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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular

I went on a Halloween frenzy this weekend. I spent my entire Saturday (except for the morning when I took The Boy to bowling) making all of this!!

Halloween Advent Calendar

I wanted to use my stash on hand and not buy anything. I got this wonderful idea from Crafty Chicks. She created this wonderful Halloween Countdown Calendar for her kids. Check out her blog, she has so many amazing easy crafts. I put a spin on mine as hers is magnetic. I just wanted to use up the stuff I had on hand because I'm frugal like that. Okay so I know, it's not Spooktacular. I'm sorry but it was the best I could do with the materials I had on hand? I mean all the crafts turned out okay, right?

The cute paper is from Michaels, I took it out of the paper pack I purchased to make my Halloween Treat boxes. I gotta get my $7.99 worth right? The stickers I had purchased from Michaels awhile back. I think they were $3.99, but you know me I had my 50% off coupon. The big pink things, those are circle punches I borrowed from my crafty scrappin booking neighbor. Thank You!! Without those punches it would have been very hard to make this calendar.

Step 1 - Punch out all of your circles. You also need two plain pieces of paper, I had some resume paper on hand (bright orange and yellow (not pictured)) to use as the larger circles. It's important to have this 2nd circle to make the picture pop off the green spooky paper. As you can see from the picture below some of the pictures blend with the background. BOOOO. lol

Step 2 - You want to glue the smaller circles (the scary pictures) onto the larger solid color circles. Than you write the numbers on each of the circles. IMPORTANT - When gluing the circles down to your background paper, only place the glue (I used double sided tape) on the bottom and sides of the circle (your two circles should be completely glued together, this is only when you glue them to the background). DO NOT GLUE THE TOP. You need to leave the top unglued so you can move the ribbon to the proper day every morning.

What the Heck are you talking about crazy lady? Keep on reading and you see what I mean.

Step 3 - Then I used this other cool hole punch I borrowed from D and hole punched the corner of the paper to feed through the Halloween Ribbon I used on the treat boxes. Tie the ribbon into a bow, but be careful not to rip the paper.

Step 4- Place any stickers you wish on your calendar to give it more flair.

Step 5 - Cut a piece of ribbon to use as your marker for each day! Everyday you pull the ribbon out (say today is the 2nd) of the previous day (as shown below) and move it to number 2.

Step 5 - Use ribbon to create a handle so you can hang it where ever you want. I just cut the Halloween ribbon and taped it to the back of the background.

Enjoy your new Advent Calendar! I wrote Happy Halloween down on the 31st.

Ummm HELLO LISA!! What is an Advent Calendar without the YUMMY Chocolate you are supposed to get everyday?

Patience People, Patience.

Again I wanted to use my stash on hand.

Here's how I made my cute little candy jar to go with the calendar. You can use anything you want, I was just in the mood to be "crafty!"I took some more of that wonderful paper I purchased from Michaels, some cute orange ribbon I had on hand and an empty crystal light container which just so happened to have a cute orange top. You will also need a hot glue gun.

Step one - measure and wrap the paper all the way around the container (I kept the lid on so it would close without crushing the paper.) Use your hot glue gun to secure the paper around the container.

Step two - If you used solid paper like I did then you will want to decorate it. I used a cute sticker of a witch and an owl.

Step three - Tie the ribbon around the canister and fill with 31 pieces of candy or small little toys.

Instant Advent Candy Jar

Now you are ready to count down the days until Halloween!!

What was that? You thought I was done writing. Oh no no no no no!! I'm not done, I told you this was a Halloween Spooktacular.

Next up, Mummy Gum. Yup Mummy Gum. I think they look more like Ghosts, but you can call them whatever you want.

They were a kinda pain to make, however they are cute though so I wanted to share. Plus who knows you might have an easier way of making them. I got this idea from Be Different act Normal's blog.

I purchased some packets of gum at Walmart, and tore up an old pillowcase. I could have just used white medical tape would have been way faster and easier, but again I was using what I had on hand. Just hot glue gun the strips of pillow case around the gum packets and add the eye balls. I think the pillowcase looks more real than the tape!!

Viola, Mummy or Ghost gum! I think I will hand these out to the kids with their treat boxes!

