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Monday, July 27, 2009

Side Effects of the Damn Good Margarita!

Side Effects of a “Damn Good Margarita!”

Scene 1:

It is Friday evening and we are driving home from a long days work. It is 100 degrees outside and getting hotter as we work our way through the valley towards home. Sweat beads fall from my hair line down the sides of my face, too cheap to turn on the air conditioning and waste gas, as the hot air blasts in through the windows. My stomach gargles. I say to myself, “Hungry? Yes I am.” The BF is sleeping next me, sweat beads forming on his forehead too as he snores. I think to myself, how he is sleeping in this heat, but he works hard and getting up at 5am every morning can take its toll.

Light bulb suddenly appears up above my sweaty head!

Damn Good Margarita! With one hand on the wheel the other hand reaches towards the center console to grab my blackberry. My other hand grabs the phone and my Knee is now steering the car. I quickly text: “Orajle, Damn Good Margarita’s?” To both my neighbors.

Yes I text and drive, a very bad habit, it only happens sometimes, I mean only when it’s necessary. Hey if you’ve had a Damn Good Margarita before, you’d agree this was necessary. I just had to catch them before they started their own dinner. It’s just not the same having one alone.

Beep Beep.

“Oh Yeah” I think to myself as I check my text message. My smile quickly turns to a frown, Neighbor one declines.

Me: What!? This is Damn Good Margaritas we are talking about here. I can’t believe she declined. (I say softly to myself, but she has a good excuse, she’s in pain and on medication so she’s not up to going out, yet alone drinking)

Bummed and getting closer to home because I have not received a text from neighbor 2, I’m beginning to see my dreams of having a Damn Good Margarita fade further and further away. We arrive home and I plop on the couch, it’s so hot (92 degrees in the house).

ME: Damn I really need and want that Margarita

Impatient, I text neighbor 2 again.

Beep Beep.


A reply from neighbor 2, “We are down, meet you at your house at 6pm.”

Scene 2:

We are inside the restaurant, it’s called Orajle and the waiter is loud and insane. Whenever you or anyone walks into the restaurant, he greets you with a loud “Orajle.” We laugh as this is a fun place to be especially when winding down with drink in hand. The BF and D order a Beer while myself and A order, yes you got it, the Damn Good Margarita.

Well that’s what it is called, it’s even written on the menu as Damn Good Margarita! Why is it so damn good, well as you drink it, the waiter constantly comes buy and pours more tequila and Grand Marnier into it. It’s like the drink never ends, you definitely get your $8 worth. They don’t play games here this is the real deal, no blender no fruity flavors. Just a very large glass of the original Margarita, and some salt if you want it. Damn it’s good!

ME: This is so good. Wha wha wha wha wha (I’m a buzzed, hey I don’t drink so I don’t remember the conversation, it’s like the peanuts cartoon, insert teachers voice here.)

D: What you really want to go to Reno right now?

ME: Yeah it’s like 3 hrs away, we can go pull an all nighter and come home in the morning.

The guys chuckle in the background and look at me like I’m crazy. Hey I’m buzzed; I don’t really know what I’m saying. We pay the bill and next thing you know we are in the car driving to Reno.

Is this really happening. Road Trip, you have to love the spontaneous moments.

The BF drives, and it’s a crazy drive. 10 minutes into the drive A reads the GPS wrong and off in the opposite direction we go. Great way to start it off A, Thanks A lot. LOL Back on track now, we head up 80 into the Mountains. What have they done to the roads? One section is like driving through a bobsled course, K rails on both sides barely as wide as the truck.

After a fun nervous ride, we arrive just after midnight at our destination, Circus Circus. We waste no time and get right to it, Black Jack it is for D, BF and I as A head over to the Texas Hold em tables. Not a bad start, for us. After playing some craps and meeting some fellow peeps from the YOCH, yes we meet people from our small ass town. We couldn’t believe it. We walked over to the Silver Legacy, where Pai Gow poker was in full effect.

ME: Hey JUNG how’s your night going? So please bare with me as I try to remember how to play.

Jung the dealer rolls his eyes; apparently it’s been a long night for him too. He is rude and constantly looking around for someone to relieve him. Another man sits at the table to play, they talk to eachother, well mostly Jung complains about his shift. He is far from patient. I’ve never met a dealer like him. I wanted to punch his face in. Finally a new dealer. Everyone is doing well but me. Pai gow hand after Pai gow hand.

ME: Screw this I’m heading to find a blackjack table. I can’t catch a break here.

Blackjack is where we spend the rest majority of the night and early morning. Props to the wonderful Mrs. Bobbie and the great hands she dealt us all, even if in the end she still took all our money. Next thing we know its 7am and we head home after being awake for 32hrs straight.

Props to the Penny slot machine I played before heading to the car, 2 pulls and I had $80. Great to go home with almost the same amount you came with.

The side effects of the Damn Good Margarita.

Oh did I mention, I lasted till about 6:30am and then ended up throwing up in the bathroom, and well in the parking lot in front of the car too. Hey again I was up for 32hrs straight and I rarely drink. Give me a break!

Your drunken hot mess known as me.


celyn said...

Did you see dad? They were there for Mikes Bachelor party all weekend.

Lisa Anne said...

LOl no wasn't there long enough. Funny I see other people from our neighborhood I don't even know. We almost went to the Nugget, I know he was there if anything. But Circus Circus and the legacy and the strip seemed more appealing.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

The fact that you made it through 32 straight hours is no laughing matter. I am damn impressed!

I forgot to mention that you should check out our Northern California Bloggers Network on Facebook if you ever have the chance:


Highlighting great writers like you is our mission in life!


Kelly said...

DAMN! That must have been a Damn Good Margarita!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Girl, I got tired just reading your post! It's been a LONG time since I've pulled an all nighter of Margaritas and driving and gambling. My all nighters will usually consist of cleaning up kids vomit versus my own, LOL! Glad you had a blast with your friends and BF!

Amy said...

What a fun time. Loved this post....

Lisa Anne said...

Sorry I don't do the whole Facebook thing. I'm just not into the whole FB FAD.

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