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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday's Football Tracker, Week 2

How did your team do?

This weekend was a frustrating weekend in our house.

Cowboys - LOST - What a close game though. Crappy Giants!! lol jk

Seahawks - LOST - I mean come on Hasleback was injured early on in the game!! Not to mention it was like 100 degrees here in the Bay Area and the Seahawks are not use to the hot weather.

I'm happy to announce we had TEN people vote in the MONDAY night poll. I'm SO HAPPY WITH THE 10 VOTE TURN OUT! WHOOT WHOOT. Will we have 11 votes this week, or even better more then that?

It was unanimous, everyone voted for the Colts. The big question is were they right? Dun Dun Dun.....

It was a super close game, I mean it was tied at half time and came down to the last 22 seconds were Miami should have had a touchdown, but the catch wasn't made. So much for the colts blowing Miami out of the water. I guess Miami's come a long way in the past two years.

What was with Miami and their "trick" plays. The one they call the "Wildcat". It's where when they are on offense and they take out the quarter back. WHAT? Yeah I know. Who takes out their quarterback when they are on offense. Apparently Miami does and well it work for them. It kept them in the game and the score super close!

In the end the colts were victorious. By a nose hair that is. This season is starting off with a ton of close games and upsets.

OH OH, yeah, can you believe this little tid bit/Celebrity Gossip. You know Kendra, from the Girls Next door? No you don't? Hmm Hugh Hefner's ex girlfriend? Umm okay, She also had her own show on TV called KENDRA? Still no, well then google her already, will you!

Anyway Kendra received her own show on TV called, KENDRA! During the show she married Hank Baskett. Hank played football for the Eagles, Until they cut him for....................MICHAEL VICK!! WTF. They cut a nice guy like HANK for a scum bag like MICHAEL VICK. WHATEVER! I really dis-like the Eagles now. Sorry if you are an Eagle fan. If you are an Eagle fan I'd like to hear what you have to say about this. ANYWAY, It's all good cause the COLTS picked up Hank almost immediately. You're on a much better team now Hank, trust me!!


Dallas Cowboys VS Carolina Panthers

Well DUH, you all know I have to support the BF and vote for the Cowboys. I don't know much about the Panthers so I can't elaborate any further.


Now please enjoy your football commercial of the week.

Okay so does anyone else think that Troy's voice totally does not match what he looks like. I bet he's just a huge Teddy Bear. I don't know, what do you think! How the heck does he get all that hair under his helmet? And where are the funny COORS light commercial. I've only seen one and it's not that funny. GRRRRR


Melissa said...

I am a HUGE Colts fan and was cringing as I watched last night!! oh well, it wasn't pretty; but was still a WIN!! :)

I'm going to vote now...but the Cowboys will crush Carolina!! :)

Kristin said...

Will I get hit if I say I just can't get into the NFL. SEC, that's another story. Go Gators! I think it's impossible to get out of that school without becoming a die hard fan!

Lisa Anne said...

LOL I'd think you'd want to follow your fav college players into the NFL and route them on!!

Vicki said...

I think our friendship is broken after I say this Who cares about football??? It is season premiere week! But I still love ya!

Vicki said...

Listen Lady, you obviously do not read close, Tricks & Treats for our little sweets starts on the 1st, I will be posting a craft this week, though.

Lisa Anne said...

Yeah no I have issues paying attention to detail. lol

MiMi said...

Okay, do you like the Cowboys? All I know is that I DON'T like the Cowboys. I don't even know why. :/
Anyway, I was gonna tell you that I just added pictures to my Random Tuesday Post if you wanna see em! ;)
PS Ignore the fat, flabby, me.

Lisa Anne said...

Heck no I'm not a cowboys fan. I like the seahawks.

Hey is anyone elses follower button not working? I don't see my followers and it looks like people have nothing to click to follow me.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Lisa I just tried to send you an email and I couldn't it kept saying wrong code entered but, I entered the text correctly with it being case sensitive.

I can see your followers and I can see a link at the top of your page as well. I followed people this morning so I'm not having a problem! It may be a computer glitch. make sure you're widget is still active.

I just followed you with no problem! You now have 108 followers including me! :-) I hope it gets fixed.

Chef Eureka said...

I'm afraid I'm not a football fan so I never watch it.

Thanks for stopping by :) I like your blog template :)

kyslp said...

I linked over here from I Want To Make That. Congrats on your award. Can I still follow you even if I'm not a football fan?

Lisa Anne said...

LOL I know a lot of you don't watch football, that is perfectly okay. It's why I added the funny commercials.

I mean who doesn't like funny commercials.

I know most people have tivo and dvr's and fast forward through the commercial. I say put down that remote, you are missing out on some funny shiat.


MiMi said...

Nope, you're right. The followers are gone. I can't see em on anyone's blog. Damn Blogger.

yonca said...

I don't know what to say. I'm not really a football fan. i know, i know you hate me right now :)
BTW, i read Mimi's comment,cleaning cookies, caches and temp files worked for me. It takes time but followers come back :)

thatdesigngal said...

Project Football Love is going very well, Cowboys it is... lol

happy mama said...

Great video! Love TROY!!!!! Steelers choked, but I'm finally getting over it :)

confessionsofacountrygirl said...

I'm a Steeler's fan myself...If you ever watch Troy when he's playing he doesn't even try to cram all that hair in his helmet...It's flowing out underneith it.

Mommynightowl said...

lol, the commercial made me laugh.

I'm a big steelers fan now. They are my dads and husbands favorite team. A little bummed they lost.