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Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm in Kitty H.E double hockey sticks


Last night I saw POOP on my carpet. No not pumpkin poop, real poop and if you read the 10 things about me then you know I HATE POOP OR PEE on my carpet. It's the whole reason why we have a cat and not a dog.

As you can imagine I was furious. So I go after the cat, who I notice has a large piece of poop hanging off her butt. WHAT THE...................I grab her for further poop inspection. The dangling poop is attached to yarn. A long piece of yarn, which makes this not your typical dingleberry. So I take her into the bathroom, grab toilet paper and pull the poop and the yarn out of her butt. NASTY!! Where the heck did she get yarn? Slightly vomit in my mouth, just a little bit.

I wish I had gotten a picture of this, but it actually made me more nervous than grossed out. She could have died. Yeah I'm serious.

I took Chloe to the vet on Saturday for her 2nd set of Booster shots. It was her 3 month birthday to the day. She is 2 pounds, 9 ounces and is small for her age. She's going to be about 8 pounds full grown. Is that large or small for a cat? Anyway there was cat there who had eaten 2 feet of string and almost died. It had emergency surgery, can you imagine that vet bill? I don't want that vet bill, or the stress that comes with possibly losing my kitty.

After the poop incident I caught her being a pain in the butt AGAIN (I know you saw my previous post about her getting into everything)

Yes that is her ON TOP of ROMO bird's cage. Before she would just stalk him from the tables, now she is actually ON his cage. Oh HECK NO!!

I mean to be honest and fair the bird does tease Chloe, I'm serious he can be a total A-hole that bird, however this is just not acceptable.

Oh yeah, there is more. Check this out!

Yeah she's in our bathroom. Can you tell by the reading material and the toilet paper. I see you eye balling the toilet paper and I don't think so Missy!!

I walk away for one second and she found the roll!! I am not pulling toilet paper out of her bung hole, with poop attached on it. I'm so over this!

I consulted with thatdesigngal and she advised me to pull out the big guns. So I did!

Introducing the BIG Guns!!

Chloe quickly showed me that it would be no match for her. Yeah she attacked it and pulled open the cap to the water, causing this mess. Are you SERIOUS? Do I really need to call NANNY 911, for my KITTEN?

Then I lost her, where the heck could she have gone? She's like a ghost, I found her here only cause I spotted her baby blues. Can you see her? How did she get behind my blinds?

Finally after all that she settled down on her condo for a nap.

Why can't she be this quiet and calm all the time? Oh I just can't wait for her to wake up.



Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

LOL! See, this is why I have dogs! Put a bell on her collar so you can hear her and then you will know where she is!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Hey Lisa,
I agree with Lee.A small bell could solve the problem.
Your cat is sooo cute. I love your cat. The picks are amazing.!
I really enjoyed your post.
It brightened my day :)
Have a lovely weekend.!
hugs hugs

Trac~ said...

LOL girl! You continue to crack me up daily! I LOVE cats - they are my favorite animals because they are hardly ever any trouble but your baby, Chloe, is just being a kitten - she will eventually grow out of all the troublemaking! HA! She's a cutie pie for sure! xoxoxo

Mighty M said...

Sounds like my kids! ;-)

Evonne said...

Your cat is soo cute! She's using her cuteness to try and get away with stuff...kinda like my kids! The bell is a good idea. Good luck!

Kimi said...

Holy shiz! Seriously you need to get that cat a pair of devil horns for Halloween. This is why I have the worlds greatest puppy. Seriously my dog is great. Of course I've had dogs from Hades too.

Emma said...

Haha.. I did think 'How Cute' at the beginning , but then towards the end I'm thinking 'Total Trouble!!' :)

Lisa Anne said...

I can't put a bell on her. We just found a collar last night big enough to fit her, cause she is so small. We purchased a cute pink heart tag and had her name engraved on it. She keeps trying to eat her tag. I tried to put a bell on her nad she went nuts running in circles. I wish I could put a bell on her.

