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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time to ROCK and ROLL, Goodwill Style

What's better then picking up some really great used items for next to nothing at the Goodwill or garage sale? Getting some really great used items for FREE BABY! My neighbor D gave me this really cool organization unit with cute fabric pull out boxes to use for my sewing. My sewing machine previous to this organization renovation, I can call it that, shoot it is my blog. Anyway was taking over my kitchen table, UNTIL NOW!

Back story:
We have a loft in our house that we use for our office. I have a desk, the BF has a desk and the Boy has his own desk (They all match too, aren't we just the cutest family?) The Boy's desk has a flat surface where mine has a shelf in the back and the BF's desk is a corner towered unit. So I asked the boy if I could take over his desk to use as a sewing table. I knew I had to do something that my time of taking over the kitchen table was soon to run out as the BF is a clean and organization freak. But we love him, cause if he wasn't our house would probably be a mess of chaos. So I asked the Boy and Of course to be a brat he said "no" then seconds later he was like "I don't care." Whoo Hoo for me, Sewing / Arts and Crafts studio here I come.

That conversation took place over the weekend, you'd think the enthusiasm would have gotten me to do this sooner. Nope, I've been tired and sick people, don't you read my blog. If not you should be, I'm a talented writer. Didn't you see my award for best scribbler or something like that? So I finally got the bug up my butt to actually go upstairs and convert the loft into a usable office and arts and crafts shared space yesterday.

TAAAADAAAAAAAA!!! Here are the pictures of just my area of the loft, (sorry Boy I pretty much took over both desks, Mommy shares though.)

This is my office desk before I organized it. You can see how it would not be ideal for sewing because of the attached shelf in the back.

And this is how the office desk came out after I cleaned it all up. The Boy and I will share this desk. I rarely use this desk to do real "work" so it won't be a big deal for me to share.

This was the Boy's desk kinda before I turned it into my sewing area. The shelf is just a mess from him pulling out arts and crafts and just not putting anything away. Kids! See that cute light brown thing under the desk, YUP that's my FREE SCORE from D the neighbor. Yeah, we both know, she ROCKS!! WELCOME to my new Sewing and Arts and Crafts station. You have to love "BINS and a LABEL MAKER" Everything has a place and is in it's place. The lamp is turned because it's drying a new salty water color I had decided to make while cleaning. Hey I told ya'll I have ADD I can't just clean and not do something else. Plus can you organize all your arts and crafts without coming up with some new arts and crafts idea? I can't! I just love how that worked out though using the top of the bookshelf as a space to dry my art. Oh and the cute hook I put on the wall to hang all my Quirkey bags!!

So A (my other neighbor) and I went Goodwill hunting yesterday. No not the movie, we went to the actual Goodwill. I was on a mission to find new treasures for my new Sewing/Arts and Crafts studio. Check out what I found, I couldn't believe I randomly found these items that actually matched. No they were not in the same area, I just got lucky. I'm smooth like that! How cute is this lamp? $5.99 and it came with a working light bulb. I love this lamp, absolutely love it. Check out those two things. I think they are candle holders, I don't know but now they are used to hold my sewing supplies. My pin cushion fits perfectly in that cup. Oh yeah and the frame, hello it matches perfectly to the cups, each one was only $2.99. I found 2 frames, double the score. I don't like the salty water color that is in the frame so I'm going to change it out. Doesn't it look like worms? I want to turn it into a sign that says Lisa's Sewing Studio or Yes I'm open, I don't know yet. Any Suggestions? Nice score for me at the Goodwill. I want to go back, they have so many great items, I think I may be addicted!

So that was part of my day yesterday besides working. I hope you enjoy looking at my newly renovated Loft area of my home. I know I love it and can't wait to share all the great wonderful projects I create!


MiMi said...

I'm jealous! I want a craft/sewing station... : )
About a giveaway...you can go to random.org to put in the numbers and have it pick one for ya.
I have no idea though how to do the rest unless you had people leave a comment to let you know they're in, leave one to let you know they're a follower, etc. Otherwise, it would get TOO confusing having to figure it all out! That's why I haven't done one, I'm askeered. : )

Audra said...

That is adorable! I know how good it feels to finally clean and organize a space that you've been avoiding... very liberating!

Connie K said...

That's great you found stuff to match !! I love that fact you have a whole craft loft !! I have a den that i am slowly taking over (lol) the hubby dont know it yet!!(lol) but i always have to put my sewing stuff away if not i take over the pool table that we paid so much for and we hardly even use it anymore and after 3 or 4 days of all my stuff being out my hubbys says what happen to my pool table !! ugh so your lucky girl you have your very own place to create :) Love it:)

Krimmyk said...

You make me laugh when I read your blog, so YES you are ROCKSTAR baby!!! And love the lamp!!

Heather said...

Cute. And yes it does look like worms. I thought it was something your little man had made for you. The open sign sounds like a great idea.

yonca said...

OMG! Your 'Sewing and Art&Craft Station is absulately perfect!. Looks so neat! Love the lamp..It's cute though :-)

Vodka Logic said...

VEry cool. I wish I had room for an office/craft place..but then again something else to clean.


Amy said...

It looks amazing... Great finds. I love the lamp.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Nice work! Can you come organize my house???

thatdesigngal said...

Congrats! I feel ya. I have been taking up residence on the dining room table for all of my crafts, and then I have to keep putting everything away. I can't wait until the new house because there is a room just for me!! All for my crafts and the home of the treadmill, which he has not bothered to step foot on. So I will have to keep it all organized, but I think that I can handle that... hmm. hopefully.

Lisa Anne said...

Someone tagged this post LAME, but no one made a negative comment. WHoever thinks organizing is LAME, you're RIGHT!! Sorry if this bored you!! hopefully my other posts won't be so LAME!

Linda Benson said...

Lisa Anne, you don't have a lame bone in your body! Somebody must have bumped their elbow as they were typing (lol) . . .love your 'area' -- covet it -- want one of my one -- I am too squished! ;)