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Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh My Grey’s! The Top 10 Moments of Grey’s Anatomy


I wasn't to happy with the 2hr premier, I thought it was okay, not what I was hoping for or expecting.

Then I read this and it did remind me as to why I started watching this show in the first place.


September 25, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy kicked off season 6 with a two-hour episode that picked up where the finale’s cliffhanger left off. In between the crying fits (which came fast and furious for 120 minutes), we compiled the top 10 OMG (as in ‘Oh My Grey’s‘) moments as the doctors of Seattle Grace tried to survive losing one of their own. –Carrie Bell

Audacity of Hope: For a brief moment, George fans wondered if a goodbye was necessary when Lexie claimed the body was too tall and the others questioned Meredith’s finger-writing interpretation skills. But Callie checked for his Texas-shaped freckle and confirmed the end of 007. Unless, of course, Izzie starts hallucinating again. (We bet George would be up for some ghost sex.)

Four Residents and a Funeral: When the remaining four original interns stepped away from the burial unable to control their snickers, it had the authenticity, emotion and humor of season 1, and reminded us of why we started TiVo-ing the show in the first place.

She’s Alive: Izzie has been brought back from the brink of death and is showing improvement. (Notice she’s not cured, so the Katherine Heigl exit rumors can continue.) Her recovery left her new hubby distant and constantly worried about her fragility. “You made me let you in. You made me love you. If I lose you, I won’t survive,” he cried in one of the most poignant scenes.
Mister Skin: Whoever came up with the idea that Deredith should sleep their way through their grief in every room of their house and get caught by Izzie and Alex should get a raise. If the same person is responsible for showing off Sloan’s body (with conveniently placed steam) in the shower and a shirtless Hunt, it should be a big one. McDreamy’s abs should be featured as much as his hair.

Blast From the Past: Grey’s has a history of hiring big names and turning them into character actors (Eric Stoltz, Christina Ricci, Tyne Daly and Chris O’Donnell) and the tradition continued with Martha Plimpton as a mom desperate to get help for her son who proved hard to diagnose. Bet that Goonies line “Never say die” came in handy.

Bailey Breakdown: Seattle Grace’s tough cookie started to unravel after George’s death. Bailey told Derek of her plan to be detached and cold in the future: “I have to stop caring so much. I have to save it for my son. I can’t keep giving it away here.”

Dang, Yang: Owen’s shrink instructed him to abstain from sex with Cristina, saying, “To heal, he’s going to have to start talking. If you get lost in lust, he won’t start.” No sex made Cristina grumpy. She made one inappropriate comment after another (including one about cancer patients unfairly getting the good popsicles), nicknamed a boat-accident “patient ceviche” and butted in on Bailey’s case.

These Lines: “He was kind of a dorky little dude. Was he hung?” and “Yeah, I played the cancer card. I’m gross. Whatever,” and “If you know a way to sugarcoat a colostomy bag, I would like to hear it,” and “How gay are you on a scale from 1 to gay?”

Group Think: The duty of narrating fell on all the regulars this time and it was a nice and unexpected touch, especially as the voiceover dealt with the stages of grief and how they look different depending on whose wearing them. Bravo.

Ripped from the Headlines: Like hospitals across the U.S., Seattle Grace is facing budget cuts and layoffs. The Chief made Arizona cry when he denied her MRI request and Torres jumped ship when he couldn’t give her a promotion. The board was breathing down his neck, offering his position to Der and eventually came up with a plan to merge with their biggest competitor, Mercy West. The Chief announced, “I wish I could tell you all you will survive.” As fear spread across everyone’s faces, you couldn't help but think things are going to get ugly.

Well the people of PEOPLE.com, if you are going to put it that way than yeah that was a great way to start the season. Can't wait for next week!!

Has your shows season premiere started? What did you think of it, if it has?


Anonymous said...

They missed the best line of the night..."When it hurts so much you cant breath.... that's how you stay alive"


Lisa Anne said...

You watch Grey's? I didn't know that, you never commented on it before.


I have all the seasons on DVD, even 1 season I have 2 of them.

JennyMac said...

haha...i had to skip this entire post and only read about your Halloween treat boxes because we have Grey's on DVR since we werent home last night. I am SO tempted to see what you wrote...u

Amy said...

I thought it was a great night. I did cry because I really like George. It was a great show. I guess they are opening up since there is going to a lot of changes with the new hospital thing happening. It should be a great season. I am waiting for the Sunday shows on ABC to start and next Thursday Private Practice is coming on.

Nikki said...

soooo awesome!!! my show is also greys:) love it love it!! and love your blog for putting up all these parts of why its so awesome:) It was so great that Izzy survived, thank God! I'm so glad her and Alex worked things out at the end and he finally told her how he felt. And my favorite part of the whole show was during the funeral when they leave and all start cracking up! I started laughing too:)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I loved it last night. My kids were in bed by 8 so I wouldn't be interrupted. I instructed the dogs they were not to play and hubby not to call. I thought it was so touching and sad.

kyslp said...

My DVR was overloaded last night and I missed the first hour of Grey's. Didn't catch the problem till 10pm. So I'm not the best judge of the episode. For me it was just ok. I enjoyed your review though.

Kimi said...

I love Grey's. It is the only reason I miss having cable.

Evonne said...

I love Grey's! I loved the premiere! Thanks for filling me in on the Goonies mom - it was driving me nuts trying to figure out who she was!!!

Do you think any of the main characters are going to leave the show with the whole merger and not everyone surviving it thing?

Mighty M said...

Right now my favorite is Glee, which just started this year. I am waiting for "Lost" to start in January. I don't watch Grey's! ;-)

MiMi said...

I heard it wasn't as good as people were hoping, but they mostly liked it...
I watched FlashForward, did you watch that? It premiered last night. It's good!

Lisa said...

I think it would have been so much better if I didn't already know who died. It was good, I just wanted shocking, it would have been shocking if I didn't already know. Damn celebity tabloids.

I didn't watch flashforward, however as I'm typing this, i'm re-watching greys and just saw they previews for it. I think its on again tonight a special encore.

jennie.newland said...

I LOVE GREYS!!! I have watched it from the first, and try to never miss an episode! Its my favorite!

Mama Mel said...

Loved it! I was so excited to watch my favorite show last night! I think the best line was when Bailey said, "In medical school we have a hundred classes that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson in how to go on living". Powerful, and true...

Kristin said...

Can you believe I've only ever watched one episode?

Ashylee said...

OMG i heart Greys! I too thought it was a little bit different but I still loved it! Glad to find a fellow watcher!