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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BOOO YAH SON! My First Award!!

This is so crazy, I was just tagged and right when I finished writing my post and tagging my fav blogs, I come to find I've been given my FIRST AWARD.

(applause, applause, applause)

I thought I would have a speech prepared for this exact moment, but didn't know when this exact moment would be so I don't have one.

So here it goes.

(clears throat, dabbing the sides of my eyes to wipe away the tears)

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for making the Internet possible. To my fans, yes without you I'd be nothing. Wait is this the same speech I wrote when I was tagged for the first time? Possibly, I'm too lazy to check. Anyway does it matter. I won an award and you didn't so there!

Thank you OH SO PRETTY http://ohsoprettyjewelrystudio.blogspot.com/, who's blog has been beautifully re-mastered and now has 3 columns after many hours of blood sweat and tears!! Congrats on being so technically savvy as we all know I am not.

So speaking of me not being technically savvy, I don't know how to officially accept the award and post it here on my blog. Ummm isn't there some code I just paste into the widget things in my layout section?

This is so embarrassing.

Can we take a commercial break?

Commercial break is now over!

As you can see I figured out how to "Accept my Award" WHOOT WHOOT.

Back to commercial break till I figure out who I want to pass it on to.

In need of some assistance, or a blogging for dummies book!


Emma Hughes said...


You have to right click on the award and save it... and then upload it as you would any other picture :)

Congrats on the award :)

Lisa Anne said...

I knew you would come to my rescue. Thank you!!

shortmama said...

Thanks for coming by my blog....I voted for you to be united...because I am a long time, LOYAL Cowboys fan!!! Cmon girl, for the good of humanity...cross over!

shortmama said...

Oh and if you need a blog book club to join come on over to Read With Girlfriends. www.readwithgirlfriends.blogspot.com

Vodka Logic said...

There is a blogging for dummies book, (I have it lol)

congrats xx

The818 said...


Amy said...

Yeah on your award...

Connie K said...

Congrats on the Award !!! Loved your speech :) And Thank you for stopping bye today!
Chat with ya soon

Vicki said...

WARNING: do not drink soda and read Lisa Anne's blog. The soda may shoot out your nose and onto the screen. You crack me up. I am glad I read this AFTER I posted about my first award or I would have had stage fright feeling like I had to compare with the glamour
P.S. Where is your stinkin' button? I came to steal it but it is not here.