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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sell out? Or Believer?

So last night I watched the movie, my sisters keeper, after just recently finishing the book. As some of you may or may not know the ending is nothing like the book. If you've read the book, I think you will agree that the ending, is what makes the book the masterpiece that it is.

Don't worry I'm not going into details of the book or movie, because I don't want to spoil it for those of you who have not read the book. If you saw the movie but didn't read the book, READ the book. They are nothing alike, you will be amazed.

So anyway. Does anyone else wonder why, when a book is turned into a movie, they change so many things? I'm talking about big things, like the ending of the book, and small things, like the age of Anna. I don't want to spoil anything with specific examples but the movie was far off from the book. It didn't focus on the court case at all. It didn't go into any of the characters like the brother Jessie, the Lawyer Campbell and Julia. Even the roll the sister played was way off.
I don't want the length of the movie be the reason to change the entire story line either. I mean hello Harry Potter, was what 3 plus hrs long. This book was really good and could hold your attention for 3hrs if done like the book
So there were some similarities, but for what it's worth, they weren't the important parts of the book. I mean yeah, Kate is sick, Anna doesn't want to help her, that all is the same. Surprisingly the boyfriend part of the movie also ties to the book, except the part after prom. To me none of that matters, because it's all about the court case and the build up to the shocking end. Anna's testimony and the last two chapters of the book. Without all the filler in the middle, the end wouldn't have been as great as it was. It left my mouth wide open, I couldn't even cry because I was in shock.
Don't get me wrong, the movie for what it was was good. I shed tears, I won't lie, but if you are watching the movie because you really loved the book, you will be very disappointed, pissed off even like me.
So, this morning I wanted to email Jodi Picoult and ask why she would even let her book be associated with this movie, and I guess many other fans have already "called her out!" As this note was on her web page.

Yes, I know the ending is different. Yes, I know some of you are very upset. I didn’t change it. The author has no control over the movie, and it was hard for me to accept too. However, there’s a great deal in the movie that I think is great, and I enjoyed watching it - and I hope you did too. Please don’t email me asking me why I changed the ending, or “let” Hollywood do that - it wasn’t something I had any control over.

So do you agree with her? Do you really think she had absolutely no say in how HER book was portrayed on film? She didn't have to sell the rights to the book, you know. And when she did sell the rights, knowing how movies can murder books, she could have sold it with the specific terms of matching the story.

Or is this just an excuse, and she didn't really care how the book was portrayed after all, as it was all for the money?

I really want to read her next book Handle With Care, but now I don't know. I don't like people who sell out their GREAT work for money

Let me know what you think, by VOTING IN MY POLL. Right sidebar labeled SELL OUT OR BELIEVER.

Hoping The Time Travelers Wife movie, doesn't make these same mistakes


Susan said...

I almost never read a book and watch the movie. I will do one or the other but I get so annoyed as to why things rarely line up at all, so I don't bother :)

Emma Hughes said...

I never like the movie as much as the book if i have read the book first... and i never like the book as much as the movie if ive seen the movie first!

Ive given you an award by the way over at my blog :)

JennyMac said...

I have never read Jodi Picoult..perhaps I should start. I voted AGAIN for Seahawks! But you knew I would.

Amy said...

I love the book and it was a shocker. I did not watch the movie though. Maybe some day. I am not sure what happens to books and movies.

Ashylee said...

I loved the book and the movie.. I was disappointed that the movie was changed but i believe they did a good job on the movie. I know Jodi didn't change the ending and i don't blame her for it.. if anything, people should blame hollywood for changing it.

Anonymous said...

the book was way better then the movie! i was upset about the movie but not to the degree of being mad of a amazing writer, if anything i believe she has the right to do whatever she wants with the book if she sold her rights to hollywood thats on her but i guraenttee it was not about the money her payroll is probably better then what any of us will see!

Lisa Anne said...

My first Anonymous comment. I love it. I value your comments and opinions, I'm not mad at her, i'm just mad that they didn't even try to make the movie like the book. I'm just mad that such an amazing book was horribly put into a movie.

and who knows, I've seen some really great blogs on here and wouldn't be suprised if some of these blogs were made into books or even a movie. Even then I have faith these blogger moms would want their movie to represent themselves and their blogs the proper way, not the way Hollywood wants it to be.

This is why people have serious weight issues, because everyone listens to what Hollywood thinks is right, and sometimes, most of the time, they just get it wrong.

Anyway, all comments welcome, I don't anyone for disagreeing with me and what I post. I respect everyone's opinions and feelings!

Vodka Logic said...

I have read her books before but not this one, nor have I seen the movie, but how can an author sell their book to hollywood and then have NO control over it..that in and of itself is a sell out.

So I vote sell out.

~Jamie said...

I am cool with them changing the general ideas of the book to make the movie work, but I hate when they change major plot points! Ugh that's just so frustrating!

Transparent Mama said...

I know, I am a little scared to see the Time Traveler's Wife for that reason, but the casting looks great.

celyn said...

Lisa, let me borrow the book. Saw the movie last month never read the book, just want to read the ending. Time Travelers Wife was an awsome book read it years ago. The movie will surely disappoint.

As for the person who commented on Authors who sell their stories to Hollywood being sell outs, I totally disagree. You write books to earn money. Playwrites/Screenwriters do the same things. If you have a good premisis why not use it. There is no need to color in between the lines all the time!!!

Creative license people!! Drawing with your opposite hand does not necessarily make art better or worse.


Lisa's Older more wise Sister.

Lisa Anne said...

Come grab the book before D takes it. She did sell out. Just wait till you read the book. The story line is not even close to the book. The movie should have been given a different name. If you even slightly like the movie, you'll love love the book.

You won't cry reading the book though like you did the movie. The ending will leave your mouth open and drool hanging from your lip. Tears might flow during the last few pages!!