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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm a loser and will continue to be one!

That's right, I'm a LOSER. In 7 weeks I've lost 19.2lbs. By this time next week I will hopefully have lost over 10% of my body weight! WHOOOT WHOOT! Here's to losing another 30 more after that. I CAN DO IT!

What's my secret you ask?

It's simple! WALKING, WALKING, WALKING and eating healthier foods and smaller portions. The overall key to success is a complete lifestyle change. It's all about making the right choices without sacrificing ANYTHING!


Here are some of the more healthier foods I choose from while dining out at not so healthy places. Let me say this; I usually eat these dishes 1 to 4 times a week and despite that I am still losing and average of over 2lbs per week.

I guess if I cut some of this out I'd be losing more, however I'm satisfied with my how my weight loss journey is going and if I deprive myself then I'll never succeed. This is a lifestyle change so you need to know how to roll with the punches):

1) Jack In The Box - Thank heaven for their chicken fajita pita. It's about the best tasting thing on the menu. Pair that with 1 egg roll instead of fries. Add a diet coke and you are good to go. I'm at the point where my stomach has shrunk and I could be full with just the pita.

2) Chilis - Can't go wrong with the Margarita chicken platter. Substitute the sides for double broccoli, it's sooooo good and filing. Feel free to treat yourself to chips and salsa, just limit yourself to no more than 6. TIRED OF CHICKEN? Then don't be scared, have the steak fajitas, just don't eat any sides, no cheese or sour cream or Guac.

3) Taco Bell - EAT anything you want that is listed on their FRESCA menu. I love the Chicken and or Steak Fresca tacos. Order up 3 of them to eat! I'm at the point where I'm satisfied with 2.

4) Celia's Mexican Food - Order up the grilled chicken taco salad, no beans, no rice with the dressing on the side. You have to have will power for this one to not eat the shell. It's okay to sneak a few pieces here and there, I sure do!

5) Subway - This is my main go to place. It's super cheap and nothing beats the 6inch turkey on wheat. No mayo or cheese, please! So it's not as dry, request add extra vinegar, iks nay on the oilay. Load up on all the veggies and get the apple slices or yogurt instead of chips. You'll be back again day after day after day. Their salads are the bomb as well! Just be sure to order the fat free Italian dressing. Every now and then I have Cesar or ranch. Remember it's okay to eat it, it's all about portion size.

6) McDonalds - I love this place, however nothing here is good for you! If you are in a bind and must eat here, simply order a hamburger, no cheese and the apple slices. Don't be fooled by the salads, some are just as bad as a BIG MAC. Always, always, always stay away from the Fry's as they are the worst. I love this place too they have the best cheeseburgers and Fry's.

7) Pizza - If you are having pizza, the key here is to limit yourself to two small slices or 1 large slice. Don't worry about thin or thick crust unless you want to eat more then a single portion. Thin is always better, however I say go BALLS TO THE WALL and eat whatever you are craving, in MODERATION. Trick is to FIRST eat a side salad with veggies and fat free dressing. This should fill you up a bit before digging in for a slice!

I went FIVE weeks without pizza and let me tell you when I finally ordered it, I almost ate an entire pizza myself! Don't deprive if you want it, then eat it, again it's about moderation.

It's all about the EXERCISE!

Did you know the more you exercise the more you get to eat?


I'm not talking about hitting the gym for hours on end or running till you pass out. Who has time for that?

My exercise is walking! I try to walk 5 to 9 miles everyday. No silly, not all at one time! This is just what I try to walk throughout the day. Most days I walk at least 3 miles on the track. When it comes to the weekend, if I can, I walk 5 miles straight. Here and there, once to twice a week I do a 30 minute Pilate's ball video and if I'm up to it I play WII Dance.

OKAY I'LL ADMIT IT!!!! There are days where I don't do crap. I sit my ass on the couch all night and don't want to move. Some weeks I'll go two days in a row being lazy, however by the thrid day I'm back at it!

So here are some pictures of the hill I am trying to climb 5 days a week during my lunch break. It takes me about 10 minutes to climb up 4 super steep inclines in the city. My legs burn, my lungs hurt, however the views are amazing and soon so will my A** and Thighs!

Here are some pictures of my 5 mile walk I try to do on the weekends. I walk from my house past the Golf Course, through the regional park and around this big a** lake.

Roxie, my cousin's wife's guard dog. GRRRRRRRR. She's more of a Love BUG!

So 19.2lbs LOST and 30 more or so to go. I'm feeling good, staying on track and believe this lifestyle change is really going to work for me!

GO ME!!!!!!


kimert said...

Good job!

Cassie said...

Wow, it sounds like you are doing a great job. I agree, it is all about portion control!

____j said...

I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

you inspire me so much...i feel like i have hit a wall with my body toning mostly because i don't have time to work out more that what i already do daily and i already eat very little but you just turned a light on for me that i could make heathier choices with what i do eat (duh)...but can i start tomorrow its time for cold stone ice cream :)

Krimmyk said...

You are an inspiration Lisa! WTG!

Aimie said...

Right on!! Great job!! Great advice too!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Way to go!

Nikki said...

Totally Go Go you!!! That is awesome!!!! Those are really great tips too, we stopped eating pizza and soda awhile back and I remember feeling so much better without. Like the weight, literally lol came off! I agree too, exercise is the best way to be able to eat more! :) You know whats really yummy, taking a head of cauliflower and a head of broccili, chop them up, put olive oil and chopped garlic over top, put in oven for about an hour, they come out so yummy!!! You can even add cheese if you want. Thats what I do when I don't want to eat alot of calories but I want to eat alot of food!

So awesome Lisa, you are doing really great!!!

Tamela said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! I have started up a summer walking group in hopes of being able to drop some lbs.

Thanks for all the tips on what to get at what restaurants.

Texan in UAE said...

just what I needed!!! you go girl! keep it up!!! it's all about working out and moderation/portion size.

Mighty M said...

You are doing it the right way - great job! :)