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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I child proofed my house, but he still manges to get back in!!

Need I say more?


Lisa Anne said...

What do you do when it's 104 degree's outside and your child is walking around the house saying "Mommy I'm bored, Mommy i'm hungry, Mommy, Mommy". You're hot and sweaty and your patience has run thin, from the lack of sleep due to this un-godly heat. So You're cranky and tired and just want to disapear into the rays of the sun, but you can't because "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." keeps you hear on the ground. Make it stop, someone please shut him up!

You would think as they got older it would pass, it hasn't it's gotten worse, but somewhere deep inside I love it. Yes It's a catch 22, you go nuts when they are around, yet once they are gone you miss it. Kids you gotta love em.

celyn said...

You throw them outside and give them a hose. Or you do what we did and join the gym and take them swimming.