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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's your chocolate say about you?

Anyway as I was replying to all my comments last Friday and visiting every one's blogs when I came across the:

Over at THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF KRIMSIN. If you have not been to her blog, you have to check it out. She is one of my most loyal and dedicated followers and commenter's. She just plain rocks, so go visit her!!

So what does the Chocolate Oracle say about me?


Apparently enjoying eating Dark Carmel Covered Star Shaped chocolate makes one classy!

I have to laugh, because if loving to wear flip flops, jeans and hoodies is classy than I think the definition in the dictionary needs to be re-written. I mean if classy means you will burp loud in public, blow your nose at the dinner table and drop food on your chest when you eat, than yeah I'm totally classy!

I don't want to piss off the oracle, so I'm rolling with it!!

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class. LOL YA RIGHT!!
Your taste is refined, but you are not picky. PAAALEASE, do you know me?
You are often the first to try something new. YEAH OKAY I AGREE WITH THAT
You are emotionally expressive and sensitive. MAYBE A LITTLE SENSITIVE.
You're effect by everything around you. UMM NOT REALLY.
Your friends appreciate your open heart, but they are afraid of hurting your feelings. WHAT FRIENDS? I HAVE FRIENDS?
You love new adventures and activities. OH YES I DO!! ROAD TRIP??
You enjoy living a full life, even if it is chaotic. MAYBE SOMETIMES.
You feel lost when things are quiet. YEAH NOT SO MUCH!
You rather not think...you prefer to just do! SO TRUE, SO TRUE. I HATE USING MY BRAIN.

What's your chocolate oracle saying about you?


Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Thinking, OUT. Doing, IN.
I enjoyed you post. Loved your answers!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Kimi said...

The Oracle says I'm Mellow.

And I think your classy. Classy like me. Classy like wearing flip flops to church service. That's how I roll.

Alice in Wonderland said...

LOL!! My chocolate is saying that it is cold, in the usual hiding place, at the back of the fridge, and could it please be in my tummy to get warmed up?

our b life said...

Mine says I'm mellow. Which is so true. And that I don't like drama or people who are unrealistic. Which is also true.
Thanks for sharing that was super fun!

happy mama said...

Who knew you could learn so much about yourself from a little piece of chocolate!

I am:


You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.
You don't like anything too intense and dramatic.
Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past.

You are full of life and vigor.
You have an amazing amount energy, and you keep very active.
Some people feel like you can't focus on them. You do tend to be restless

Evonne said...

You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.
You don't like anything too intense and dramatic.
Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past.

I think chocolate says for me to buy more - my supply is running out! But according to the oracle, I'm mellow...

"You are laid back and fairly easy to please.
All you need in life is your friends.
Sometimes you go along to get along... but you don't mind.

You love being around people. Friendships are important to you.
You feel lost when you're by yourself... so you tend to avoid being alone."

It's true, except for the last part. I'm married with kids - I greatly value and enjoy alone time!

Tater Tot Mom said...

I love quizzes!

My Chocolate Oracle says I'm mellow. I would kind of agree with that. It said am sensitive (yeah okay, I'll buy that) and I crave romance (yeah, I know now tell my husband!).

He he, I'm always dropping food on my chest too!

Krimmyk said...

Aww, you think I'm all loyal and stuff! Do you know why...YOUR blog ROCKS!!!! And I think you are crafty and live vicariously through you, hehehe. That's why. :)

Vodka Logic said...

Mine says I am fat and should stop eating it ... lmao

Debbie said...

I always love seeing how different I am from what these things say. I enjoyed reading about you here!

Emma Louise said...

Loving the new layout!!! :D xx

Amy said...

I like the new blog it looks wonderful. She did a great job. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Tricia McWhorter said...

I LOVE your new blog design. Don't know about the chocolate, but the design is certainly classy!!

Savvy Gal said...

hm... i have to find out. i adore chocolate.

shortmama said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!

what? you mean there are people out there that dont burp loud in public? who are they?

Unknown Mami said...

You sound like my kind of classy!

I am famous for my burps.

Frugal Vicki said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog! It is a fantastic job! I really really like it! and BTW, thanks for the advice. It was about my sister, and while no one is really being hurt PHYSICALLY.....Your advice meant a lot to me.

Trac~ said...

I LOVE the new blog design - you did an AWESOME job! I'm glad your poor kitty is okay - maybe that will teach her to behave more though! LOL

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love the new header!

Jackie at 3littleones said...

too funny! i have to go check this out now :) btw - I love your blog design!

yonca said...

New look is GREAT!!! i don't know the answer yet. I have to find out:)

yonca said...

New look is GREAT!!! i don't know the answer yet. I have to find out:)

thatdesigngal said...

Hmmm...Interesting! I will have to try it!

I like this blog design, grabbing your button!

Sorry, can't share the kitten, but yours is too cute too! Such a sweet face (even though she has a wild streak!)

Life Made Creations said...

LOVE your new look! Off to Choc Oracle. I'm definitely not classy--I don't like dark chocolate! I'll be back to tell you what I am.

kyslp said...

Great blog design! Did you do this one yourself?

I don't discriminate against any kind of chocolate. I do prefer dark though.

The Royal Family said...

my square cinnamon truffle in milk chocolate says i'm MELLOW hmph!