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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Football Tracker, Week 1!


Tuesdays Football tracker, how did your team do? It was a great opening weekend in our household. A weekend full of smiles and lots of GO, GO, GO, GO, GO YEAH!!!!!!!

Dallas Cowboys - WON - The BF and The Boy's Team. Thank God, you all know how guys can get when their team loses. Seriously...shhh some pout like babies. Oh noooo, nooo, nooo my two favorite men. NEVER.

Seattle Seahawks - WON - My Team - OH YEAH, OH YEAH,. WHO IS NUMBER ONE. Okay the RAMS have lost 11 games in a row since last season, so what a win is a win, is a win! We Seahawks take it anyway we can.

Did you vote on the Monday night game? Were you correct?

AND THE WINNER of the MONDAY NIGHT GAME is...............................................THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!! What a close game, it came down to the last 21 seconds! Chargers pulled this win out of their butts.

WHAT AN UPSET, the Raiders DOMINATED THE ENTIRE GAME!! The Raiders have not won an opening night game in 7 years now and the Charges have won the last 12 games against the Raiders!

6 people voted - I think that's a great turn out for a slow start! HEY who was the lone Raider fan? Don't be shy we are all nice on here. I mean they were amazing last night!

Hey what was with the ref's ORANGE uniforms. I think I like them! I wonder if they did it because it makes it easier for the players to identify where the Refs are during the game since one team is usually all in white.

Talk about home team advantage, OMG, what hole did the Raiders crawl out of ? They played way better then I expected. You have to give credit where credit is due, even if it is the Raiders and even though they lost. I'll think twice about betting against them again. I mean it's still early in the season, but I totally thought this would be a blow out, Chargers shutting out the Raiders. Boy was I wrong. The Chargers looked like they were a team full of rookies. This goes to show ANYTHING can happen in Football. Never rule out the underdog!

The Chargers QB Rivers, I think got a little too feisty with the wrong team. Oakland is not a team you want to start sh*t with on the field. Not to mention their fans are crazy and their coach, please he knocked out his own defensive assistant coach (they are all crazy). Anyway, Rivers started to lose it in the 3rd quarter, I thought I was going to see a Serena Williams moment only between players (he threw his mouth piece out in the middle of a play to talk smack to a Raider). Can you say penalty, then right after that penalty the Chargers got another. Keep it together Rivers, keep it together. It was a great come back the last 2 minutes of the game for the Chargers.

All in all, what a close game, this is what football is all about!!

So who will be victorious next MONDAY night, SEPTEMBER 21st?

Indianapolis Colts VS Miami Dolphins (the game is being played in Miami)

This again is another no brainer Monday night game for me (LOL didn't I say that about the Charger / Raider game? Who am I kidding) I wouldn't advise you to listen to me. LOL Take heed of my advice, but don't actually take my advice. Or whatever.

My crystal football says the Colts are going to smash the Dolphins. Weren't the Dolphins like totally DEFEATED 2 years ago. Wait I think they won 1 game, good going guys you ruined your losing streak. It's not golf, the more points you have the better. Who am I to talk, I mean it's not like the Seahawks are much better. LOL

SO GO! VOTE!! (Right Sidebar, right under my page view counter)

WAIT before you vote, I'll leave you with this super funny, great commercial. For those of you who don't know, Brett Favre retired! Yeah and then he came out of retirement, then retired again and is now playing for the Vikings. I can't believe it!! He made it through the entire 1st game of this season without retiring again for the 10 or maybe 15th time. LOL WATCH IT ALL THE WAY TO THE END, IT'S FUNNY!!

Isn't the best part of football the commercials?


happy mama said...

Dolphins... Who are the Dolphins! I'm with you, the Colts are going to win next monday! And the commercial ~ I am so done with Brett ~ this was funny!

Vicki said...

I know, this is going to break us up, but football shmootball. I am commenting because I like the grey's quiz. I am so excited! Also joining a book club already established would be good too!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Yes, the best part of TV Football is the commercials. BUT I do love watching that live highschool football when it's our team... or should I say my SON'S team! GO FALCONS!!!

Hope yesterday's HTML tips will come in handy for you. Now why would you want to redesign your blog? It's already LOVELY!

If you do decide to play around with it, just be sure to copy the original format to your computer before you make changes. That way if you mess it up, you can always go right back to the way it was. =0)


Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Hi, you have a lovely blog.
Thank you for passing by my blog.
Nice to meet you.

JennyMac said...

Congrats Mamalita..you have probably posted the ONLY thing on a blog my Hub will ever look at...this video is TOO funny.

Lisa Anne said...


Vodka Logic said...

I'm a Patriots fan we can not have Miami win..not crazy about the Manning boy in Indianapolis but chose none the less.

natalee said...

LOL.. i love that you are such a fan.. i can read your blog and sound like i know something when i talk to my hubby about football hugs!!!

Karen said...

I do love me some football. I'm a 49'er girl all the way. Yes, even through the rotten years because that's what it means to be a sports fan!

My favorite sport is definitely baseball, but I LOVE football season. And I miss my little brother's Friday Night Football games. Darned kid had to go and graduate...

thatdesigngal said...

Fantasy football team did great!! Yeah, what was up with those orange uniforms? I'm going with the Colts! We'll see!

confessionsofacountrygirl said...

My team won! I'm a Pittsburgh fan. Love the Brett Favre commerical. We were watching the Green Bay/Chicago game on sunday night and at half time Jay Leno was a guest and he made a pretty awesome Brett Favre joke...."He made it through a game without retiring." We laughed. We're from WI so some of us are looking forward to the Minnesota/Green Bay game in November...Not necessarily in a good way either.

Lisa Anne said...

Pittsburgh fan, hopefull Palomalo gets better soon. I hope you voted. 7 people have voted so far and it's only been up for a day. I'm very excited you all are par taking. It's fun isn't it.

if you want to me to keep track of your team on my tuesday posts, just let me know!!

Evonne said...

I'm going to say the Colts will win, but the way some of these games have gone, you never know!

I love the Farve commercial! I have family from WI and they are really looking forward to the Packers playing the Vikings. I think they want to see Farve forced back into retirement!