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Monday, August 31, 2009

What did you learn over the weekend?

Looking back at this past weekend I've learned many things and had many revelations. Here are some of my random thoughts. See my brain, it's been working over time. 1) I hate stupid people, driver's especially. We all should have to take a random driving test, to which I know I'd probably fail, but still people need to learn to freaking drive.

2) In the San Francisco Bay area all you have to do is drive 45 min east or west to go from 62 degrees cold and foggy to 95 degrees hot and muggy.

3) I always thought I was not a tropical person, but after this weekend I longed for the warmth that is my 90 plus degree home. The cold is over rated.

4) I think the movie Final destination may be true. After what happened to DJ AM, either it is true that you can't defy death or he's just one un-lucky person. Who survives a plane crash where pretty much everyone died but him and Travis, only to succumb almost a year later to drugs. The ironic part he was over 11 years sober. If that's not death chasing you, I don't know what is.
5) Randy is my hero. I don't even know him, barely even heard of him untill Saturday night. But any 46 year old man who can hold more than his own in the MMA Octagon to someone 13 years younger than him has got to be my hero. Did you see that fight? What 46 year old even get's in a ring?

6) Again, I hate stupid people. Some people should just not work in customer service. I mean don't tell someone you don't carry Saline solution for contacts if you really have no idea whether or not you carry them at all. Just say "I don't know!" I mean, hello this is a pharmacy you work in, how could you not carry that and eye drops. I can get eye drops at a gas station. Thank you very much lady, it's in aisle 12 btw.
7) The Dollar Tree pretty much rocks!! Where else can I buy 37 items for $40. I Thank you and my barren walls of my house Thank You!! Their wall art is pretty cool. No it's far from trailer trash!
8) The Margarita can be a girls best friend and they taste way better when made at home.
9) I am not a shop-a-holic. Well according to the movie confessions of a shop-a-holic I certainly am not. If by definition according to the movie, No I do not see mannequins talking to me and flaunting stuff in my face. I may obtain the sense of happiness after a big purchase, however the swipe of my credit card will not bring me to orgasm. Therefore I could not be a shop-a-holic. What is it called then if you love to shop and want to all the time? I think the movie went a tad over board. It was cute and funny, but predictable.

10) Is it sad when your friend tells you that you have ADD? I can't help it if I Love my Arts and Crafts. Hey I sat down and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic with you. So what if we paused it 5 different times. I had to pee, margaritas had to be made autographs needed to be signed. I mean it's nothing new, I've known this for years.
So here's to a weekend full of knowledge and my usual grumpiness. Hey I get grumpy when my brain hurts!! Yes the migraine still remains. It's off and On, however definitely not as bad. Wearing my glasses and contacts really does help, well DUH!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Use your stash, part duece

The final August challenge over at use your stash is......mat a photo in a contrasting color and add a chipboard title and viola you got yourself a card or layout....lol

So here is what I created to frame and hang in my newly created arts and crafts studio. I didn't mat a photo, but then again I didn't want to. I hope you enjoy this simple Friday post!! It sucks the white sparkle letters can't really be seen. Oh well, you live and learn.

Coming up next week - A soda machine in your house? Oh yeah, it's green but is it a good idea for your health? Stay tuned next week to find out more. lol

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cone head or little boy? I think both!

I was just reading a post about teeth and then ran across another post about cute tots and then ran across this old Halloween picture of my son.

My son had two sets of teeth growing in his mouth, one behind the other. Have you ever seen the movie Cone heads? His teeth and perfectly normal now. Back then though, It looked just like a Cone heads, weird, disturbing and evil. Which brings me to this picture of him where he looks weird, disturbing and evil. I think he's 4 or 5 here. I don't remember, oh i'm such a bad mom.

Already posing with his hands, what is that a gang sign? I don't think so evil little boy! Oh how I wish he was that small again.

