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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paper Madness!!

As you know my creative side, or not so creative side has been a brewing away lately. I've been on a chalkboard kick and tonight I wanted to shake things up a bit. Ohhh I'm such a dare devil.

I'm constantly on the look out for great DIY Green projects or any other really cool Arts and Crafts projects for that matter. During my journey of Craft exploration I came across this really great blog called Use Your Stash and was inspired buy this weeks post as they really know how to get your creativity pot boiling.

This weeks project is to make your own paper designs. They have a couple of great examples posted on their blog so I thought I would take my inspiration from those examples, since I had no clue what to even do or what they even meant by make your own paper designs. I think that is the best thing about this site. You know, it's great for those of use who inspire to be creative, but are challenged, and just need that little visual boost to get them going. I'm a visual person so I need examples. THANK YOU!!

Most of the examples looked like cards to me. So I had an IKEA moment and it dawned on me that I wanted to create something I could frame and hang in the house. You know how in Ikea's frame section you can buy cool postcards and frame them. I wanted to do that, with my own art.

So here is what I made, I can't wait to hit up the $1 store to find 3 great frames to place them in. Oh or even one long frame where I can put all 3 in it and matte it. Yeah that would be so cool . The theme is Fall inspired, so it should fit in nicely somewhere in my house since summer is coming to an end.

My Baby starts the 4th grade today, he's so excited. He is in a split 4th and 5th grade class. I'm worried because I know he is going to cling to the older kids, which aides in his growing up much faster then I would like.

Anyway back on track here, I found these really cool 3d stickers of owls and Fall theme flowers and signs. I wanted to use these as I knew they would give the picture a more 3 dimensional look as I didn't want it to look too 2 dimensional.

These pictures do not give this any justice, as they are so cute in person.

I hope you like them and I hope it inspires you to bust out any scrap paper you have and design your own art work, just as Use Your Stash did for me!! If you know of any other great sites that could stir up my creativity pot, please let me know as I would love to frequent them often.

Becoming more creative everyday!


Multiple personalities.. said...

These are great! I'm a scrapbooking nut so I always have all this paper lying around, and this would be another great way to use them. I'm thinking that Christmas is right around the corner, and I think Jer and I can start on some Christmas decor early with this idea. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Lisa Anne said...

Yeah that would great to make either ornaments (you can buy little pieces of wood at Michaels for less than a dollar and then use the wood as your "frame" to create your designs on.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful.

:::vists from SITS:::

Audra said...

How precious! I'm a BIG scrapbooker, so I love these!

Also, thanks for stopping by today!


supah ~d said...

I sooo looked at his hair.. and yet still.. I remain confused. Seriously. I need to make a flow chart.

How about you include that with your reviewy?? lol

I have a freind who makes the most beautiful stuff.. but she hasn't updated in a while (4 kids, new one is 6months) but back log through her stuff.. it's really good stuff.


jennie.newland said...

Man you are killing me with the creativity! I am so jealous because all I can make is a mess! Keep up the good work, its all very beautiful!

AquarianJwl said...

Thanks for stopping by. :) I'm glad you like my new piece as much as I do. I will be putting it up on Etsy soon. I will announce it when I finally get my store up and running. :)


Amy said...

I do like these. I think they are great. These would be great teacher's gifts for your boy to take to school...

confused homemaker said...

those are great, i love the little owls on them.

Momma Such said...

Wow, they look great! I really like them! :) My oldest starts 4th grade this year. I'm not sure why, but it feels like this year he is officially growing up to fast!!!! I have one starting Kindy and one starting pre-school too! To much in one year for Mommy!

thatdesigngal said...

Very cute! I like!