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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calling all DESIGN STARS, HGTV Watchers and CREATIVE Ones alike


What you couldn't tell from looking at the photos? This is my backyard. Why is it that when builders build houses, they never LANDSCAPE the backyards! I am probably the least creative person in the world. I can barely match my clothes yet alone figure out a design for my backyard. I'm lucky because I already have a really nice stamped patio (thank you previous owners) however nothing else was completed. I also don't get how they put the stamped patio only along one side of the house. The side that doesn't even have a gate! How do you leave the other side where the garbage cans go all dirt? So in the winter, yes we have to step in mud to put the garbage cans out. I don't want to make unwise decisions like that, so I need your HELP.

ATTENTION ALL "GREEN" people!! Do you see that ugly green metal thing over the hot tub? We re-purposed that instead of throwing it away. The BF spray painted it to match the house and put a light brown cover on it! Sorry I don't have a recent picture (maybe I'll post recent pictures later), but it turned out amazing and gave me inspiration to want to be more green. There is this bench, also not picture, in our backyard bolted to the ground that I want to sand down and paint to match our patio set. I can't wait till this heat dies down to start that project. As mentioned, we also purchased a really nice matching patio set to put under the re-purposed patio cover. PROBLEM, the patio cover, the patio set, the hot tub and BBQ are all squished onto that little stamped patio and we have all this open space. We need to spread it out.

A retaining wall is a must. I know that and we definitely want to push the hill back for more room. Your backyard can never be too large. The BF wants a Basketball hoop, so cement somewhere is inevitable. Hey, I kinda want the B-Ball hoop too. I want a nice lawn but small, nothing to hard to maintain, maybe a raised deck with a pergola to put the patio set on. On the side of the house, a garden is already in the works. We love growing Veggies. Otherwise, I don't know that's why I am asking you, the people!

So the million dollar question. Can I afford this? Am I looking at 20 thousand dollars to re-do my backyard? I mean the retaining wall easily 5 to 7 thousand dollars (so I was quoted.) What the heck does something like this cost? Are there things I can do on my own? Now I'm not handy with tools, so this has to be really user friendly ideas. It's going to take years to finish, but I can at least start little projects now and have a vision to work towards. Who knows maybe I'll win the lottery.


Help me design my perfect backyard!

Help me to get on HGTV!

Send me your Do It Yourself ideas!

And of course, donations are always welcome. j/k, but seriously!

I know this is a lot to ask, but hey this is your obligation as a parent to help me out, RIGHT?

Sincerely Desperate.


Amy said...

My computer shut down I hope you got my comment..

Amy said...

Looks like you did not. Well I said maybe move the hot tub back a little. Get some fun colorful chair for you patio, a little wall would be nice and some flower beds??? I hope this helps..

jennie.newland said...

Your house is beautiful! I am so jealous! I am no landscaper so I have no ideas for you, but I just wanted to let you know that I think your house is pretty!

Alicia said...

ha! i'm the worst person to ask! you should see my backyard....it is tore up!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Hmm, that backyard certainly has potential. And the truth is, your cost is going to depend on how much you can do yourselves, and how much you have to outsource. If I were you, I'd take advantage of some of the free how-to classes they offer either at Lowes or Home Depot, where you can learn how to do stuff yourselves. To get rid of that hill you will definitely need to rent one of this mini bulldozer thingys. You know that somewhat flat area past the hot tub (the grassy part)? You could take advantage of that too by building a type of platform for your hot tub, that would free space on the cement. Then move the canopy over there too, add some drapery to give you some privacy. Those are just a few ideas. Hope this helps!