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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Getting Hot in HERRRRRE

Yup, that's Baby Boy resting in MY sink in our Master Bathroom. It's been in the 90's these past few days and I sure am loving it! Baby Boy has no idea what he is in store for (100 degrees plus, daily!) I feel so bad for him and his long, fluffy black fur! Poor little guy. At least the tile in the master bathroom is finished, which he loves to sprawl out on to keep cool.

The good news is we are starting to put the pool together! The BF has cleared an area in the backyard, sprayed the weed killer and purchased the wood we need to build the base of the deck. We will lay down black garden tarp stuff (forget what it's called) to keep the weeds from growing back, tonight or over the next few days. Then on Saturday we will have the sand delivered! Once the sand is down and flat we can then put up the pool.

I'm not waiting for the deck to be built to go swimming, NO WAY! Priorities, I need to sunbathe here! I'll lay a tarp down to walk from the patio to the pool until it's built. Yeah you need to walk on something to avoid getting stickers and stuff in your feet. Have you seen our backyard? It's a jungle!

I'm going to take some photos of the cleared area and the wood tonight. FUN!!


I joined the gym for the summer, and I DON'T recommend ANYONE taking a SPIN class if they haven't ridden a bike in awhile. MY BUTT bones hurt so bad still, I can barely sit and it's been 3 days! Not to mention the R.I.P.P.E.D class I took the night before spin, has my whole body aching. Despite it all, Zumba tonight at 8:15! Can't Wait!


Mighty M said...

Excited to see some pool pics - have fun at zumba!! :)

Unknown Mami said...

My goodness, you are getting your exercise on!

Ashley T said...

Have fun with that gym stuff. I can't do it! And can't wait to see the pool. we help my brother-in-law put up his pool this weekend and if i had time, I'd be in it right now!

Wendy said...

I totally remember the sore butt days! But not anymore and I still LOVE to spin! ☺

celyn said...

Zumba... everybody say Rhumba... oh my God. I love Kelly. I find her classes fun and her energy is endless. Teaching even after her surgery. Amazing. Are you going tonight? I have a work dinner to go to. I will go Thursday and Friday in Brentwood. Might go swim late tonight.

Sabreena said...

I am sooo jealous of your pool. Here in Vegas we are facing 110s this summer so I'll be laying in a plastic kiddy pool dreaming of your pool. As for the working out, I just started using my workout ball and corresponding video and my abs feel like I just had another C-section. Excersise sucks!! I want to see a plastic surgeon ASAP.

Mary said...

Gosh, our little furbabies are getting so big! lol Our little Casper is about the same size as your little guy!

Girl I hear ya about the spinning- I couldn't walk for days! They didn't tell me to zero out the resistance, so I started the class at a tough level.

Keep it up!!!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I am super jealous of the nice weather and the pool! And rumba and spin are like my two faves ( even if the bike seat totally kills me lol)

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Have fun with the gym, Lisa.
Alas, I'm too lazy to do this.
Great photo up there!
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
Big hugs!
B xx

Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

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sheila said...

Dang, you are inspiring! Love the pic of the cat in the sink, lol. My dog lays in the old bathroom in the basement to get cool.

Tamela said...

Cats in sinks are so ironic!! hehee

Emmy said...

So jealous, I wish we had a pool