Instead I'm getting text messages that say I have 8 A's in class! This is his first year with letter grades (4th Grade) and he has 8 A's in just the 1st week of school. I told him if he got 10 A's in a row I'd buy him a bakugan video game. Yesterday he said he had 4 A's today it's 8, hmmm I might have to investigate this one!

Time to ROCK and ROLL, Goodwill Style

What's better then picking up some really great used items for next to nothing at the Goodwill or garage sale? Getting some really great used items for FREE BABY! My neighbor D gave me this really cool organization unit with cute fabric pull out boxes to use for my sewing. My sewing machine previous to this organization renovation, I can call it that, shoot it is my blog. Anyway was taking over my kitchen table, UNTIL NOW!

Back story:
We have a loft in our house that we use for our office. I have a desk, the BF has a desk and the Boy has his own desk (They all match too, aren't we just the cutest family?) The Boy's desk has a flat surface where mine has a shelf in the back and the BF's desk is a corner towered unit. So I asked the boy if I could take over his desk to use as a sewing table. I knew I had to do something that my time of taking over the kitchen table was soon to run out as the BF is a clean and organization freak. But we love him, cause if he wasn't our house would probably be a mess of chaos. So I asked the Boy and Of course to be a brat he said "no" then seconds later he was like "I don't care." Whoo Hoo for me, Sewing / Arts and Crafts studio here I come.

That conversation took place over the weekend, you'd think the enthusiasm would have gotten me to do this sooner. Nope, I've been tired and sick people, don't you read my blog. If not you should be, I'm a talented writer. Didn't you see my award for best scribbler or something like that? So I finally got the bug up my butt to actually go upstairs and convert the loft into a usable office and arts and crafts shared space yesterday.

TAAAADAAAAAAAA!!! Here are the pictures of just my area of the loft, (sorry Boy I pretty much took over both desks, Mommy shares though.)

This is my office desk before I organized it. You can see how it would not be ideal for sewing because of the attached shelf in the back.

And this is how the office desk came out after I cleaned it all up. The Boy and I will share this desk. I rarely use this desk to do real "work" so it won't be a big deal for me to share.

This was the Boy's desk kinda before I turned it into my sewing area. The shelf is just a mess from him pulling out arts and crafts and just not putting anything away. Kids! See that cute light brown thing under the desk, YUP that's my FREE SCORE from D the neighbor. Yeah, we both know, she ROCKS!! WELCOME to my new Sewing and Arts and Crafts station. You have to love "BINS and a LABEL MAKER" Everything has a place and is in it's place. The lamp is turned because it's drying a new salty water color I had decided to make while cleaning. Hey I told ya'll I have ADD I can't just clean and not do something else. Plus can you organize all your arts and crafts without coming up with some new arts and crafts idea? I can't! I just love how that worked out though using the top of the bookshelf as a space to dry my art. Oh and the cute hook I put on the wall to hang all my Quirkey bags!!

So A (my other neighbor) and I went Goodwill hunting yesterday. No not the movie, we went to the actual Goodwill. I was on a mission to find new treasures for my new Sewing/Arts and Crafts studio. Check out what I found, I couldn't believe I randomly found these items that actually matched. No they were not in the same area, I just got lucky. I'm smooth like that! How cute is this lamp? $5.99 and it came with a working light bulb. I love this lamp, absolutely love it. Check out those two things. I think they are candle holders, I don't know but now they are used to hold my sewing supplies. My pin cushion fits perfectly in that cup. Oh yeah and the frame, hello it matches perfectly to the cups, each one was only $2.99. I found 2 frames, double the score. I don't like the salty water color that is in the frame so I'm going to change it out. Doesn't it look like worms? I want to turn it into a sign that says Lisa's Sewing Studio or Yes I'm open, I don't know yet. Any Suggestions? Nice score for me at the Goodwill. I want to go back, they have so many great items, I think I may be addicted!

So that was part of my day yesterday besides working. I hope you enjoy looking at my newly renovated Loft area of my home. I know I love it and can't wait to share all the great wonderful projects I create!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a FINATIC....Is that a word? Did I spell it right?

