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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ohhhh He's One of Those kids!

Do you have an "Oh he's one of those kids?" kid?

You know the type that:

Sticks his really large Lego down the toilet and uses his little hand to shove it further into the dirty black hole only to get it stuck so bad you need to replace the entire toilet?

Dials 911 on the house cordless phone and then hides the phone in a drawer under the microwave. You don't realize that this has happened until the police show up at your door and your 4 year old (who just learned about 911 in pre-school) is peeking out the doorway of his bedroom and when you look at him he runs and hides in his closet?

The one who sneaks a whole pack of fruity flavor tums off your nightstand and crawls under the coffee table to eat them and when he sees you he starts to shove each one into his mouth faster and faster, working double time. Then when you call poison control, they laugh at you and say "good for him, he'll be fine."

Flushes a toilet 10 times in a row just to see exactly what would happen by doing so, only to end up being suspended from after school care for flooding the bathroom?

Wants to see if they can fit in the baby swings at the park, even though they are 8 yrs old and you tell them no they are too big. Then you watch them slip into the seat super easy and then get stuck after swinging their legs a few times. You know, where it took 3 grown men (strangers to be exact, except for 1 newly known neighbor) to get him out of said swing after 30 minutes of trying and you resisting the urge to call 911 and peeing your pants from laughing so hard at the same time? Does the Fire Department charge for rescuing little boys?

Pees their pants on their 8th birthday because they were too busy playing video games to go to the bathroom and to top it off, actually enjoys going "commando"

Or the one that gets themselves locked in a pantry while playing tag of all games, in a pantry that doesn't even have a lock. How does that happen? Well it does. Then have 3 grown men try to pry the door off after being unsuccessful in removing the door by sliding out the hinges. That after 15 minutes of laughter and feeling sorry for said kid, again not knowing if you are going to call 911, pee your pants or grab for the video camera all at the same time.

ME, after I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting while D and A tried to console said child by telling him to relax and eat the food in the pantry while he waited. ME his mother reached for the video camera and shot this footage. This footage was taken after all the hindges were already removed from the door and it still wouldn't open. About 15 min had already past, to which during that 15 min, we were mostly laughing and gathering the tools needed to free The Boy!

Again he comes out of it all unscathed, not even embarrassed. Just another war wound and
mission to log in his book of life.

What's your "Ohhh he's one of those kids" moments?


Alias - Chloe ( was almost Stevie and then Frankie but she is too gentle and dainty for those names)

Origin - Discovery Bay, CA from a super nice family. Raised by a 6 year old little girl and her Mother. They did an amazing job in getting Chloe litter box trained, friendly and playful.

Species -The Doctor says I look Siamese and Tabby because of my markings and she also said my BLUE eyes should stay.

Born - July 3, 2009 (She's 9 weeks and 5 days old and 1lb 6 ounces.

Eye Color - BLUE, I know all kittens are born with Blue Eyes, hers are still blue after 9 weeks. Plus her Dad has BLUE eyes, cross your fingers they stay BLUE. I think she has a fighting chance.

Status - Litter trained - Unbelievably litter trained. I'm so impressed

Personality - Overly friendly, loves to play with her toys, being held and giving kisses at night time. Sleeps in your arms like a baby and purrrrrrssss allll night long (this was kinda annoying I barely slept, But man was it cute). She has a tendency to tug at your heart strings, if you leave her alone in a room or walk away from her she cries.

Video's speak a thousand words, I'll shut up now, SO ENJOY!


MiMi said...

Oh look! That kitty isn't EEE-villl, she's CUTE!!!
Your son is a riot! But I think I would be calling 911 on myself after keeping up with him! Poor little guy got stuck in a pantry without a lock?! Oh man...that was hilarious. :)

Momma Such said...

Ha ha! I have that x4!!! Boys are just crazy! I am always asking myself "Why would they even consider that?" Seriously though I mean, why would you have even want to take a skateboard down your slide? Why would you jump off of the top of your dresser? Why would you jump off of the top of the bunk bed to try to catch the moving ceiling fan? Need I go on? I have MANY more! ha ha!

Amy said...

Wow you boy keeps you on your toes. Too funny... Have a great day.

Lisa Anne said...

You have 4 boys right. I'm so glad he's not riding skateboards down slides and jumping off dressers. LOL I'm sure he would though. Hopefully he won't read this and get ideas. yes my son reads my blog, he's a nerd too. But I love that about him!

Nikki said...

LMAO! that was so funny! I don't have any kids but I could imagine that happening! and then saying to him to just eat some food while he was stuck in there lol:) I'm glad you guys finally got him out! such a cute kitty!!! so pretty! and love the name chloe:)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Never a dull moment with a son like yours! That's so funny!! Your kitten is just adorable! **sigh** I remember when my cats were that little.... they grow up so fast!

Amy said...

We are currently out of a shower/tub because my son is THAT boy. Yup, shoved micro-machines down the drain, and now the tub refuses to drain. He isn't even two yet. Can't wait to see what else he does in the future. I love that you have such great stories. Look at it as embarrassing ammo when he is older... or you can tell his kids. Such a fun child!

shortmama said...

I have a feeling my youngest is going to be that kind of GIRL! She is fearless to a fault!

JennyMac said...

great post and I LOVE that Tegan&Sara song...LOVE IT!

Vicki said...

I'm a flip floggin idiot! I missed that line that said look past the videos. Silly me. I was wondering where were~I missed ya! Anyway, I am pretty much finished and ready when you are. I am trying to convince my friend to start a blog or something as well, because she wants to join us, but she only comments.

Emma Hughes said...

what a fab post hehehehe... I was giggling. my baby is only 15 months so not quite there yet, but i can def. see him getting up to mischief like that when he is older!!

your new addition is sooooooo cute!

Emmy said...

Wow! Good thing you are able to laugh easily :) Glad he got out. I have had to use the credit card trick to get some locked doors open. My 4 year old decided to run in the bathroom where his 2-year-old sister was going, lock all the doors and then come out. Oh and she didn't know how to unlock doors the time. Yea, I was just a little mad at him.