Are you done yet? Cause seriously you're boring me. LOL NO NO NO NO, NOT YET.

I also decorated my house and wanted to share with you my little cemetery scene. It's not spooktacular, but I like it when the lights are out it's so cool!

Thanks for reading my super long Halloween Spooktacular post!

(Feel free to steal any ideas from my blog and create your own crafts. However if you blog about it, be a sweetie and link up to my blog. I'd share the love if I stole from your blog) =)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's Football Tracker Week 3

So I know a lot of you don't like football or just don't even watch it. That's okay, I've got more than just football going one here. I mean who doesn't like funny commercials, celebrity gossip, or my special today, a FASHION SHOW. There is more to football than just watching guys tackle eachother on the field. lol

OKAY, so I have to start this week off with...

OMG did you see the Seahawks jerseys? OMG they were bright NEON GREEN (instead of the normal greyish blue and or white) and I LOVED IT. Talk about a way to ploy your wins by blinding the other team. lol YEP it was that bright!! So sports critics are saying they look like bile and snot. Even the BF was like those are ugly. I love it!! Even their mascot had the jersey on and the cheerleaders I mean It's bright, but I like it!!

How many teams do you know hold and ACTUAL FASHION SHOW, at their stadium to show off their uniforms. lol

What do you think?

Now you must remember the Seahwaks have die hard loud fans. When they play at home, Seahawks fans are so loud that they've been deemed the 12th man as the defense is unable to hear the snap and often are called offsides when the Seahawks are on offense. I think the new jerseys will become their 13th man. Now they are taking it to the fans to VOTE on their website for what color helmet they will sport next year. BLUE or Silver. If you are a Seahawks fan, go and VOTE!!

So did the jersey help the Seahawks to win this week? NO, but that's okay maybe next week. GO 13th MAN!!

Now off to the Monday Night Game - Did you vote for the winning team?

What a great turn out for votes this week. I'm so surprised, I guess it helps to have the poll at the top of my blog, we more than double the votes of last week. WHOOT WHOOT.

So how did you do this week? Looks like the Cowboys received the most votes, can you blame them?

The winner was...............................................................................................................But of course!!


So who will win this coming Monday Night? October 5th?

Green Bay Packers VS Minnesota Vikings?

They are playing at Minnesota. My bad, thanks for the correction Happy Mama!

I don't know much of anything about either of these teams. Do you? I do like the Vikings Purple Uniforms though!! LOL I think I'm going to vote for the Vikings, I like the color purple, so that's why I am voting for them. I'm such a Girl I know!

And now for your Tuesday Football Commercial of the week...This one is for the BF...LOVE YOU! I wanted the commercial of Romo as a receptionist, but couldn't find it. I thought YouTube had everything. I guess I was wrong. Come one People where are the funny football commercials. I know you are out there!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

George, no not George of the Jungle.

It came and it came so quickly too. Do you remember my post regarding my 100th Follower MAMA MEL? If not go read it!


Anyway Mama Mel sent me my Monkey, I named him George, and he is even cuter in person then the picture in my post!! You totally have to get order one of these from her ETSY sight. I've never met Mama Mel, I don't know her, so don't think I'm trying to give her ETSY FREE ADVERTISING. I just like to give praise where praise is due. She definitely deserves this shout out!

What are you waiting for, go check out her blog and her store!!


I think, not 100% sure, but she can make custom monkeys. Just tell her what color you would like.

Who knew!

Who knew that writing posts about my adorable kitty would win me an award? Who knew that posting a video with Lionel Ritchie's song, HELLO, would be the post that actually scored me the award?

Who Knew?

Certainly not me, but SupahMommy did! Yup she did, cause her kitty kitty and my kitty kitty could be twins, or Mother and Daughter as they look alike.

SupahMommy created this award specifically for people who post about their cats. Yeah you can't just grab this award, you totally have to earn it, which is why I'm so honored!! YUP, the Lionel Ritchie song is what won it for me.

Here is a link to the post!

Or to see more about my cute little bundle of not so much Joy Kitten Chloe, just read my post from yesterday. It's like raising a child.

Speech, Speech. Okay, Okay here I go...Please don't play the music to que me to wrap it up.