How cute is this Quirky Bag I made? I'm such a dork that I forgot to stitch in one of the pieces of Velcro so it doesn't Velcro closed, but I don't care. To me it's perfect, and the whole point of it being QUIRKY. I just had to share because this took me a while to make. I hope you all like it.

You can see that I put the Velcro on this side, yes it's the soft side but forgot to put it on the other side. This picture makes it look like its sewn weird on the left side of the pocket but it's not. This pocket fits my Blackberry perfectly.

How cute is this pattern. Both the inside and the outside material were on clearance at Walmart for, yup you guessed it, $1.50 a yard. The ribbon was $.32 a yard.

As per usual, the pictures do not do this bag justice. It's so cute and perfect for a little girl or a make up bag or snack bag.

I'm so happy!!

Migranes and Milkshakes

Last night I had the worst migraine. Who the heck am I kidding, this one was actually better then some of the others I have had. I only dry heaved into the toilet instead of actually throwing up this time. The only difference was this time my right eye was all puffy and swollen. Allergies I think have taken a toll on me. Anyway, I think that's my favorite word, Anyway. So the only thing that helps to settle my stomach when I get a migraine is a milkshake. Yum right, sometimes but last night I couldn't even drink it. My head and eye were pounding and all I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn't even do that. Back to the story, what a waste of me notdrinking that yummy creamy vanillas milkshake. Well not as much of a waste as this! I was shocked and thinking what the heck? I tend to think that a lot lately, what the heck. Seriously though what is McDonald's thinking? No I didn't have any ice cream in my freezer or I would have made my own milkshake. I'm not rich, but I HAD to have one to cure my nauseated stomach.

Yes that's my name carved in the cup, cause it's STYROFOAM! Hello why are they using Styrofoam. At least the plastic cups I could re-uses at the beach for my son to make sand castles and for him to use in the bathtub. What am I supposed to do with this? Do they realize that Styrofoam is so bad for the environment? Come on McDonald's, I thought you had the one up on everyone else with your "economy saving" mini $3 meals, healthier (well healthier for fast food) food options and now offering cheap great tasting coffee as an alternative to the expensive Starbucks. You just took a huge step backwards, as yes, this could make me not want to frequent your establishment.

Maybe making the Styrofoam cups is less evasive on the environment then making paper cups? Is that enough to offset the fact that Styrofoam doesn't degrade in landfills? Or does it now? Maybe I've just been brainwashed about Styrofoam? I don't know I'm still learning about being "Green" and if you have any explanation or reasoning as to why they would do this, or if you just plain agree with me and think it's wrong then speak up.

Disappointed and thinking I might actually call the 800 number on the cup to complain or get an explanation as to why!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What the HE double Hockey Sticks is GOING ON HERE

So the past few weeks have brought out the crazy's here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't know what it is. Is something in the water? So for those of you who are not from the area, I grew up here, I have to say I've always felt pretty safe here and still do now, however, I'm just like WTH is going on?

I mean we all go a little crazy sometimes, but this is just taking it to the extreme!

Here is a quick time frame of the past week or two:

1) Oakland, CA a Southwest airplane made an emergency landing because a man exposed himself to a female passenger, beat up a flight attendant and then stripped naked. http://www.wric.com/global/story.asp?s=10965636

2) August 23, 2009 Pittsburgh, CA (1 city from my home, I actually was on the freeway at 5am and saw them investigating) Man runs back and forth both the East and West bound lanes of Highway 4 in Pittsburgh. The police detained the crazy man and out of no where after he was detained he died.


3) August 21, 2009 - Antioch, CA (This took place a few miles from my home, damn I don't feel like I live in a bad neighborhood.) 15 year old boy and a 17 year old boy, shoots up moving cars in an apartment complex. http://cbs5.com/crime/antioch.car.shooting.2.1138685.html

An now this happened Yesterday. I have to say I grew up in San Mateo and Hillsdale High School was one of our rival schools. We've all read and heard about Columbine and the other school tragedies, it's a different feeling to know this happened to a school that you know and are familiar with.

