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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Am I living in IRAQ?


Where did i move to? I mean I love it here, but the crimes getting to be too much.

1) 2 weeks ago through my neighbors bedroom window we watched as a man hunt took place. Not sure the details on it, but it was still crazy to watch a house being ambushed and helicopters in the sky.

2) Last Saturday night the cops were called to a house in the court next to us for Domestic Violence. There kids were running outside alone, and they had to be under 5.

3) Now this happened this morning about a half mile from my house. What if my son was at this school? What's wrong with people? http://www.ktvu.com/

Antioch Student Gunned Down Near Campus, Drive by shooting!

Posted: 9:35 am PDT September 16, 2009Updated: 10:14 am PDT September 16, 2009
ANTIOCH, Calif. --

A student walking to Antioch’s Deer Valley High School early Wednesday was gunned down on a street near campus by an unidentified shooter in a car, who then sped away, according to co-principal Scott Burgerhouse.

Burgerhouse told KTVU that the shooting took place at about 8:30 a.m. as students were arriving for a day of classes. The campus went immediately into a lock down mode; students were sent to classrooms and police rushed to the scene.

The unidentified victim – a male student – was struck several times and taken by helicopter to John Muir Hospital. His condition was unknown, but Burgerhouse said the student’s parents were on the way to the hospital.

Police said it appeared the shooting took place after a verbal altercation between a group of students both on the street and in the car.

A citywide manhunt was underway, but the gunman remained at large, police said.
Burgerhouse said he had met with about 100 parents to guarantee them that their teenagers were safe. He said the school remained under lock down, but that classes were underway.

I love my neighbors and the city, but the crime has got to stop!! I mean this isn't the first time I've posted about the crime in this city. People blame it on section 8 and everyone moving out here from Richmond and Oakland. I don't know anything about that so I can't judge. I only know the facts of what I see and the news reports.

Pissed off and a bit freaked out for the safety of my friends and family!!


____j said...

That is ridiculous! It seems like people are just going out of control lately. Stay safe!

Krimmyk said...

Wow, stay safe. I can see your concern, I would be too.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Crime is totally crazy everywhere! I had my bike stolen out of my garage in the middle of the day!! just be safe!

Emma said...

Oh My.. And I complain about the simplest of things.
I hope nothing more happens I really do!
As the others said - Stay Safe!! xx

Amy said...

Wow what a mess. Stay safe. Thanks for your kind comments today.

Lan Nguyen said...

Hey, new reader to your blog. I got interested when you commented on Tama's blog and said you sold MK and thought it was a ripoff; me too. :) That said, your life the past few days sounds like you're in the middle of an SVU episode. I hope this is just one really bad crime filled week, and everyone in your family stays safe.

Lisa Anne said...

I feel like writing the Mayor of the city to complain. It's just getting out of control. What kind of parents raise their kids to be like this.

as Rodney King would say "Can't we all just get along?"

Five Moms & A Blog said...

It is a little bit crazy everywhere I think . When the economy is not soo hot then crime rises. Sad but true. We have had some odd stories of crime in our parts as well.

All stay safe and keep that "Smart 4th grader" on his toes!!! LOL.

Thanks for your comment on the 5 moms blog today!


Tater Tot Mom said...

It's kinda crazy here too...we've seen our juvenile crime rate sour over the last few months and seems like I'm always hearing some crazy story!

We have some domestic issues going on next door to us too...they have four kids and their 2 year old just sits on their front porch half the time!

Stopping by after your visit to my site from SITS and just LOVE your blog. I'm definitely going to be a follower now!

Fiauna said...

Wow, that's stressful.

And, not trying to take away from the gravity of the situation, but that guy's last name is seriously *Burgerhouse*? What a crazy, funny last name.

MiMi said...

Okay, I agree with the Burgerhouse comment too. What a weird last name.
Anyway! This is absolutely terrifying! This is why I sometimes think of homeschooling. But then the freaks are still out there! Grocery stores, walking on the sidewalks, movies, etc. Can't get away from em. Ugh.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Oh My, stay safe Lisa

Vodka Logic said...

It is stupid on my part but it is why I avoid the news most of the time.
I work in a hospital and know how kids are getting hurt and mangaled totally unnecessary.