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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spreading the smile!!

Frugal Mom sure knows best!! http://www.frugalmomknowsbest.com/. Stop it, I know what you are thinking. Come on already, this is getting really annoying, I'll figure it out one day, how to link the address. I will, I promise! Seriously. Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Frugal Mom sure knows best!! She has created this wonderful meme (what does that mean? I'm new to this people, bare with me). Spreading the smile, one blog at a time!! Beside spreading smiles, Vicki's blog also has great freebies, giveaways and over all some pretty awesome posts. You have to visit her, follow her even!! I give her 2 thumbs up. That's like a ten out of ten people, I only have 2 thumbs!!

Vicki, "hopes that we all have at least one nice thing to say to at least one person. One genuine, nice thing that might make them smile. Or even maybe something to thank them for. Let's spread the smile to as many faces as possible."

Because I'm about the nicest person anyone could ever possibly meet (teee heee! devil horns), she has passed this on to me. She knows I have so much happiness and kindness over flowing out of my bones that if I don't share it, I'll just explode.

So I'm spreading the happiness. There's no rules here, just spread the joy to whomever you think needs it, deserves it or doesn't deserve it. Whatever the reason, lets just make someone else smile today. We all know a little smile goes a long way and can make even the worst of days disappear, even for a moment, when we smile.

(blowing the fairy dust)

1) http://toddlerawesome.blogspot.com/ - Your patience with my indecisiveness in regards to designing my blog is uncanny. You really know the definition to customer satisfaction. You make miracles happen, and without you my blog would be plain and boring. So Thank You!

2) http://mamaswithdrama.blogspot.com/ - I get a smile whenever I read your blog, therefore you deserve a smile back for all the hard work you put into your posts. They truly are great!!

3) http://pocketfulofbliss.blogspot.com/ - You're a faithful blogger, I love your signature and your posts are just refreshing. You make me smile everyday, so right back at you!!

So If I didn't spread the smiles to you, it's not because I don't think you are worthy as you all are worthy. I've just been spreading awards and tags like crazy these past few days and I don't want to annoy people. There's only so many people I know on here and If I've missed passing something along to you, I'm sorry, I'll get you next time I promise!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Girl, you are too sweet! Thanks for this, it's so awesome that you thought of me. I love smiles, love giving 'em, love receiving 'em. You're a doll! And a fabulous one at that! :-)

Amy said...

Thanks Lisa - for the smile! I needed it today.