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Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular - Triple Threat!

It's a triple threat of Halloween Spooktacularness.

I created all of these great items in about 2hrs. YES 2hrs! I'm a busy girl and only have time to create crafts that don't take me FOREVER to make. That and I just don't have patience for anything that takes more than an hour.

Plus you know, I'm a busy person! People to see, autographs to sign, 40th Birthday parties to attend and work to be done. Yes I have TWO jobs and sometimes I have to work on the weekends. Luckily i'm able to work from home.

LET'S get ready to RUMBLE!

First up on the craftacular, spooktacular list.


Now I've seen this tree on a lot of blogs, It was my idea first people! LOL just kidding, every blog I have seen this on, I thought did a wonderful job. One blog stuck out over the rest, BE DIFFERENT ACT NORMAL, created a giant version of the ghost tree. Click on the link and check it out! While you are on her blog, you have to peek around, she's got some great Halloween crafts and ideas. I originally got the idea of the Ghost tree from Crafting Chicks, however I couldn't find "cheap" Halloween ornaments.

This project COST ME $.96 cents!! I like to round my numbers so in my eyes this project cost me ONE Dollar. YEAH you read that right ONE DOLLAR TO MAKE this wonderful project!

"Oh my gosh LISA, how did you manage to do that?"

Well I'll tell you how. I warned you people to have patience. Sheeesh!

The great orange pot? I've had that sitting around the house since ummm the beginning of summer. I tried to grow herbs in it, and well, let's just say I'm not good at gardening. The branches? Yeah I took those from my neighbor A's tree in her backyard. Well of course she knew I took them, she did let me into her backyard and all. The spray paint? The only item I had to purchase, $.96 cents from Walmart. Booh YA SON! The ghosts? Those are just tissues, and I have a ton of tissue boxes all over the house. I used white thread The BF gave me out of his sewing kit to hang the ghosts.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for. Here it is, in all it's ghostly glory!

Why do all my crafts look so much better in person? I guess like me, my crafts are just not photogenic

Up next


My son can vouch for me that I like to bling out anything I can. Yeah I blinged out his DS and he took off all the bling, because he thought it was too "girly!" Whatever BOY, do you how long it too me to put each little crystal on your DS to spell your name?

Anyway, I purchased these cute little pumpkins for $.25 each at Lucky's the other day and was trying to figure out what I could do to them to "spice" them up. Then I saw these glitter pumpkins over at I WANT TO MAKE THAT, day 9 of her 31 day Halloween challenge. I thought I had glitter hanging around the house, NO LUCK, all I could find was glitter glue and I just wasn't feeling that. Then I found these cute metallic leaves and thus the BLING BLING pumpkin was born.

It's not the greatest craft I have created, but it works. I figure I can use this decoration all the way through Thanksgiving. I have to admit, I really wish I had glitter in my house!

This craft cost me $.50 to make.YUP FIFTY CENTS, the cost of the pumpkins. I already had the glue and metallic leaves floating around the house.

So for under $2, I was able to make TWO Spooktacular Crafts! Talk about using YOUR STASH

Now for this weekends grand finale!


I told you all how I was planning to make the kids Halloween trick or treat bags, right? If not go read my past Spooktacular posts. Well I finally got to making them and let me tell you, I can bust these bags out ALL DAY. I think it takes me maybe 5 minutes to make each bag. That's right 5 minutes, cause I'm super fast like that!

All you need is some Halloween fabric. I purchased 1/2 yard of each design (except the grey and black skulls) and was able to complete 1 bag out of that half yard. The BF had some thin rope hanging out in the garage and I purchased the black thread when I was buying the fabric at Walmart. The Pumpkin and pirate skulls fabric was a little over $1 for a half yard. The Black and Grey skulls were more expensive at $4.44 for a yard. The Boy wanted the skulls, how do you say no to a cute spoiled 9 year old?