I just wanted to put this out there because these teachers, what they did, was possibly save the lives of many students and teachers and they are true hero's.

A TOAST to all you TEACHERS OUT THERE!! If you know someone who is a teacher and they blog on here, go to their page and send them a comment. They deserve it!!

I wouldn't go after a kid with a chainsaw, sword and 9 pipe bombs strapped to him, to which two he had already set off. I guess we should be thankful he didn't have any guns.

Police, Teachers At High School Hailed As Heroes

Posted: 10:19 pm PDT August 24, 2009Updated: 12:42 am PDT August 25, 2009


-- Faculty and police officers who subdued a teenage suspect armed to the teeth at a San Mateo high school Monday morning were praised for their actions as authorities continued their investigation into why the teen made the attack.

The 17-year-old former student who detonated two pipe bombs at San Mateo's Hillsdale High School Monday morning was also armed with a chainsaw, a 2-foot sword and numerous other explosives, San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer said.

Manheimer said the teen had entered the campus with the chainsaw, the sword and 10 homemade pipe bombs attached to a tactical vest he was wearing.

He exploded two of the pipe bombs in an empty hallway near the library before being confronted by two teachers and fleeing. The suspect was then tackled by a third teacher.

Lt. Mike Brunicardi said. Principal Jeff Gilbert and another teacher arrived a moment later and helped hold the suspect down until police arrived and arrested him.

Brunicardi called the actions by Gilbert and the teachers "simply heroic."

"All the while that the teachers and principal are confronting this kid, holding him down and tackling him, he's got eight live pipe bombs attached to his person," Brunicardi said.

Police remained on the scene at Hillsdale High School late Monday evening trying to wrap up their investigation.

The damage caused by the attack was visible from across the street. Pipe bombs -- most set off by bomb technicians -- and debris could be seen on the school grounds next to the building. There were some dents in exterior metal doors and at least one window shattered.

On Monday evening, KTVU talked with one of the San Mateo police officers who helped arrest the suspect in the case while the suspect still had eight pipe bombs strapped to his chest.
Captain Kevin Raffaeilli said he and three fellow officers took the suspect into custody after the youth was tackled by Hillsdale faculty members.

Raffaelli said the teachers and Officers Rick Apecechea, Roberto Gonzalez and Jeff Dellinges all risked their lives in taking down the heavily armed suspect.

"These types of devices are highly unstable depending on how the individual puts them together and what materials they use. So there was always that element of danger," explained Raffaelli.
Officer Apecechea was the first officer on the scene. He physically held the suspect down and told others to clear away, fearing the devices could go off at any time.

"It was excellent work on Officer Apecechea’s part to restrain the individual and handcuff him so he couldn’t use his hands to get to any of the devices," said Raffaelli.

Meanwhile, after the teen was arrested, ATF agents and other investigators collected evidence from the suspect's apartment.

Neighbors said the 17-year old -- who lives with an older sister and his mother --.was quiet and kept largely to himself.

"It's shocking, you know? Because all the families here have kids," said area resident Annette Stevens. "All this stuff was being made next door; all these children were at risk."
Neighbor April De Guzman said she went to Hillsdale High School with the suspect and lives a few doors from where he lived.

"Alex just really kept to himself," said De Guzman. "He was a really quiet kid. He didn’t have that many friends. He kind of cut school a lot, so I didn’t see him a lot. But he was in some of my classes."

De Guzman said there were no signs that the teenager could carry out such a potentially violent attack.

April was in school Monday and was surprised to learn who had been arrested.
"It's really scary. I mean, I was at Hillsdale just a few hours ago," said De Guzman. "It was just crazy. Then I come home and [find out it’s] my next door neighbor."
According to the San Mateo Union High School District Web site, the school will remained closed until Wednesday morning so the district can examine and repair damage in order to ensure student safety.

