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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm not dead.......

"I'm not dead just floating, right between the ink of my tattoo i've tried to hide my scars from you. I'm not scared just changing, right beyond the cigarette and the devilish smile, you're my crack of sunlight. I'm not scared at all, underneath the cuts and bruises, finally gained what no one loses, I'm not dead just floating."


I have a very important post I have yet to work on, but promise to eventually get to it very soon. I'm very busy with work and all, but wanted to post something letting you all know, yes I'm still alive.

In the crazy that is my life, this song pretty much sums up my morning...

Missed my alarm clock ringing

Woke up telephone screaming

Boss man singing his same old song

Rolled in late about an hour

No cup of coffee, no shower

Walk of shame with two different shoes on

Now it is poor me, why me, oh me

Boring the same old worn out blah blah story

There is no good explanation for it at all


Multiple personalities.. said...

Nice to 'see' you at my blog today, as always! Hang in there, take it one step at a time... two different shoes and all. :-)

Amy said...

Oh what a day. I hope it gets better...

Kelly said...

I love that song! It could be the theme song to my life on most days :)