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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Baby's Growing up..... tear, tear....sigh, sigh....

So I was checking my email and found this in my inbox:

skooter11 has left a new comment on your post "Invasion of the.........":

nice blog thanks for visting mine cheers yay its a perfect day nothings standing in my way.

Yes that is my 9yr old son, he's learning how to blog and return comments. I thought this was so funny, he's just growing up so fast.

He keeps singing "its a perfect day nothings standing in my way"

Where is that from, anyone know?

Wishing he was 3yrs old again.


Anonymous said...

I think the song is called Perfect Day by Hoku. I'm pretty sure it's in Legally Blonde. :)Apparently it's also in Sandals and Penney's commercials.

Amy said...

What a sweet boy you have. Have a great night.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Holy moley! This kid of yours is quite the techie, learning to blog at such a young age. That just rocks! I'm gonna have to look more into this club Penguin thing so I can show it to my boy, who will be 9 in October. Thanks for sharing this mama!

jennie.newland said...

Wow he is growing up! You should tell us his URL so we can go read his blog I bet it is too cute! I think that song is at the beginning of Legally Blonde! Its a good song. Talk to you later

Krimmyk said...

It is on the Sandals family resort commercials

Connie K said...

OMGosh !! Too cute ! wow his blog :) sweet. Thanks for stoping bye my Blog. Cant wait to start reading yours :)

Kelly said...

So cute! I want to add that to my email signature now!

Vodka Logic said...

They are so tech savy now a day..My kids laugh when I say we had punch cards in the computers when I was in high school.

Eileen said...

Thanks for he comment on my blog. Unfortunaely I can't remember what the name of the store was where I bought the training chopsticks. It was on one of the side streets off of Fourth Street, right by the Crate & Barrel Outlet and CB2. It's a store devoted to kitchen gadgets. They have cast iron pots in many colors in their window display. It is across from restaurants and to he left of a flower shop. They are right by the register. You can't miss them. Sorry I can't remember the name.

Angela said...

How cute is that? It seems like they're in diapers one day and ruling the world the next.

Love your blog, full of great fun and entertaining stuff!

I read "My Sister's Keeper" within the last year and I swear I've recommended it to everyone I've talked to, well you know what I mean. I can't wait until you finish it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Angela from Angela's Soliloquy

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