I'd like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to have a job and earn money to be able to buy my video camera. Without it, this video would not have been possible. A special thank you Lionel Ritchie and for him singing the song HELLO. And most importantly, thank you to Peter Bunny and Chloe who starred in my video. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have this award. You both are amazing. Thank you to my blog fans, for reading my posts and commenting. You all are amazing!

Peace I'm outta here!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


You can run, but you suck at hiding. Hello, I see you!

Please stop playing with my fake plants. I don't appreciate you pulling out the fake stems and me having to find them all over the floor. I know they were only $5 from Walmart, but come on already!! It's not like you don't have a million toys to play with.

Don't look at me that way, just cause you are cute doesn't mean you can destroy all my fake plants!

It's called a BIRD, his name is ROMO. We've been through this, you've met him, several times. So please stop hiding on the chairs under the kitchen table stalking ROMO. You are never gonna catch him. He flies, very well. In fact he's probably going to do a fly by on you so be careful. When he's not out flying he's behind bars in a cage. So you have no chance. Give it up already!!

Can you please leave my fake mantel alone. I'm sorry I don't have a real one over my fire place like most houses do so I have to make one where i can. On the edge of my staircase. Hey it works for me. My cute little fake plants I made don't appreciate you chewing on their pretty little petals. The picture frames don't like being knocked down either. I'd also appreciate it if you'd stop chewing on my cute little black words. Thank you!!

PO (that's our penguin you see) you are supposed to be guarding my precious arts and crafts. I realize you are Pissed Off (hence his name PO) because it's like 100 degrees here ALL the time and you are use to the cold weather at our old house, but come on be a pal and help me out! You are supposed to be my scarecrow out in a corn field. Your not working very well!

Now that's more like it. You are where you are supposed to be. In your Kitty condo where all your toys are housed. Please play in there and all over your condo and not on my tables and chairs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bowling Season is here and in effect BABY!!

So last Saturday my son's bowling league started up again. This is his second season bowling and he ended up on the same team as the team he was on last year, only minus one boy and the addition of his cousin. lol

Last year my son's team came in first place, which was great, however what I love about this league is it's all about the fun as opposed to just the winner. Though some take it more seriously than others, I mean scholarships and tournaments are at stake here.

Nothing is more fun than seeing the high Five's, the tasty treats and cosmo bowling that happens every holiday. It's a long season, September through May, but it's fun. Not to mention it gives us something to do every Saturday morning.

Now I have to admit The Boy is not the happiest bowler in the world. In fact he can be pretty cranky, hard on himself and pout a lot. I think he spends more time away from the lane then actually on the lane bowling and watching his teammates. He can truly be a pain in the butt, sometimes rude too to put it nicely. He gets frustrated easily, as he has a lot of trouble bowling. We really should practice more but it's just hard to find the time on the weekends.

The first two games he played (they play 3 games every Saturday) he bowled in the 50's and 60's, however the last game, he found his groove. He bowled his first 122, EVER. No bumpers either!! This actually made him so happy, instead of running and hiding from the camera, he actually posed. With a ball!! You'll see before he bowled his 3rd game he sat under the counter where the balls belong alone and ignored everyone!

Hopefully he'll have a good year, be happy and actually watch his other teammates bowl and cheer them on. Check out the video to see his first strike of the year!!

How cute is that, his teammate snuck in the picture. LOL HI JOHN!!

Not so happy BOY during games 1 and 2, before he bowled his first strike.

The Boy's team. They don't have a team name yet, we are still deciding! My nephew is in the blue bowling t-shirt. HI CHRISTOPHER!! Sorry I didn't get a picture of your face, next weekend though!

How cute are these two little teammates? My other nephew is on the left and my neighbors son on the right! They are in the, I believe, 6yrs and under league.

Check out these scores! These kids are 9 through 11 years old. My nephew Christopher rocked it with his 100 score. I believe his two other games were even higher, GREAT JOB. The Boy with his ending score of 122, his best game EVER. Now remember his average is 62, so this made him very happy! I think he gets his bowling skills from me, I can barely bowl over 50. hey I'm a retired soccer player, I use my feet not my hands. John scored a 191, yes that is right a 191. I believe that was his best game ever too.


