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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O. YOU could never be Jell-O.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and "smell the coffee!" Take it back to when life was simple, no fancy meals or cell phones, a world where you could just send your kids outside to play and not have to worry. The good ole' days as I like to call them. Hot summer days sipping on cold fresh lemon aide (made from real lemons and sugar) not pre-packaged. A world where as kids we played outside everyday instead of on the computer.
When I think of simple and easy, refreshing and wonderful. I think of JELLO. Strawberry and Orange layered Jello to be exact. Sugar-free or regular, this is a past-time treat. Low calories, super easy to make and costs maybe $.45 per box. It just doesn't get better then that. I don't even need to FooFoo it up with fancy whipped cream or fresh fruit. This is about simplicity. The simple pleasures of life.
Inspired by the boys, who both were craving Jello last week at different times to be exact. It just so happens that I have a ton of it in my pantry, so they were in luck. Just add boiling water and cold water and WHAMO, you have great tasting refreshing JELLO. It doesn't get better then that.


Multiple personalities.. said...

Yum! I love Jello too! You can actually dress it up too, with fresh fruits, flavored whipped creams and such. Thanks for sharing...it was nice meeting you via SITS!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Just read your comment on my blog, thanks for that! You can pretty much put whatever reflects who you are and what you want your blog to be. If you are looking for REALLY gorgeous blog templates, check out http://www.simplyfabulousbloggertemplates.com That's where I got mine. It took me a while to really get mine the way I like, several attempts and mistakes, but I got there. Just play around until you get what you like. The most important thing is make it yours. Have fun! I look forward to hearing from you again!

Lucy said...

It's jelly to us brits but I just love it. jelly and ice cream, oh yes. childhood RE-LIVED! Half the fun is getting the jelly into your mouth, if it reaches your mouth without any sigifnicant wobbles, that's quite an achievement.