The district advises students, parents or staff in need of support or a secure place to stay on Tuesday to report to the San Mateo Adult School located behind San Mateo High School at 789 Poplar Street. Counselors, psychologists and teachers will be available at the Adult School beginning at 8 a.m.

I want to say what could possibly happen next, but I said that last week after the other crazy stuff had happened and now this. So I think I'll just keep my mouth shut!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lack of Sleep + Hectic Crazy days = Grumpy Lisa Anne

I feel like I haven't slept in days. Probably because I really haven't. Since Friday my life feels like it's been turned upside down. Not in a bad way, just overwhelmed with so many things going on. The 100 degree heat surely didn't make anything better. I love sweating like crazy all day and having to carry paper towels in my hand to wipe the sweat off. On top of that me having to get up at 5am to drive 2hrs to work this morning, just pisses me off. I'd like to thank the two huge trucks who rode my A** this morning with their high beams on. Thank you, If me driving 75 mph in the slow lane is too slow for you, then F You, seriously, go around me. It's times like that when I wish I could have just slammed on my brakes, but I was just to tired to play that game. Told you I was grumpy. Wednesday can't come fast enough when I can at least sleep in till 7am. The joys of being able to work from home one day a week.

So I have so much to write about, in fact I checked my email this morning and I've won 3 blog awards and haven't even had a chance to accept them. I will do so today in this blog.

Here are the events of my weekend.

RJ's Birthday party was on Saturday. I was in charge of making the cake. His party started out as a Spongebob theme but then RJ changed his mind and wanted a Cars birthday. Even though I'd been planning to make this cake for about 2 months now, of course I lagged on getting what I needed to create my masterpiece. After a 2hr drive home Friday night, I picked up D and A (didn't even step in the house for 5 minutes before I was off) and headed off to Michaels Arts and crafts at at around 7pm. Hey, I had 3 50% off coupons and I needed A and D to redeem at the register. Only one coupon per customer. Lame. So a quick trip to Michaels turned out to last a little longer then I was anticipating. Hello, I should have know this, I'm a shop-o-holic and A and D don't help any when they bring me to the clearance section of Michaels. Oh you should see all the ribbon I bought for just $1. Well you'll see one of them when you view the Quirky bags in this post. So anyway, Thankfully D offered to help me make the cake, and of course I accepted. I started at 8pm and D came over about 9pm. We finished what we could finish that night, of the cake, and I went to bed around 1:30am.

Here is a picture of the cake. I frosted the cake and D made the cute sign in the back of the cake. It was a huge hit, everyone loved it. The fresh strawberries in the middle were delicious. Thanks to D's wonderful strawberry cutting skills! I've also included some pictures of other cakes I have made for different occasions throughout the past year, for you to enjoy.
I thought this cake would be easier to make. It was really tricky getting the red frosting on the top of the cake to be smooth. I didn't just spread the red frosting all of the cake either as I didn't want the roads to turn red so I had to frost it in sections. The dirt road is actually brown sugar. After the fact Brian told me I should have used Gram Crackers. Oh well, next time. How great of a job did D do on making the Cars sign? It really made the cake. I would have made the grass look better, but I ran out of frosting and time.

I made this cake last December for my nephews birthday. Everything you see here is edible except for the CD. The Wii remote turned out so good, as It actually looked REAL!! Thank you to whomever invented edible markers. You ROCK!! The actual Wii cake was almost a disaster to make. Cake is not meant to stand up on it's side like that, as you can tell it's leaning. I don't know how I got that to work out as well as it did. My little version of Christopher turned out amazing too. Who would have thunk that I could sculpt fondant. It looks just like him believe it or not. Especially the spiky hair. See how he is holding a mini Wii remote. I loved making this cake!
Hurry, Hurry step right up!! The evil clown cake. Yes I remember this one. One of my first cakes. I had to make it for my Wilton Cake class. The theme was learning how to make those ugly rainbow clowns. I didn't want to just put the clowns on a boring sheet cake, so I made this circus tent. You can't see it but I actually made a lake on the top of this cake. I used blue food coloring and piping gel. It looked just like water, wet and everything. I also used brown sugar around the water to make it look like a beach. This is right behind the clown on the right side of the cake. I searched high and low for a small train set, as I was going to make train tracks around the bottom of the cake, and it just didn't happen. What horrible piping I did on this cake. You can tell it's one of my first cakes.