Now enjoy this video of The Boy bowling his first STRIKE of the season.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh My Grey’s! The Top 10 Moments of Grey’s Anatomy


I wasn't to happy with the 2hr premier, I thought it was okay, not what I was hoping for or expecting.

Then I read this and it did remind me as to why I started watching this show in the first place.


September 25, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy kicked off season 6 with a two-hour episode that picked up where the finale’s cliffhanger left off. In between the crying fits (which came fast and furious for 120 minutes), we compiled the top 10 OMG (as in ‘Oh My Grey’s‘) moments as the doctors of Seattle Grace tried to survive losing one of their own. –Carrie Bell

Audacity of Hope: For a brief moment, George fans wondered if a goodbye was necessary when Lexie claimed the body was too tall and the others questioned Meredith’s finger-writing interpretation skills. But Callie checked for his Texas-shaped freckle and confirmed the end of 007. Unless, of course, Izzie starts hallucinating again. (We bet George would be up for some ghost sex.)

Four Residents and a Funeral: When the remaining four original interns stepped away from the burial unable to control their snickers, it had the authenticity, emotion and humor of season 1, and reminded us of why we started TiVo-ing the show in the first place.

She’s Alive: Izzie has been brought back from the brink of death and is showing improvement. (Notice she’s not cured, so the Katherine Heigl exit rumors can continue.) Her recovery left her new hubby distant and constantly worried about her fragility. “You made me let you in. You made me love you. If I lose you, I won’t survive,” he cried in one of the most poignant scenes.
Mister Skin: Whoever came up with the idea that Deredith should sleep their way through their grief in every room of their house and get caught by Izzie and Alex should get a raise. If the same person is responsible for showing off Sloan’s body (with conveniently placed steam) in the shower and a shirtless Hunt, it should be a big one. McDreamy’s abs should be featured as much as his hair.

Blast From the Past: Grey’s has a history of hiring big names and turning them into character actors (Eric Stoltz, Christina Ricci, Tyne Daly and Chris O’Donnell) and the tradition continued with Martha Plimpton as a mom desperate to get help for her son who proved hard to diagnose. Bet that Goonies line “Never say die” came in handy.

Bailey Breakdown: Seattle Grace’s tough cookie started to unravel after George’s death. Bailey told Derek of her plan to be detached and cold in the future: “I have to stop caring so much. I have to save it for my son. I can’t keep giving it away here.”

Dang, Yang: Owen’s shrink instructed him to abstain from sex with Cristina, saying, “To heal, he’s going to have to start talking. If you get lost in lust, he won’t start.” No sex made Cristina grumpy. She made one inappropriate comment after another (including one about cancer patients unfairly getting the good popsicles), nicknamed a boat-accident “patient ceviche” and butted in on Bailey’s case.

These Lines: “He was kind of a dorky little dude. Was he hung?” and “Yeah, I played the cancer card. I’m gross. Whatever,” and “If you know a way to sugarcoat a colostomy bag, I would like to hear it,” and “How gay are you on a scale from 1 to gay?”

Group Think: The duty of narrating fell on all the regulars this time and it was a nice and unexpected touch, especially as the voiceover dealt with the stages of grief and how they look different depending on whose wearing them. Bravo.

Ripped from the Headlines: Like hospitals across the U.S., Seattle Grace is facing budget cuts and layoffs. The Chief made Arizona cry when he denied her MRI request and Torres jumped ship when he couldn’t give her a promotion. The board was breathing down his neck, offering his position to Der and eventually came up with a plan to merge with their biggest competitor, Mercy West. The Chief announced, “I wish I could tell you all you will survive.” As fear spread across everyone’s faces, you couldn't help but think things are going to get ugly.

Well the people of PEOPLE.com, if you are going to put it that way than yeah that was a great way to start the season. Can't wait for next week!!

Has your shows season premiere started? What did you think of it, if it has?

Halloween Treat Boxes!

I saw these great Halloween gift boxes on Beth's Blog Inkredible Creations.

Through her blog I was then linked to Kerry's Paper Crafts which is where Beth pulled the idea from. After watching Kerry's video, I had a revelation.