No I don't have patience to follow directions or by gosh, MEASURE fabric. So my bags, well they came out 3 different sizes. LOL Oh well they are work perfectly.

I have to thank, Valerie over at Frugal Family Fun Blog and her online sewing class for this project. Check out her blog! Her and her daughters create the best crafts, EVER!

Remember how I told you I couldn't give the kids an empty treat bag? Well here it is full of all my Halloween Spooktacular treats. Halloween treat boxes full of Halloween goodies, Pumpkin Poop, Pixie tricks and ghost gum.

Now for the other two bags.

This is the largest of the two bags. Opps, it's larger then it needs to be. LOL but hey it's for the child who wants a lot of candy.

That's all for this weeks Halloween Spooktacular. I have 3 more bags to make before Halloween. I'm curious to see which fabrics my sister chose for her two boys.

Come back next week for more Halloween Spooktacularness.


Lisa Anne said...

I don't mean to TOOT my own horn, but DAMN LISA, those trick or treat bags where a GREAT IDEA!!

I don't know, it's hard being this freakin cool and smart. Living life as a genius sure is tough. LOL

Someone Slap me!

Ashley T said...

I LOVE those bags! I'll have to do some of those myself!

BTW, I featured you in my follow 4 blog today. Thanks for the great posts! Keep them coming.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

First LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! Totally awesome!! Second LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halloween madness!! Thanks for the kudos. Whip me up some of those bags, will ya??

Raising Z said...

I love your ghost tree! Everything looks great (including your new blog design). I just wish I had the energy to do this stuff. I made paper jack-o-lanterns and ghosts with Z today. That was enough to put me on the couch for the last 30 min :)

Evonne said...

I love the pumpkins! I hate carving and we usually paint them, but my daughter would love to bling out some pumpkins this year! Thanks for the idea!

mom2triplets04 said...

Love your bags. Unfortunately, I followed directions and have small little bags. I need to make more but much bigger like you did as the ones I made won't hold much. But at least I used fabric I already had laying in my stash. My blog address is

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I'm speechless! girl!
I love, love them all!!
The tree is an inventive stuff!!
Bravo!!!All are awesome!!
Your template is fantastic. It suits you perfectly.The avatar is exactly you. so preety!
You always impress me.
hugs hugs

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Came back to say those bags are great!!

Kristin said...

LOVE the new header lady. SO cute!

Frugal Vicki said...

They are all super cute! I love the ghost tree! You are a very creative and crafty lady!

shortmama said...

Great job girl!

our b life said...

Your new blog design is so cute. Very hip. Embellishing the pumpkins is so cute. It beats the carving mess.

Kimi said...

All hail the Queen of Halloween Craftiness!! Seriously I'm excited about the cheapness because I'm all about a little holiday fun that only costs ONE DOLLAR. For reals, don't be shocked when you see that shiz on my blog tomorrow!

Yaya said...

Well aren't you crafty?!

yonca said...

Great job! They're very cute!

Emmy said...

So cute!! Love the ghost tree! I think we might have to make one. Hmmm, who's branches should I steal?

The Royal Family said...

way cute I have been wanting to do the ghost tree on cracking chicks too. Good improvision!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Your comment cracked me up!

I LOVE all of these ideas, and I was especially happy to see the treat bags all finished. They look fabulous!! Yay!!! Keep on stitching!

You rock! :-)

Alicia said...

you're right!! they are super cute..and you were right about the monkey thing too...they could totally make them!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Cute bags! You are WAY crafty. Do you bake as well? I'm a baker and a cooker, (well learning more recipes to cook). Visiting from SITS...Your blog is cool! Following you now.


Wow lady!
I'm going to say spooktacular a few times today & think of you...
FUN week darling!

Kekibird said...

LOVE THEM!! I'm totally stealing your Spooking Ghost Tree. We've made some ghosty with white cotton fabric and stuffed them with a potpourri of cloves, sassafras and angelica root for protection. They come out real cute with little faces drawn on :o)

Commenting back. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Melissa said...