I made this for a friend of mines coworker. One of the first cakes I actually sold. I totally free handed Spongebob. I couldn't believe how great this cake came out and I just slapped it together. You can tell I free handed Spongebob, just look at his hands, he has no fingers. I love what the confetti blower things did for the cake. I think they actually made the cake. You can't really tell but there are Jelly fish all along the borders of this cake. They were one happy customer. I think my Carebear cake, that I made, not shown here, came out a lot better.

This cake was my 1st experience using fondant. I think I made the fondant too think, but it turned out okay. Fondant tastes nasty, so I don't recommend anyone making a fondant cake that they are actually going to eat. They look pretty, but this is a cake, it's supposed to taste as good as it looks.

Finally, I made this cake for the fun of it. The BF loves fish and we had a salt water tank at the time so this was fitting. It was so easy to star pipe this cake. How cute is this? Do you like how I have the background of the cake looking like real water. Oh I love this cake.

So those are a few of my cakes. I have so many I could show you, but not enough time to keep this post going. I must move on to the rest of my weekend.

So in between the cake cooking and cooling, I also showed D how to sew. I gave her the sewing machine that was posted in a previous post of mine as I had just broken down and bought a new one. These are the creations I made that night, I was up till 1:30 am sewing that purse. How cute did the little bag D made come out?

How cute is this? It's a little bright and crazy, but the ribbon was only $1 for an entire roll and the fabric was $1.50 for an entire yard. I have cuter bags coming, these are just my practice bags.
I also made these two Friday night along with the purse and the cake. I told you I was a busy girl. Come to think of it, I don't have a picture of the one D made. I remember because the ribbon she used was different then what you see here. Dang. Sorry about that!! She did a great job though!!

Saturday morning I was up at 6am and drove 2hrs to pick up my son from his Dad's. I was exhausted from Friday nights cake making and sewing adventure. My back and knees where hurting and not to mention it was going to be about 100 degrees with not 1 but 2 birthday parties to attend. Thankfully the birthday parties were both across the street from house. They were both water parties too. It made it really easy to walk back and forth between the two parties. This morning all the guys were over at 9:30am for their fantasy football draft. Me, I had to hurry up and finish the cake (needed to add the grass, frost some cupcakes and put on D's sign). I also had to go with D to buy not 1 but 2 birthday presents all before 1pm. D and I went in on an indoor trampoline for RJ. Yeah that was a fun gift to wrap. It was a crazy day, running around and 100 degree does not sit well with me. I felt tired and bloated and sweaty all day long. My relief came when my sister requested that my son slumber party with her two boys that night. I ended up at D's house while the BF was at a comedy show (Cheech and Chong) and her husband A was at a card room. A nice little Girl time was a great ending to two long days. I didn't get to bed till after 11am and was up at 9:15 Sunday morning. I guess that counts as sleeping in?

Sunday morning I felt like crap and was still overly tired from all the running around I had been doing the past 2 days. Emotionally and physically burnt out. I had to get some work done for my second job. I had been putting it off but needed to complete it all before Monday morning. I spent 3hrs working all while hearing my son complain that I wasn't giving him enough attention. Sorry I have to work 2 jobs just to pay the bills and sometimes that's not even enough, plus my other obligations. The topper to my weekend was taking my son to his Dad's house at 9:15pm and not getting home till after 11pm (yes the drive is 2hrs round trip and he meets me in the middle). Then I had to get up this morning at 5am to drive to work. Lucky me!
So this morning, does the crazy ever end, my new car is now having problems. Great, this is just throwing another wrench in my knowingly already busy day. The dash keeps flashing "check fuel cap." Hello, I did, it's fine. What the heck? So here I am at work writing this, trying to hurry because today's going to be a long day. I have so much work to do it's not even funny. I feel like crawling under my desk and falling asleep. I need to call the dealership to get the car checked out, go to 3 banks on my lunch hour so I can make deposits and pay some bills. I just want to sleep, is that seriously to much to ask?

