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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear BOY.......

If I can teach you only one thing in this short life, it would simply be, to remember this........

My mama told me when I was young
Said sit beside me my only son
And listen closely to what I say
And if you do this it'll help you some sunny day

Take your time, don't live too fast
Troubles will come and they will pass
You'll find a woman and you'll find love
And don't forget that there is a someone up above

And be a simple kind of man
And be something you'll love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can?
Then you can

Don't get your lust for the rich man's gold
All that you need now is in your soul
And you can do this, oh baby if you try
All that I want from you my son is to be satisfied

And be a simple kind of man
And be something you'll love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can?
If you can

Oh, don't you worry, you'll find yourself
Follow your heart and nothing else
And you can do this, oh baby if you try
All that I want from you my son is to be satisfied

And be a simple kind of man
Be something you'll love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can?
So baby be a simple, be a simple man
Oh, won't you do this for me son if you can?

Lynard Skynard, couldn't have sung it any better!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Intense Concentration

I think I'm starting to see peach fuzz there on The Boy's upper lip. I hope he doesn't start shaving, he's only 10.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just call me INDECISIVE!

It wasn't too long ago that I swore I was going to take it back, the 80's that is. Well nothing came of that. Then I was sick of the light ugly brown with red and made the bold decision to go jet black. It was cool, for a minute. 4 days ago I was contemplating a Brazilian Blowout, keep your mind clean people, but the thought of $300 every 3 months made my stomach turn.

So I did the unthinkable, for someone who also swore they were going to let it grow! I convinced myself that I needed to do this. I had to do this, even if the girl in the tampon commercial inspired it. I mean, I totally needed to even it out all the way around. Seriously a grown out A line, doesn't look very hot, when it's past the shoulders.

So I took the plunge and chopped a good 3 to 4 inches off. I thought I was going to cry as I saw how LONG the pieces were on the floor.

Then it was over, and grabbed the tiny mirror as I was spun around. Ahhhhhhh, it was like the sun had shone behind me, illuminating my entire upper half.

I'm in LOVE!! This week anyway. It's totally healthier and SHINY and SUPER SOFT. Like Silk. Yeah like the silkiest silk ever created. The best part, cause I'm lazy, I just let it air dry for like 10 minutes, 3 minutes of blow drying and maybe 2 minutes of flat iron and I'm done.


It's SOOOO Short, but looks amazing. I can even rock the Snookie Poof. YUP!! Who would have thunk.

Until next week. Who knows maybe I'll be blond, it won't be the first time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eight Plus Some Stain

Eight more pieces of wood and some stain and OUR deck is completed. OMG it looks absolutely amazing!! I love it!! The BF did an amazing job designing and building this beautiful deck. I'm already envisioning some chairs, me tanning in the 100 degree weather reading my book while the BF and Boy swim.

Ahhhhhhh Summer. I can't wait to put in grass next!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Once you go BLACK you NEVER go BACK....

Yes I dyed my hair black! Not Dark Brown, the box said BLACK. In this photo it kinds of looks brown, bad cell phone photo, it's really BLACK. I mean like witch wig looking black. Yeah, so black to me it almost looks blue when the sun hits it properly.

I think it's my natural hair color though to be honest. I mean, now, the carpet does match the drapes. Is it sad I don't even remember my natural color? I've been dying my hair since I think middle school.


Everyone says they love it! I mean they like were touching it and ahhhing at it and poking and pulling as if it were fake. But it's not, it's real people. They were being a little overboard, which makes me wonder if they think I look like a clown (or a witch) and they are just being nice!

As for me, I'm still undecided, yet deep down I think I love it. I think I want to cut my hair again. Another A-line, but the BF he likes it long, and so I don't know. I'm not sure about the perm anymore either, sheesh that was so yesterday.

When it comes to my hair I just can't decide. I mean seriously, does it matter, it's just going up into a pony tail anyway.

Okay seriously, does anyone else think my nose looks EXTREMELY BIG in this picture? I thought so.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hobby of the Month....Or permanent Fixture?

Finally! After years and years of yearning, I broke down and purchased a REAL camera.

The Canon Rebel. Best Buy had the perfect package, Camera, Bag and extra telephoto Lens for $150 less then what you would pay if bought them separately. I can't wait to purchase filters, as I don't have an editor program such as photo shop at this time.


I was actually able to take a picture of Emmitt without him looking like a black blur of nothing. I can actually feel the silkiness of his fur just from looking at the photo.

Check out all of the other photos I have taken. Remember I'm still learning how to use the camera and I don't have an editing program to correct brightness, shadows etc. I have to say I'm so impressed with the quality. Then again I'm use to crappy cameras.

I can't wait for The Boy to get back from Disneyland so I can take some photos of him, especially in the pool. I hope to go to The Oakland or Sacramento zoo very soon. I can't wait to take some jungle photos. Maybe even print and frame one of a Giraffe.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm taking it BACK.....The 80's that is.

No I'm not talking about sporting pegged pants with big bright puffy colored socks.

No I'm not talking about sporting wide legged MC Hammer pants.

Not I'm certainly not talking about bringing back the style of wearing BLUE and PINK together at the same time.

