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Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanksgiving, HERE I COME!

I've always wanted to cook a Turkey, only I've always been afraid it would turn out burnt on the outside and completely frozen on the inside. This year, I'm determined to try! Even if we end up eating Chinese Food on Thanksgiving, I'm going to do all I can to prepare for the big day.

I have 9 months to get it right. What a better way to learn how to cook a turkey, then to start with my very own whole chicken.

For $7.12 you can have your own whole chicken! This will feed about 4 people. Buy fresh, not frozen so you don't have to worry about thawing it out. It's your first time cooking a chicken, make it as easy as possible. Beware: The neck and liver and guts are still inside the chicken. Yeah, I'm not a fan of cleaning out the inside of the chicken, that's just wrong, however someone has to do it. Don't forget to rinse your bird out, just fill the cavity up with water a few times to get it nice and clean.

So you have your chicken, now grab all the ingredients you will need to make this delicious bird!

You will need a crock pot for my recipe. No ovens here.

Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Oregano
Butter (everything is better with butter)
Cajun seasoning - We are taking this chicken to the next level
Salt and Pepper
White Wine
Chicken stock - Water, no water needed here!
Injector optional - It's like $2.99 at the grocery store

Using your hand, separate the skin from the meat near the opening of the chickens cavity. Be careful not to rip the skin. It maybe easier if you use a paring knife to help you out. Now don't go all healthy on me here by removing the skin. Leave it on, just don't eat it if you don't want to (your missing out on the Cajun spice if you don't.)

Rub the rosemary and oregano and garlic between the meat and the skin of the bird. Next cut up some slices of butted and stuff those in there as well.

Cut up your onion into large chunks and place it inside of the chicken's main cavity. You know, the place where you pulled out all the guts.

Salt and pepper the outside of the bird and sprinkle the Cajun seasoning all over. Don't be shy here, give that bird some flavor. I also sprinkled some more rosemary ontop of the chicken.

Place the chicken breast side up into the crock pot.

Pour some of the wine and chicken stock into your crock pot. Not to much, just enough to cover the lower part of your chicken. As the chicken cooks, it will generate it's own juices. You can then throughout the cooking process, use your injector to suck up those juices and inject them back into the chicken.

Cook on low for 6-8 hrs (8-10 if you open the lid to inject the juices.) The skin's going to be slimy after it's cooked, it's nasty to the touch, however, it's okay! The trick to this recipe is you end up with a great crispy

Here's how:

Once you've cooked the chicken remove it from the crock pot and place it on a baking sheet skin side up. My Chicken was so juicy and tender it fell apart as I tried to remove it from the crock pot. This is perfectly fine, because it doesn't matter how it looks, long as it tastes good! Cook at 450 for 10 to 15 minutes or however long it takes to turn a crispy golden brown. Do not over cook, you don't want it to dry out.

I served my chicken with garlic baked broccolini and potatoes.

Broccolini - Place spears on a cookie sheet. Drizzle EVOO all over the broccolini and mix it all up with some minced garlic. Place in the oven on 375 until it turns golden brown. This is so nutty and delicious. Thank You Rachel Ray.

Potatoes - Cut up red potatoes into to small squares. Cut up some onion similar in size to the potatoes. Place them both on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with EVOO, Montreal Steak Seasoning and minced garlic. Mix together and place in the oven at 375 until golden brown. These will take about 20 - 25 minutes to cook, so you'll put this in before the broccolini.

Dinner is served. Simple and delicious. Hoping the turkey is going to be just as easy.


Wendy said...

Looks Yummy!

~~Mel~~ said...

I cooked my first turkey last Easter...and then my second one just 6 weeks ago. Both times it turned out great. Since you're practicing with whole chickens you are one step ahead of me so I know it will turn out great!

Emmy said...

That looks good. I have cut apart a whole chicken once it grossed me out and enthralled me all at the same time :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That looks delish!!

MiMi said...

Geez! That looks awesome!!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Looks and sounds divine!
Happy week! my friend :O)
Betty xx

Cassie said...

Now you just need a crock pot big enought to fit a turkey.

Amy said...

Now if I could just take that plate with me.. Yummy..

blueviolet said...

Holy cow! That looks insanely delicious!!!!!

thatdesigngal said...

Oh boy! That looks tasty!

Amy said...

Thanksgiving already? You are mighty ambitious. Your family is going to be eating good until then!

Tater Tot Mom said...

Looks delicious!

Lucy said...

I love that you are preparing so early. The other day i overheard a woman saying to her boyfriend, "oh usually by now i've done the mincemeat. i should have done it in september. an 18 month mincemeat tastes a lot better than a 12 month mincemeat."
errr how about a 1 day mincemeat?