Right now I'm here in body, but certainly not in mind.

Have I lost you all yet? Are you my readers falling asleep and yawning saying, well Lisa this is the real world, you should live a day in my shoes? I say to each his own man.

I have so many blogs to catch up on and comments to reply to, that my brain hurts a bit just thinking about it. I'm looking forward to getting a good laugh or creative spark though. So here are the 3 awards I've won since the weekend.

Thank you to Vicki over at Frugal Mom knows best for giving me this award. Wow I just noticed she's given me two awards. Thank You!! That makes 4 awards this weekend. I feel blessed and saddened that I didn't get a chance to comment on anyone's blog since Thursday. I'm sorry. Anyway she has an awesome blog. You really should visit her, if you haven't already.

My 3rd award comes from one of my Favorite blogs to read. Amy over at keeping up with the schultz family. I love her posts and all the pictures she puts of her cute little baby girl. Thank you for the Splash Award as it is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. I know, I know I rock!!

Last but certainly not least, my 4th and final award is from Yonca over at Yonca is cooking. Thank you for this award. I really try hard to make sure I visit all of my favorite sites everyday, while still working 2 jobs and visiting new sites each and everyday. I'm a busy girl, I know!!

So I am supposed to pass all these awards, something I just can't possibly do. This post would go on for days, and I'm sure I've lost followers already from having to read this. I'm making up for lost days here people. So please bare with me. So these awards I am passing on to all of my readers and followers. Pick an award and take it. You all deserve them as much as I do!

So some good news before I end this long and drawn out post. Damn it Lisa, end this already will you? The good thing is, my Blackberry hasn't been vibrating in over a month. It sucks royally because I never know if someone has sent me a text message unless I check my phone.Well how is that good, you ask? Well, Since I'm not even a year into my contract and I didn't buy the insurance I totally thought I was going to have to buy a new phone. So I went into the T-mobile store on Sunday ready to spend $250 on a phone I didn't even like, but it was the cheapest they had only to find out my phones still under the manufactures warranty. Yay me!! So Blackberry is sending me a new phone! Well a refurbished phone, but who cares, I just saved $250. I should receive it in 7 to 10 days. So that was refreshing, even though I was at the T-mobile store for 2hrs on Sunday.

So that was my crazy weekend to which I still have not recovered from. Those are just the major events, of course, if it doesn't seem hectic to you then well I don't care. It was for me. =)

Longing for some real sleep and the heat to just go away! Bring on the rain!
Come on Rockstar Coffee Light Vanilla 15 oz drink, kick in already.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quirky Bags

So my $15 sewing machine buy, didn't work out as planned. Poor me right? Well I think it was user error as the machine just wouldn't stop jamming in the bobbin area. I got so frustrated I just went out and bought a cheap machine from Walmart that had DVD in it. Anyway, thank you DVD, because I now know of to sew! I love this cheap machine, it works great and has a user light!

I haven't decided if I'm going to return the new sewing machine and use the $15 one now that I know how to sew and I figure it won't jam on me, or if I'm going to give it to my neighbor. I don't know what to do.

Anyway, what is a Quirky Bag? Well it's what I'm calling my line of re-usable snack and Veggie / Fruit bags. No more wasting plastic bags when buying fruit and veggies from the store or farmers market. No more wasting bags on snacks for kids lunches or car rides. So why Quirky bags as a name? I'm calling them that because they are well quirky. I haven't perfected the straight line and the bags are kinda uneven and not to mention the stitches are wierd in some places. I like how the bottoms of some are thinner and then get wider towards the top, or some are slightly slanted. This was not done on purpose, I'm just learning, but I love the look. Therefore Quirky bags was born. I'm going patent that name, so don't try to steal it, please.