I Purchased the boxes from the Dollar Tree and all the great Halloween toys (Halloween Pencils, Halloween erasers, spider rings, straws, pumpkin suckers, candy mix, and the great treat bags to put the candy in). Then I purchased the paper from Michaels (regular $14, but my cheap butt had a %50 coupon, score!) The Happy Halloween black ribbon is from Michaels also ($1.19). I used this ribbon to tie the treat bags closed. The Halloween stickers placed over the paper on the box were also from Michaels ($2.99 and $3.99 per package (I have a package left over)).

I had a total of 3 50% off coupons for Michaels. I used the other two to buy a paper cutter (regular $19.99) and double sided tape dispenser thing ($4.99). Anyway I have tons of stuff left over to make a lot more of these. I purchased the black acrylic paint from Michaels for $.59. Oh yeah the orange ribbon I had on hand, I bought it from Walmart for like $2 or something.

These were super easy to make and after I hand painted each one (while we watched Wolverine, great movie BTW) they took me maybe 5 min total to put each one together. I was sad when I finished


Just do what I did, I'm a serious visual person, and watch Kerry's video! THANK YOU KERRY!! Both Beth and Kerry have seriously cool and ridiculous arts and crafts projects on their blogs. You have to check them out!!

I've made 5 total so far. My son started bowling again on Saturdays and his cousin is on his team. I made 3 for my son, my nephew and their teammate to give out on Halloween when they bowl in the morning. The other two are for my other nephew and my neighbor's son RJ (those two are on the same bowling team too.)

I So want to make more. Did I mention how fun they were to make? I just don't have anyone to make them for.

So my Question for you is, would you buy these? How much would you pay for one? Would $8 be too much?

Just forget about the fact I told you were to get everything and how to make them yourself. LOL

Anyway, what you've all been waiting so patiently for.


The cat one above on the far right, the cats and bats are like velvet feeling. Pretty Cool!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A bed of your own.

Saturday night was the first night we let our kitty kitty sleep in my sons room. We made sure he cleaned his room really well and kitty proofed everything. I wish I had my camera at 3:30 am to take a picture of them sleeping.

The Boy was asleep on his bed and Chloe was laying right there next to his head. It was the cutest thing ever.

So Sunday afternoon as we were watching football, of course, I heard The Boy running back and forth from the Loft (AKA craft room) to his bedroom. Then he came downstairs grabbed a plastic kitty ball and handed me some ribbon he had found. He asked me to tie the ribbon through the ball so he could hang in it Chloe's new bed. It was so cute.

Anyway, the headboard of my sons bed has a lot of little "cubby" spaces where he can put books and remotes, etc. He cleared out on section of the headboard and made a cute bed for Chloe to sleep in. He even hung up the cat toy for her to swat at when she wakes up.

I think these pictures are priceless!!

Yes Chloe is that small!

Isn't that so cute, see the green cat ball hanging? Yes she is really sleeping. She sleeps with her head raised like that. She is so weird.

I think she has the most beautiful blue eyes!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some things never DIE! You are one of them!

The sky lit up the other day, the thunder roared.
The smell in the air of fresh summer rain, take it in.

8 years ago today, YOU lit up the sky!
YOU made the thunder roar!
Taken too soon, you sure let it be known.

You came into this life as a daughter, a sister a friend.
When you left us, you left as that and so much more.

For you had become a Wife, a Mother and a Grandmother.
Although your heart beats no more, the fire in your soul still burns.

You are the Angel on my shoulder, the tiny devil in my head.
You speak to me in my dreams, even if no words are ever said.

Some things never die, and you are one of them. Through our memories you will live on.

As with mine and so many others, you've touched.
In your strength and perseverance I found comfort.
My hero, my legend my Mother and friend.

Although hero's can be forgotten, certainly not in your case, it's the legends that never die!

8 years ago today, my MOTHER past away. I've posted a few blogs, videos and comments in her honor. I believe remembering should happen each and everyday. Unconsciously you are running through my mind. I don't need a specific day to toast to your memory, but some days are just harder then others.

It really did rain the other day! Two Saturdays to be exact. With that the sky really did light up bright. Just the same as the night we were robbed of you.

