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Monday, July 13, 2009

A determined hand never tires, it just cramps up till you can’t use it anymore

As a child my mom use to crochet blankets all the time. We all loved them, they were so warm and thick. She made many baby blankets and all of her grandchildren received them. Since she has left us, there are a few grandchildren who were not so lucky as to have received their blankets. So as determined as I am, and my thirst of all things new, I logged onto youtube and taught myself how to crochet (yes my ends are uneven, but hey this is my 1st blanket).
Since then I’ve also taught both my neighbors how to crochet, and still need to show my sister, even though she said she knew how and would teach me, but I saw your twisty twirly attempt at a blanket turned scarf. What happened to that scarf, did you finish it? Take a pic and add it to my comments page.

Anyway, a few months have gone by since I started this new adventure of crocheting, and I’m about a quarter, if that, done. God bless you mom, how you made so many in short periods of time. This is hard work. It’s very time consuming and painful to the hand (your hand cramps up so bad when your 1st learning but after a few weeks it goes away, sort of). The overall result, in the end, if I ever get there, will make it all worth while. So here’s my first blanket, I started out HUGE (big mistake, a scarf should have been the way to go, but my motto “go big or go home!”) . It looks bigger than it really is at this point in time. I think I will have it completed around December. It’s summer too remember, in 90 degree weather you can only have a blanket draped across your lap for so long. Plus hey I have a life, dinner to be made, TV shows to be watched and blogs to write.

Thanks Mom, and well gotta give props to grandma for teaching mom the great past time you have given me, and my hopes to pass it along to those who would like to learn. Love ya!


celyn said...

I do know how to crochet. I have the scarf. Being worse then you; I start stuff and never finish. Grandma taught me how. I had not done it in years if you remember me telling you that.

You are right. Mom's blankets kept many people not just us warm. Under one the world felt safe and life was not so bad. I still use one she made. Often curl up when I feel down and remember her with a sigh and a nap.

Angela said...

Your blanket is AWESOME! Very ambitious for your first project, you are definitely more brave than I was for my first project!!! :)

In a comment you left on my blog (thanks by the way!!) you mentioned your were having some problems keeping your rows straight. That exact same thing used to happen to me all the time! So, let me ask you this, do you count your stitches as your going along? It can be tedious, but it can really help. Also, I've found the longer I crochet, the more familiar I become with how each stitch looks and that helps me in keeping rows in order too. Hope that helps.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

Angela from Angela's Soliloquy
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