What great bags! I love halloween-- always so fun! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I love to always see who stopped by so I can check out their blogs!

Trac~ said...

LOL girlfriend - you are CRACKING ME UP! Great job on all of your Halloween crafts - and yeah, you ARE just THAT DAMNED GOOD! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Mighty M said...

You do good work. I LOVE your first comment!! Cracking me up!! My favorite is the ghost tree. ;-)

Amy said...

These are all great ideas. Way to go and they do not cost much either. Thanks for sharing.

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

See there you go again adding to my list of crafty things to do!! I love the bags they are so perfect!!

Traci Michele said...

Very cute! U r OH SO CRAFTY!


TheSingleGirl said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm super nosy and looked at your profile. Your taste in music = perfect.

I LOVE the ghost tree. I'm super UNcrafty, but love crafty stuff...I have no creativity when it comes to making stuff. You do. I'll be back.


Karen said...

Those bags are awesome!

And I seriously think those blinged out pumpkins are adorable!

Momma Such said...

How cute! My boys would not go for the bling on their DS either...ha ha! But hey, if it's fun for mom, right? :)

Crafts look great! I might have to try decorating some pumpkins with the boys. Maybe mine can be all girly and I can get some boyish stuff for them. :)

Unknown Mami said...

I don't see why you shouldn't toot your own horn. It's very tootable!

just the two of us! said...

okay so those little trick and treat bags are such a fun idea! i love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Savvy Gal said...

great tips. i like the tree idea best.

Tricia McWhorter said...

I especially love the ghost tree! But I have to ask—have you mastered the art of crafting while commuting? I don't know where you find time to do all you do!! I'm in awe.

Lisa Anne said...

I've only been crafting on the weekends, plus I get up at 5am amd at work by 7am, leave work at 4pm and home about 6pm sometimes 630. There's plenty of time to cook dinner, 30 min rach ray meals or easy mac. LOL leaves plenty time to play with the kitty, the bunny, clean up a bit and watch my fav shows. I craft usually while watching the shows or mostly on the weekend. LOL

Remember I only chose QUICK crafts. lol

kyslp said...

The tree looks great and so do you!
I love the bags, too.

thatdesigngal said...

HOLY MOLEY GIRL! Crap, you are speedy! I like the treat bags, they are great!

So now I can't say that I am not doing anything for Halloween because of money...hmm. thanks.

lol j/k
Nice work!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Girl, you are on a Halloween crafts frenzy, and I'm so digging it! Thanks for showing my boy some love on my blog, that was so nice of you. :-) I love the blinged out pumpkins, they are too cute. I think they would make great center pieces for a Halloween party I'm helping to plan. Thanks for the idea! Can't wait to see more Halloween Spooktacular stuff!

Tammy said...

I love the tree and the pumpkins. They are so adorable.

TwentySomethingMomma said...

Okay, those are just about THE coolest Halloween crafts I've seen! The treat bags are especially impressive - LOVE the pirate-print fabric.

Amy said...

SO cute! I especially love the tree. I have been meaning to get into my backyard and cut some branches so I could make my own Halloween Tree. I plan on gluing little orange pompoms all over it so it will be a pumpkin tree.

By the way, I love the new look of your blog. Beautiful!

This Mama Rocks said...

Love all the crafts! Such a great idea.

Tater Tot Mom said...

You're so talented! I love the branches! I bought this tree thing from Michaels but it was too small and covered in black glitter that got all over everything. Needless to say, I returned it. This would be great. I have plenty of branches already! Great idea!

Mama Mel said...

Love all your cute crafts! Especially like the bling bling pumpkins and the bags! I have yet to make my bags from Valerie. I am behind on everything! :/

MiMi said...

Girl! You ROCK! I love all that stuff! I love those bags, I might have to make some too. I never measure my fabric. Or read patterns. It's like reading in Chinese or something. I don't understand em. :)