I know I've been posting a lot of videos lately, both home made and off youtube, but sometimes music is the best way to release and get out all it is in your mind, body and soul to which you feel.
You were never hidden in any one's shadow, and everyone knew your name. You are my hero and my strength, the wind beneath my wings!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank God for you, without you I'd be nothing!


UPDATED: My sweet neighbor A brought these to me today, to cheer me up. Thank you, aren't they beautiful?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Backing up Blogger

Has anyone used the Export button under settings, basic to make a back-up of their blog just in case blogger ever crashes? I've been noticing a lot of glitches with blogger and don't want to log in one day to find my blog gone. I've already lost my blog roll once.

Any comments on how you back-up your blogger blog? Has anyone turned their blog into a book? How did it come out?

Tuesday's Football Tracker, Week 2

How did your team do?

This weekend was a frustrating weekend in our house.

Cowboys - LOST - What a close game though. Crappy Giants!! lol jk

Seahawks - LOST - I mean come on Hasleback was injured early on in the game!! Not to mention it was like 100 degrees here in the Bay Area and the Seahawks are not use to the hot weather.

I'm happy to announce we had TEN people vote in the MONDAY night poll. I'm SO HAPPY WITH THE 10 VOTE TURN OUT! WHOOT WHOOT. Will we have 11 votes this week, or even better more then that?

It was unanimous, everyone voted for the Colts. The big question is were they right? Dun Dun Dun.....

It was a super close game, I mean it was tied at half time and came down to the last 22 seconds were Miami should have had a touchdown, but the catch wasn't made. So much for the colts blowing Miami out of the water. I guess Miami's come a long way in the past two years.

What was with Miami and their "trick" plays. The one they call the "Wildcat". It's where when they are on offense and they take out the quarter back. WHAT? Yeah I know. Who takes out their quarterback when they are on offense. Apparently Miami does and well it work for them. It kept them in the game and the score super close!

In the end the colts were victorious. By a nose hair that is. This season is starting off with a ton of close games and upsets.

OH OH, yeah, can you believe this little tid bit/Celebrity Gossip. You know Kendra, from the Girls Next door? No you don't? Hmm Hugh Hefner's ex girlfriend? Umm okay, She also had her own show on TV called KENDRA? Still no, well then google her already, will you!

Anyway Kendra received her own show on TV called, KENDRA! During the show she married Hank Baskett. Hank played football for the Eagles, Until they cut him for....................MICHAEL VICK!! WTF. They cut a nice guy like HANK for a scum bag like MICHAEL VICK. WHATEVER! I really dis-like the Eagles now. Sorry if you are an Eagle fan. If you are an Eagle fan I'd like to hear what you have to say about this. ANYWAY, It's all good cause the COLTS picked up Hank almost immediately. You're on a much better team now Hank, trust me!!


Dallas Cowboys VS Carolina Panthers

Well DUH, you all know I have to support the BF and vote for the Cowboys. I don't know much about the Panthers so I can't elaborate any further.


Now please enjoy your football commercial of the week.

Okay so does anyone else think that Troy's voice totally does not match what he looks like. I bet he's just a huge Teddy Bear. I don't know, what do you think! How the heck does he get all that hair under his helmet? And where are the funny COORS light commercial. I've only seen one and it's not that funny. GRRRRR

Monday, September 21, 2009

24hrs till Autumn!

I have no patience, I'm always jumping the gun. I'm sure you knew that, I mean I do have a Halloween blog, in SEPTEMBER. LOL

Anyway tomorrow is the first day of AUTUMN. WHOOO WHOOO.

In honor of Autumn falling upon us so quickly, I've made these cute little flower decor boxes. I've seen them at Walmart for $5 and then I saw someone on another blog make them as well. I can't remember who you are, so if it's you let me know and I'll share the love, right here in this post!!

What do you get when you combined the following ingredients + Black Acrylic Paint and a Paint Brush?

(all items you see were purchased for a $1. No the whole lot wasn't a dollar, each item was $1)


A fall decorative flower box.

As per usual, they always look so much better in person then on camera. I just have a crappy blackberry cell phone!!

Not bad though for my first time working with fake flowers, even better, making anything like this at all. TOOOT TOOOT TOOOT (me tooting my own horn).