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Tuesday, August 4, 2009



It's that time of the year again, football starts this Sunday. I know it's only pre-season games but I am already excited. The best thing about football, well at least to me, is that it is actually a very entertaining sport. Take TO, in the picture above. I saw this game and it was hilarious as he jumped into the crowd grabbed some random fans popcorn and ate it. Games are played twice a week and it really gives you something to look forward to, unlike baseball which is on practically every night. And yes, who doesn't love the Superbowl and the parties that come with it.

What's your favorite part of football season? Do you love it, or hate it? Who's your Favorite team, show them some love?


So I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. No I'm not from Seattle, I just think Seattle is a great city and if I were to live anywhere else beside California it would be in Seattle.

Now my BF, he is a die hard Cowboys fan. When I say die hard, I mean die hard. On Game day, the cowboys flag goes up on the flag pole in front of our house and the sh** talking starts. Our neighbors have threatened to shoot the flag with paintballs, 49er fans, what do you expect. LOL

He is such a huge fan. he even corrupted the boy and converted him into being an "in the closet" cowboys fan. He won't admit it to his friends as they all like the Raiders, but at home he's a cowboys fan. Check out the shirt and hat my son is wearing! I think they are actually watching a cowboys game. I also think he bribed the boy with that candy just so he would wear that outfit, sit with him and annoy me.

THE DILEMMA - The BF REALLY wants me to convert to a Cowboys fan. I'm not a die hard Seahawks fan, but that's my team. I'm a faithful person, but this year I don't know if I can take the Sh** talking. If you don't know already the Seahawks are not the best team out there.

So should we remain a household divided or should I break down and "step into the dark side?" and become a household united?

So I need your votes!
I've set up a POLL on my side bar (right side bar, right under I DONT HATE COMMENTS Button) for you to vote.

United (I convert to being a cowboy fan)
Divided (I stand my ground and remain a faithful Seahawks fan).

Feel free to comment here in regards to what you think about the whole situation, but don't forget to vote.

The Seahawks play the Cowboys this year on Thanksgiving, will my household be at War or at Peace?

I do have to toot the Seahawks horn as two years ago when the played the Cowboys in the play offs, Romo "pulled the GOAT" by fumbling with the ball which made the kicker miss the winning field goal. So the Seahawks, yes knocked the Cowboys out of the play offs. They smashed the Cowboys superbowl dreams that year. I heard crickets that day in my house. I was however kind, as I just smiled. In my heart I couldn't rub it in the BF's face, I just felt sorry for him and his losing team. LOL Even though if his team had won, I would never have heard the end of it.

Once the season starts I will be posting a new Poll every Tuesday regarding the Monday night football game and who you think is going to win. So all you football fans, don't forget to stop by on Tuesdays to cast your vote for the following Monday night game and to catch the previous weeks results.

Good Luck to all your Favorite teams, may the best team be crowned CHAMPION!

Would normally I would end this with: GO (insert team name here) but I don't have a team yet, until YOU vote.


Momma Such said...

Hello! I'm following you from MBC! :)

Momma Such said...

I voted! However, I'm not much of a football fan! But, when I was younger I rooted for the Cowboys! :)

Multiple personalities.. said...

Hmm, that's a tough one. I actually converted from being a Cowboys fan to being a Baltimore Ravens fan when I moved out here. And this is a SERIOUS football town, so I felt outnumbered and succumbed to the pressure *SIGH* But then again, the Ravens are a pretty good team, despite the drama that's plagued them the past couple of years. My vote is this: go with your gut. Or, try to balance it: when the Cowboys are playing, root for them, and the same for when Seattle is playing. Now if they play each other, then maybe you could be the neutral one who just makes sure everyone has food and beer and doesn't throw things at the TV.

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

Well, I am a NY Giants fan!!! Go Big Blue -- so you KNOW I am gonna go with YOU!! Stick with Seattle. I.HATE.THE.COWBOYS!!!!!

I voted. Thanks for stopping by my blog... and leaving a comment. I really like your blog, you have a great sense of humor.

And good luck with the Rachael Ray giveaway... that is if I DON'T WIN!!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Make the season (and your household) a little more exciting. Definitely stay where your heart is. GO Seattle Seahawks! May the best man (or woman) win!!!

thatdesigngal said...

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and for your very kind words! I look forward to following your blog and keeping up with your dilemmas! Cowboys or Seahawks, hmmm...

Well honestly- I'm a soccer fan, but the fiance is a diehard Cowboys fan. So technically I am one too. But I honestly couldn't care less. So, for our purposes here-- "Go Seahawks!!" *wink* He'll never know right?! :-)

Lata, love your blog!

JennyMac said...

Oh, another girl who can talk football. I love it. I am from Seattle, am a Seahawks fan, but we live in Atlanta. NOT a Falcons fan despite season tickets. Believe me, my hub would rather go with his boys/dad/bro ANY day. GO SEATTLE! Of course, I had to cast a vote for them. I havent liked the Cowboys since Troy Aikman left. LOL.

Doug and Rebecca said...

I voted to stay divided, but at the same time you should stay supportive of the hubby! Root for the Cowboys...unless Seattle is playing! You can make the competition fun at Thanksgiving by decorating half the room for the Seahawks and half for the Cowboys. Play it up...but keep it light. I know that my honey gets a little grumpy when his team is behind. That's usually not the time to be pulling out the lemon juice to pour on the wound!

Have a great day!

natalee said...

Lisa.. I can't believe its football season already.. My husband has season Jets tix so.. Bu Bye dear Hubby... I say Sea Hawks girl Sea Hawks.. Natalee

Vodka Logic said...

I dont mind football too much. But I am a widow for sure.

I say stay devoted to Seattle but in our house it is NE Patriots all the way. xx

Mikki Black said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You know what's worse than crying on your 30th birthday? The stylist finding your first gray hair while you're treating yourself to a day of pampering on your birthday.

As to your post: I find I truly enjoy the rivalry on football day! We wear our separate colors, talk trash, and the winner gets a year of guilt-free strutting and bragging. Good times.

Lisa Anne said...



Also give your own favorite team a hout out if you want!! It's football ladies we need to be louder than this!!

Yaya said...

I love having 3 columns on my blog too!

PS Thank you for stopping by my guest post at Amy's the other day!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Yay! I love the new look, it's great! And I'm definitely gonna check Indie Chick's blog, I'd love one of those contact me buttons. :-)

thatdesigngal said...

Hey! I'm sorry that you didn't get to play soccer in college, I only played a year before I got hurt.

I don't know why everyone loves the Cowboys?! Very good question. And I don't have an answer for you. Hmmm...

Have a great one!!

ModernMom said...

Oh I am trying so hard to get into football! My Hubby Love LOVES it! I can get into the great names and the tight pants..other than that I am struggling! LOL I think I learned a few things just reading through your post!
You have a great blog here!

Lady Di said...

The new set up is very nice. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the dilemma, I don't watch sports (GASP), AND my husband doesn't either (DOUBLE GASP). He played football in high school and he'll go to a game every now and then with his brothers but that's about it.