How cute are these? I bought the fabric for only 1.50 a yard a Walmart. You can't beat that. The inside is lined with like a smooth silky almost nylon material that is super easy to clean. That's velcro people so you can keep your contents sealed. They were so easy to make and came out so good, you would have thought I'd been sewing for years and I've never touched a machine. Not to mention they take like no time at all to make!!

If I can do this, then so can you. Do you like em? I just purchased lime green with pink polka dots and the inside will be a bright yellow. I can't wait to make those. The BF had me purchase a fish material to make him some bags he can use in his car to store loose change and other stuff. I'm going to be a busy bee as I was sewing all day yesterday and ignored my blog and comments to everyone. I'm sorry, you just have no idea how much fun this is.

Loving sewing, can't wait to make more!! BTW these pictures are from my blackberry phone and do not do the bags justice. They are way cuter in person!!

PS: Bunny update. This morning the bunny was sleeping on my lawn. She is so cute, I've named her LOLA. We fed her two carrots this morning and she ate them. I feel so bad that she's out in the cold mornings and hot afternoons, but then again she's been living like this for years. It's just strange how all of a sudden she out and about. She's just way to friendly to be a wild bunny. I don't know what to do.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Salty Water Colors, Sewing Maching and Invasion of the WHAT?

So last night was very eventful for me. After the long 2 hr hot commute home, Seriously people learn to drive, I ate a quick dinner (re-heated pasta) and headed out with D to go see a sewing machine. I've been wanting one for so long now but have never even used one to justify paying $100 for it. I scored big time. I got this professional sewing machine and a ton of accessories for only $15 off craigslist. The best part, the lady Beth lived only blocks from my house. Beth was trained professionally to clean and repair sewing machines. She was also a sewing teacher. This was her personal machine and she kept really good care of it. She even showed us how to use it and sewed on one of her nice linen napkins to show me it works. The only think I need to do is get the machine oiled, that's why it was so cheap. Can you believe this deal? She would have oiled it for me, but she didn't have any oil left. The great thing is the sewing machine repair shop is 5 minutes away from my house. I'm so there as soon as it opens.

So here it is in all it's glory. I can't wait to make my "green" snack bags and Halloween candy bags for the kids to carry when they trick or treat. I just have to remember how to use it and thread it. Hopefully it's as easy to use as it seems.

Check out all these accessories, to which I have no clue what to do with. But it's so cool!!

Salty Water Colors, what? When I was looking at blogs yesterday I came across the blog The Artful Parent and a wonderful art project she had some kids do in an art class. After I had seen her pictures I thought to myself, I HAVE TO TRY THIS. These look amazing!! So here is my Salty Watercolor in all it's glory. Hey I think it came out wonderful and I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my fish themed bathroom. Do you like it? Visit her site to learn how this was made.

Finally, if you haven't read my post from last month Invasion of the...., then this probably won't be funny or crazy to you. If you have read it than seriously can you believe this? What are we going to find next? This so wouldn't have happened to us living in the city. So THIS has been running around the neighborhood, and last night it was chasing me. Literally chasing me around the driveway. Then it tried to get in the garage and chase the BF. Don't get me wrong he/she is really friendly. It's a BUNNY RABBIT. A sweet and friendly rabbit. Hoping from lawn to lawn chasing the kids in the court. I guess this is better than some nasty rodent or bug. I tried to feed it carrots last night but it didn't want to eat it. It just kept eating our grass, not very nice cute little Bunny. It's a wild bunny, but I've never seen a wild bunny this friendly before. I hope no one runs it over as that would just be sad. We can't capture it because it's been living in the neighbors back yard for years and it just now decided to venture out and we feel it would be mean to capture it or take it to the Humane Society where they probably would put it to sleep. So we all are just driving a little more carefully through the court.

So that was my very eventful night. Was yours as eventful as mine?