The good thing is she comes when you call her, and guess what!! I'm teaching her to SHAKE. Yeah like you can teach a dog to shake, Chloe Shakes. LOL

Yesterday she knocked over the laundry basket and trapped herself under it. It was pretty funny.

Angry Julie Monday said...

Stopping by from SITS! Your kitteh is hilarious. Yea, they can eat things and they get caught up in their intestines, silly kittehs...

I hope you have a great weekend!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Your cat is worse than a kid! At least the kids don't eat yarn :)

Nikki said...

lol she is so cute!! (even if she is the devil:)) I guess she's been eating yarn to have it come out in her poop, my puppy lealu has a toy that is made of a bunch of yarn tied together that she can rip apart and its happened a few times where I go to clean it up and there's strings, its gross! but its gotta come out I guess lol:)

Great idea to use the water gun! they apparentely hate being sprayed!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Your kitten is just gorgeous! I'm getting my two either tomorrow or next Saturday, so that will be double trouble! I'm so looking forward to bringing them home though!
Everything is ready for my babies!
Big Hugs!

Emmy said...

So sorry! That is almost worse than a toddler.
Glad she is okay and that poop story, yeah that was disgusting.

Traci Michele said...

Hey Lisa Anne,

All this time I thought you weren't interested in a blog makeover, and you were! I'm so sorry.

I sent you an email to your hotmail address.

Please forgive me.

I'll get to work!

MiMi said...

Oh no girl, you know how I feel about cats?? And this just strengthens my point. She is the devil in disguise. I bet she gets up early every day to file her horns down so you can't see em. And the bird knows it! He watches her, that's why he's an A-hole. :)

thatdesigngal said...

Thanks for the Shout Out!!! What a sweet little face! She is a smart little thing. Mine haven't been able to crack open our guns...lol

Well, keep at it, I'm sure that she will figure it out!


I have a new post up about the baby with some pretty cute pics!

shortmama said...

Shes like another child LOL

Raising Z said...

Yikes! You have your hands full with that one :) Here's to hoping she calms down when she grows up. Either that or she will probably cash in all 9 of her lives!

Frugal Vicki said...

Awwww, not that sweet little thing! Look how cute she is! She could do NO wrong!

Amy said...

What a big day for that cat. You can link up as many things as you like for the Round Robin. I think I am going to use the pix stick idea for Alyce's B/day party.

Alicia said...

awww but she's so CUTE!!! and she's like having a toddler all over again!! lol...but still...those pictures are just too dang cute... good luck with this one, she's a little spitfire!


mischievous little kitty...the bird must be quite traumatized! haha...
Have a great weekend darling!

yonca said...

I had a dog. Never had a cat:)
But, she is definitely sooo cute!

Jody said...

That's a GREAT kitty!



Unknown Mami said...

Yarn and poop! Yuck. I can't believe you had to pull it out.

She is awfully cute though.

Angela said...

She's so beautiful. I could never imagine her being so horrible. And like my 3 year old says, "princesses don't poop", so how could she be too blame? lol

Following from MBC. You can see me at http://thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

mom2triplets04 said...

Your cat is adorable. I had a cat that looked just like yours. She passed away this past year. I miss her a lot.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

We put a bell on our kitty when we got her. She was a naughty one but there is hope! She is an angel now.

Vodka Logic said...

That is funny and to catch it all on film is awesome.

My cats used to sit on top of the guinea pig cage and just swat at them. Fortunately they couldnt reach them

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Yay we thought gettig a cat would be the mellow choice too... but NOOOOOOOO! She randomly attacks us out of nowhere. And runs away everytime we open the door. Grrrrr. I cant wait till she gets older.

SupahMommy said...


if your kitty were a kid
you'd have to be having conferences


the cage one .. too cute..

and the squirt gun...
get a spray bottle baby.
or fill a jar with pennies and shake the shit out of that... when she does something bad.

xoxox supah