I'm talking about this!


While most people these days are trying out the Japanese Hair Straightening, me, I want a perm.

IS that considered to be a SPIRAL perm?

I'm nervous though as my hair is thin already, that my hairs going to just fall out. I had my hair permed once, in my younger High school days. I really loved it.

So I want it back!!!

Do I have what it takes to bring the 80's/90's Perm back to life?

Do I have the guts to actually get it done?


Hopefully my hair won't fall out and I'll be able to find someone who actually still knows how to perm hair!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wanted to FEEL SOMETHING, Anything

I wanted to laugh, to cry, to grieve. But there was nothing. I felt empty and disappointed. Cheated, to say the least!

The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud, disappointed ME! Where was the connection between Charlie and Sam? The force that draws them together (as portrayed in the trailer), was practically non-existant in the book. Where was this bond, this tight pact that kept Charlie from living a life for over 13 years? It wasn't about a promise, it was about guilt. Charlie and his guilt for what he had done.

I picked up this book after seeing the previews while watching the movie Eclipse in the theater. This could possibly be the first time I think a MOVIE is going to be better than the book.

There was NO "why'd you bring her!" in the book. There was no deep connection between a Man and his young dead brother. It was totally PREDICTABLE, which for mean can ruin an entire book. It was too sci-fi, and I kinda fell off course, SPOILER HERE, when a character makes love to a ghost. SERIOUSLY!!

Don't get me wrong it was a nice read. It had it's moments, for sure. It just didn't MOVE ME. It did make me think, about whether or not there is an in between. That when the leaves blow, or we get chills up our entire body, if it's because our loved one is present. That's about as deep as it got for me.


This trailer...MOVED ME!


Does it make you want to read the book? It's 213 pages, a quick read. I suggest you read it before seeing the movie on the 30th.

Now I'm off to read EAT LOVE PRAY. Yeah I saw this preview as well during the movie Eclipse. What? Everyone who has read it has told me that it's changed their life.

Maybe it will change mine. Maybe I'll feel something and have a relationship with my pizza!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's like our own personal brand of Heroin!

It's addicting like a drug! We can't stay away from it, even late at night we find ourselves being drawn to it. I swear I hear it calling my name.

Screw rehab, two days come and gone and we are HOOKED!

No turning back now!

Lindsey Lohan eat your heart out. I know you're feigning too!

What the heck were we waiting for these past 2 years? You have to try it! You know you want to, everyone is doing it!


The Boy leaves for Disneyland tomorrow with his Dad.


DROOLING just thinking about it!

Total relaxation!

The best part! No more squealing screeches. Sometimes I really think The Boy is a girl. No more water being splashed in my face. NO MORE little hands swatting at my rings! I have to get more then 5 points at the water ring toss game.

On a side note, The Boy's taking my Sony Webbie Digital Camera/Video Camera to Disneyland. I can't wait to see all the pictures and videos he takes. I'm just hoping it's not a bunch of pictures of toilet seats, rocks and garbage cans. Yeah I have, THAT KID!

Monday, July 12, 2010

If you're looking for me, I'll be here............

Relaxing in this......

While playing with this....

While floating on this..........

Because it's all about this.......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Old Woman!

Chloe, AKA MAMA, turned 1 years old on Saturday July 3rd. I can't believe how quickly our cute little baby grew up.

Wasn't she just the cutest little thing? In this picture she is, I believe, 4 months old and weighing about 2lbs tops. She was the tiniest, daintiest little kitten ever.

I remember praying for her to keep her beautiful blue eyes!

Yes, at 1 years old her eyes are still as blue as ever.

Chloe was a mischievous little bugger. Always wanting to play and get into everything. I couldn't understand how something so tiny, she fit in my palm, could be so feisty.

Still at 1years old, this beautiful cat is as curious as ever and still getting into EVERYTHING!

Chloe is best described as, Ms. Priss, a snobby stuck up cat, however she can melt you with her eyes and when you cuddle with her she can put you to sleep with her soothing purr.

Happy Birthday, Old Woman!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rockin out while at work! Hello 3, day weekend!

I tried to move with a cool hand,it didn't go as I planned.
I'm full of rookie maneuvers,and gestures meant to be grand.

I've pulled a bag of tricks one after the other, I asked if you heard of my band.
So misguided! The sincere approach never tried it once.
You said to just drop the game flat.
Why didn't i think of that

My daisy you make me go crazy, forever amaze me, now let's let the day go lazy.
My daisy you know what I'm after, your musical laughter a more beautiful disaster

I cant believe what you create, when you let your heart detonate.
You let your mind go with one blast in another, and what comes next I will await.

Tell me again the one about the time, we first got together and you blew my mind.
I find my mind in the gutter, when I think of my daisy cutter.

My daisy you make me go crazy, forever amaze me, now let's let the day go lazy
My daisy you know what I'm after, your musical laughter a more beautiful disaster

It's four months now since you crashed into my life (to my life)!
You leave a path of delightful destruction, your quite the throng, my daisy!

Just clap your hands
Get down to the beat
Just clap your hands
Just clap your hands to the beat