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Friday, September 18, 2009

A sneak peak, into the FUNHOUSE


Here is a sneak peak of some of the video footage from last nights Pink Concert!! It was amazing!! Sorry for the shaky footage my wrist was cramping from holding the camera. It appears the sound on the "louder" songs is all messed up, but this one came out okay. I was also shooting the concert kinda blindly, on the DL that is.

Oh yeah the Ting Tings opened for Pink, and well they rocked it!!

And these are the biatches (said with love) that I went with. Ya that's me on the left!! lol

Me, Ang and Amy

Amy and I at the concert!! I'm sweaty looking, nasty!

We saw tons of this, even a cute little girl with a pink wig

We bought these, Amy and I got the grey one with the skulls and Ang got the sick ass I want to start a fight shirt.

I would have gotten this hoodie, Lord knows I love my hoodies! $75 though, you've got to be kidding me. There were also the cutest socks, $25. Who pays $25 for socks?

Anyway I hope you enjoy it, the video that is. Watch it through to the end (I don't have the entire song, I wanted to enjoy the concert and sing and I'm sure you don't want to hear me sing) anyway I think Bush flips off everyone at the very end.

Once I edit all the video footage (looking at the footage I don't think much of it is usable so we will see) I'll post it on here. It will probably take me a week or so because there is a lot of footage.

Without further ado (is that how you spell it?), here is DEAR MR. PRESIDENT by PINK!!


Michelle said...

Your comment box is still weird. Only when there are no other comments though.

anyway...I laughtred at your comment about the Duggars. You must be a democrat. LOL.

It's fine to feel that way...it's your opinion...I NEVER mind dissenting opinions on my blog. LOL

Lisa Anne said...

is anyone else noticing my comments thing is all messed up. I'm having trouble seeing peoples comments. Has this happened to you? Do you know how to fix it/

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I haven't noticed your comments are off. It could be a blogger issue.

MiMi said...

She looks really pretty! I love Pink...love love. Your comment box is weird after I post the comment, but before I can see all of em. : )

yonca said...

Felt like I was there :) Thanks for the video! You look great on photos :)

Mary said...

Bet that was a fun concert!

Hi! Popping over to visit from SITS Roll Call. Have a great weekend!!

happy mama said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time! How fun!

thatgirlblogs said...

I hate you for going without me. The fact that you don't know me is irrelevant. Silly.

warmchocmilk said...

Fun Fun! I like all you crafty stuff. I'm a quilter/ .5 knitter...and scrapbooker. :)

Vodka Logic said...

She has an amazing body. Glad you had fun..

Night Owl Mama said...

Super cool Umm how any Beers did we have Mrs shaky hand lol
Luv the swet shirt got to b 1 on net thats cheaper luv the net

Nikki said...

wow thanks for the video!!! Pink looks and sounds awesome!! you must've had such a great time! ps 25 for sucks is so ridiculous.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

It would be fun! Thanks for the video.
Oh, you are so beautiful, you're great!

Amy said...

What a fun time. My Sister in law is a talent booker for a t.v. station in C.A. that is how she got to meet kiss.

SupahMommy said...

ohhh i saw her with JT a few years ago... and loved the song.

she was AWE-SOME NESS .
I am a huge fan.

I'm off to find your kitty posts.

____j said...

I am so jealous! I love pink, and I especially love her even more, now that I saw her 'behind the music' episode!

Lisa Anne said...

I so don't understand why my comments page is all messed up. I appologize I have no clue how to fix it.