunday's ago. I have to admit I'm really digging the music on the ipod, even though I feel really old because half of these artists I have never heard of.

I ran across a band called NEVERSHOUTNEVER and am really digging their voice and sound. The lyrics are dark and I can't really relate to them, however I can really feel the message they are putting across and the sadness that this person and probably hundreds of teenagers out there must feel. Sometimes I think that through music and the understanding of it, we can learn a lot about our children and the things that they have to endure everyday. Kids are mean. School can be harsh and difficult. I feel it's important to understand what our children are going through and relate to them and their issues as much as possible.

My son is 9 years old and thinks his thighs are too big, his stomach to fat and he told me last week he doesn't like to wear shorts because he has scars on his legs. He is in the 4th grade. I don't recall worrying about that stuff until late Middle School. I feel for him.

Anyway, here is the song I'm digging this week and hope that my son never gets to this point. Kids are growing up to fast, having sex and doing drugs as young as 13. It's crazy to think they just don't care about their future or the consequences. This song could be about anyone of our children, never say never!

And I sing songs about the past.
How I was raised and I was thrown out on my ass,
Cause I didn't care.
About going to school.

And I saw the look in her eyes.
My mother nearly cried when I had told her that I had wanted to go,
Just to prove them wrong.

I've been smoking cigarettes since I was only fourteen,
Just to find an escape from this town that was so mean to me.

And I sing songs about my friends.
The way we grew up, and all the lose ends we used to laugh,
Cause we didn't give a damn.

And I saw the look in my brother's eyes,
When I told him I was leaving he couldn't help but despise me.
He's wanted out his whole life.

I've been smoking the green since I was merely sixteen,
Just to find an escape from this town that was so mean to me.

And I sing songs about the past.

I plead for relief,
This town won't receive
All the things that I want.
The things that I need.

And I'll beg and I'll beg.
I'm down on my knees.
Mama, oh mama,
Let me please leave

I plead for relief.
This town won't receive,
All the things that I want.
The things that I need.

All I ever wanted was love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breakfast anyone?

This is what we woke up to Saturday morning on our front porch. Poor little bird eggs.

Seriously though, they won't be missed. I have to admit I am glad that it is gone because the mess that has been left behind the past few days from the building of the nest has been insane.

Not to mention I had to scrub and scrub the egg mess off the ground because it had dried over night and stained our front porch. The Mama bird is a cutie, but I can't have her building a nest in the overhang of my front door.

Imagine you're ringing my door bell and you feel a plop on the top of your head. You touch your head with your hand only to feel something nasty and wet.
It's bird poop, well hello to you too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Hero Heel Power! Episode 1 the break in!

So this is the excitement that is my day. I locked myself out of my office with no spare or master key in site. My co-worker, lets call her Jessica Rabbit because she loves wearing her high heels, stepped up to the plate in the effort to break back into my office.

She's so sly as she try's to figure out the best pathway of entry.

Her mad skills as she raises the mini blinds.

Even in bright YELLOW heels she scales the window like a thief in the night. You go GIRL!!

Only "Jessica Rabbit" could pull this Slick Rick break in off. A true, Super Hero with Super Heel Hero power. Don't mess with a woman in high heels! YELLOW high heels for that matter!

One Day..........

I know I've sporadically been around lately. It's just lately life has been a bit crazy and I've started this whole Weight Watchers Diet and walking has practically consumed any free time I have. Loving my two walking buddies though!! I try to walk 3 miles everyday. Today is the end of my 4th and in 3 weeks I've lost over 11lbs. I'll find out tonight if I've gained or lost. Whooty Whoot. I miss crafting and reading blogs and hopefully I'll be able to jump back in the saddle here soon. I just have not had much to blog about.

Loving the sunglasses I found. Aren't they just perfect for me? I think they look way better on me then they would, let's say someone like my sister. Right? Yeah I totally can rock these Kim Kardashian suckers.

I'm also feeling this new song by Matisyahu. Please play the video, you'll love it I'm sure.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Separated at birth......Looking for my dragon.

Doesn't my baby Emmitt (sorry he's so hard to get a clear picture of) look just like Toothless (Night Fury) from How To Tame A Dragon? If you have not seen this movie, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

This has got to be my all time favorite KIDS movie! I have to admit I could have done without paying extra for 3D. It just didn't seem very 3D to me, but then that's my opinion and I'm a frugal woman! It did have it's 3D moments though.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Karma's a BITCH!

It's not my kind
not my time to wonder why
everything's gone white
and everything's grey
now your here now you away
I don't want this
remember that
I'll never forget where your at
don't let the days go by

Are you at one
or do you lie
we live in a wheel
where everyone steals
but when we rise it's like strawberry fields

It might just be
clear simple and plain
that's just fine
that's just one of my names
don't let the days go by
could've been easier on you

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bathroom 2 Remodel - Complete

Almost, I still have to hang my art work. I couldn't wait to share though. I'm GREEN with envy!! I wish my cell phone took better pictures as these do not do it any kind of justice!

I'm loving the green! At first it was overwhelming, but once all the accessories were added it's perfect!

My favorite feature are the cute shower curtain hooks. Aren't they perfect! They match everything perfectly!

See, even the litter box matches. You know the cats are so happy to have their second liter box back! So is The BF!

The dark chocolate towels really help to cut the green down a bit. I'm glad we went with the dark brown as opposed to another color.

My 2nd favorite feature is the rug. I think I'm going to buy one more to put in front of the sink. This bathroom is so large I think it needs a second one. I believe it was $19.99 for the rug. I know pricey but it was worth it! Doesn't the new tile look AHHHHMAZING? The tile blends with the green perfectly!

I have to leave the counter empty for the most part as the cats love hanging out in here and looking out the window. I move the fake plant against the wall because I really like it, even though the cats have partially destroyed it. I'm sure it will gone soon!

Another shot of the tile. I'm really loving it. Before I wasn't too found of it, however seeing it all layed out on the floor, I'm pretty pleased. Great job to The BF for picking the tile and cutting all the pieces to fit!!

Click here to see the before pictures and a close up of the accessories on the counter. I really should have taken these after pictures during the day in the natural light instead of last night. Oh well!! Maybe once I get the paintings up I'll take photos during the day and re-post. I'm just so excited to get these up after all The BF's hard work. He spent hours cutting tile, painting the bathroom several times to get the ceiling line perfect (Ceiling is white) and all the cocking he did to get the baseboards back on.

Even Mama LOVES IT!!

TWO DOWN, ONE MORE BATHROOM TO GO! Oh and then we start the Kitchen!